What An Amazing Day 2 Recovery Out Loud With Big Jim’s Biking America 4 Addiction Awareness Here In Phoenix, AZ

The cat was very honored and excited to be a part of this Vital Cause and Event! First time speaking in public in 6-yrs and was blessed to share some of my #RecoverySide and Out Loud with these AMAZING Speakers and Recovery Family of Friends 4 Big Jim’s Ride! Learn more on his official website as Cat is media and social media manager for this addiction awareness cause! And through lyonmediaservices.com

Catherine Lyon

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Welcome Recovery Friends and New Visitors, Now Friends!

So, I have to APOLOGIZE to everyone for not being here or posting the last week or so as I was on Event High Alert! As not only am I handling the news media for my dear friends Jim Downs and Marisol but also Social Media Manager so I was busy pulling together “Big Jim’s Biking America 4 Addiction Awareness and Peddling Hope” Tour Event as he finally made it from Fort Meyers, Florida to the State Capitol in Phoenix, AZ, and not far from where I live!

And it was such an amazing day for me and my hubby. To share all that happened and what all took place may take me TWO POSTS!! LOL! There were permits to get, insurance for the day of the event, making hotel reservations and MORE. I sure learned a lot that I can now use…

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