Appearances by Suzy Stewart Dubot

Cat always enjoys visiting my dear friend T. R. Robinson’s blog and I think this book is going on my Goodreads 2019 list to read! Sounds interesting … Happy Holidays T. R.! Cat

T. R. Robinson Publications


This is an excellent story of how to judge someone from external appearances can be very misleading and has the very real potential of hiding their true character and nature. A lesson relevant to all societies and periods.

Characters and scenes are well described enabling readers to visualise each as they read. The twists and turns as well as good pace keep the pages turning with a desire to know where the story is going and what will happen. Empathy with the protagonist is readily created.

Not only is this an enjoyable tale but it also throws light upon the times (1817): architecturally and socially. This is especially true with regard to how men generally viewed women, in particular unmarried ones (spinsters).

At one hundred and forty-three pages this is not an overlong book and the short, concise, chapters make for an easy, pleasant read. Though, as said…

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