Why Cat Was MIA – My Public Warning About How Serious CAT BITES Can Be! My Nightmare Last Week…



Many of you know I am a CAT LOVER.
I have 3 Kitty Cats and yes, Mr. Boots is in CAT JAIL! LOL.


Since last Friday night? I look at my cats in a whole new light. And even after what I share with you, I can honestly say? I still love my Mr. Boots even after all this!

So, last Friday night Boots was sitting to the left of me on my chair armrest. Next to that was a round end table that has metal slates that run down to the bottom. Well, Boots paw caught in a slate up top and right underneath the table and began to freak out!!

I was trying to help get his paw out and he freaked out even more and began to bite my left fingers and then turned and chomped on the right side as he was screaming as I’m trying to prevent him from ripping off his nail from his paw or breaking his leg!!

MY Mistake #1 was having my hands by his face as I should have had one in the middle and back of his body.  Long story short there was blood everywhere and I freaked out. So I cleaned my hands with warm soapy water and started using peroxide and ointment and placed large bandaids on all the bites and cuts.

That was around 8:30 PM. My fingers were hurting and throbbing. Went to bed at about 11 PM. When I woke up the next morning I had a fever and my hands and fingers were SO Swollen like balloons!!

That is how fast the infection set in and just beginning to seep in my bloodstream.

So I called my sister-in-law to drop me off at ER and knowing I’d be there a few hours I would call my hubby when he got home from work to pick me up when I was done.

Well, that didn’t happen. After hand scans and x-rays, loads of blood taken, they admitted me to the hospital!!!! WHAT?? For just a few cat bites??? I freaked out because I have Agoraphobia and it took ALL I could muster just to GO to the ER by myself as hubby was at work till.

MY CAT HAD DONE THIS By turning into a Tiger!?

Image result for mean tiger images


Needless to stay I was in the hospital for 5 days. AND? The next morning on Sunday? Fingers and Left-Hand Surgery!!! WHAT???
Because of some Cat Bites??? OMG!

And here is why I know all my author, writer, and blogger friends will understand. Having surgery on my hands and fingers? WILL I BE ABLE To WRITE AGAIN??

It is how I make a living! Besides book promoting and marketing authors books and my own, I also write articles and blog posts and write just about every day! I’m going stir crazy already and my follow up with the plastic surgeon yesterday …He says my left index finger may need more surgery.

And? Yes, my neighbor is writing this post for me! LOL.

So, after Sundays surgery, which sheaths and slivers off Mr. Boots teeth got embedded under a few of the bites were removed and infected “dirty skin removal” around the bites and the remaining days last week in the hospital were loads of blood work taken every 4 hours, hand soaks and dressings every 5 hours, and loads of rounds of powerful antibiotics to keep the infections out of my bloodstream.

The most important part of this? I HAD NO IDEA How Bad CAT BITES ARE than Dog Bites.

Here is what you need to know and NEVER HESITATE to go to the ER if you get cat bites that penetrate your skin. And I never knew all this.


Image result for why are cat bites dangerous

Cat bites
 can be dangerous both to other animals and to humans. In their mouths, all cats carry a large number of bacteria that are capable of causing tissue infections in bite wounds. … Infected people may suffer from fever and flu-like symptoms and, rarely, but may die if proper medical treatment is not sought.

Although cats have no more germs in their mouths than dogs or people, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that when cats bite, their sharp teeth can inject hard-to-treat bacteria deeply into the skin and joints, increasing the risk for serious infection …
They can seed bacteria in the joint and tendon sheaths.”
THIS IS WHAT happened in my Cat Bite case!


PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE to learn WHY you should go to the ER if your CAT BITES you as it could save your LIFE…  https://pets.webmd.com/cats/news/20140209/cat-bites-may-lead-to-serious-infections-hospitalizations
“Felines’ sharp teeth can inject harmful bacteria deep into joints and tissue, doctors warn”

Cat bites may look less serious than dog bites, but beware: They can cause dangerous infections, particularly when they involve the hand, new research indicates.

Although cats have no more germs in their mouths than dogs or people, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that when cats bite, their sharp teeth can inject hard-to-treat bacteria deeply into the skin and joints, increasing the risk for serious infection.


My Own Public Warning Service and Experience About How Serious CAT BITES Can Be …


Now I need my friends and author/writer communities HELP! We do have some health insurance but it only covers HALF of what my costs are going to be.

If you would like to help a fellow WRITER with Blessings of a Donation to help cover my hospital costs, I would be deeply grateful and especially now with one more surgery coming up as well. If you need an invoice for your donation, I’d be happy to send one and just need your Email Address. No amount is too small and please know how much it will help!

You may do so through PayPal Donation Medical Fund I have here:
CatLyonMedical PayPal Me 
I will always love my 3 Cats even after all this. I will keep everyone updated as I hope to be back to work soon writing and on social media too.

And Thank You to all who have sent me well wishes as it keeps me upbeat and feeling inspired and LOVED! xoxo



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