Big Jim Downs Visits Austin, Texas State Capitol Today and The News Is AMAZING.

As many know the “Literary Side” of Cat, here is what I do to share HOPE to those suffering from the addiction crisis in America as I am and have maintained recovery for 12+yrs from gambling and alcohol addictions. I am now a loud and proud advocate along with “being of Recovery Services to Others” like my buddy Big Jim Downs. Come learn how he is Raising Awareness with a Big Event almost all this 2019! I am donating my social media and media experience to help more people kow of this Livf Saving Recovery Event! Xoxo


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Welcome Recovery Friends!

It is no secret that I am “being of recovery service” as media manager to a couple who is fighting this Addictions Crisis in Americawith all that they have! Literally. We have been friends, Big Jim and Marisol Downs for almost three 1/2 years.  I met Jim while he was accomplishing his first event of “Walking Across America 4 Addiction Awareness.” He had just finished his own 16-month treatment and recovery program while living in a faith-based rescue mission. He had finally had enough of drugging and drinking after 34 years of it! He was at the bottom after an anger rage he couldn’t remember after it happened.

He decided it was time for him to get help, for him and GOD to have a long conversation about his life and what was it he was missing? It was FAITH. He walked to be able to…

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