A Very Special Recovery Guest and Now a New Published Author and Advocate. Meet Jason Hyland.

Happy #Writing Weekend Friends,

I hope you will take some time today to visit and read my Interview about “The Writing Side” of my Guest and New Author, Jason Hyland. He shares some advice and is an amazing motivational writer!

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“Those of us maintaining long-term sobriety know that addictions don’t care if you are rich, famous, a sports pro, have status, …ADDICTION has no boundaries on who it “Touches.”  ~Author/Advocate Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Through the years within my recovery and writing journey, I have met many amazingly talented people who have become friends and like me, they feel writing is a necessary part of maintaining our recovery and a part of the advocacy work we do. While writing two years for a popular recovery magazine, I have met and interviewed many high profile people turned friends like my buddies, former NFL pros Vance Johnson, Randy Grimes, and Kat Von D,… No, I don’t get “star struck” at all, as my friend Jason Hyland is no different.

He was well on his way to go from the minors into the Major League of baseball family until addictions derailed those dreams. Coming…

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