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An amazing book share from one of my Favorite Book Blogs of my Dear Friend and fellow author Joe Siccardi …One of the best storyteller writers I know and his New Book released and Worth a Read as I Highly Suggest you do! Learn more by a visit to his site 🙂


The Light

One of the downsides of publishing is the need to promote it … especially if you’re not necessarily into self-promotion. That’s me. I want to build readership {and sales} for the novella Heaven Shining Through and the collection of essays, Wisdom From a Father. But I’m reluctant to tell readers to read them because I say they’re good.

That’s the conundrum. I want readers to read the books and tell others why they felt it was good. However, with so many reading choices out there, how do prospective readers even know your book is available?

So, you request reviews. You post on social media. You hawk {I hate that word} your product. You seek promotion options. You watch sales flat line. Even the positive reviews don’t move the needle.

And then you’re reminded why you ventured into the wild, wacky, unpredictable world of publishing. An e-mail here — “You brought…

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