Book Review: Heaven Shining Through by Joe Siccardi

Just one of the amazing book reviews for Author, Joe Siccardi’s “Heaven Shining Through” a Novella, I am happy to announce that now coming SOON if the “The Rest of The Story” and the full follow-up titled; My Name Is Sam …and Heaven Is Still Shining Through.” Keep your eyes peeled for a Cover Reveal Soon!

Authoring Arrowheads

Welcome back to Authoring Arrowheads for another book review! Today’s review is for a shorter read I read back in January, entitledHeaven Shining Throughby Christian author Joe Siccardi. I readHeaven Shining Through for review, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of wisdom about life and love that were packed into the seventy-four pages. So, let’s get started!



The Narration

Though the majority of the book is told in a flashback of Samantha’s life up until mid-adulthood, the story never hits a boring spot. I devoured this book in one sitting. It is extremely rare for me to enjoy a book that relies on telling more than showing through actions or dialogue, but the author has a true gift for storytelling. He completely captured his characters’ unique traits and weaved a tale I won’t soon forget.

The Romance

The romance involves an unmarried couple who end…

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