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Maureen Scanlon Life Coach: My Dog is More Enlightened Than I am – –ย 
Posted:ย 8:20 AM, 2019 – ABC 15 Lifestyle Arizona



Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching Visits Good Morning AZ – Sonoran Living.

Most of us go through our daily routines oblivious to the beauty of life and others around us-oblivious of the impact we have on the world. So it’s only natural that we consider patterning ourselves after our pets!

These beautiful furry creatures are fully connected to their highest selves while giving unconditional love to those who cherish and care for them. By taking our lead from the animals in our lives, we learn how to live our best and fullest lives as well.

The book, My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am, examines the ways we all struggle and experience difficulties in our journey. You will learn to understand the lessons and meaning behind each past moment you have endured thus far and how to change your mindset and focus on the change you can make.

You will come to admire the ways our animals live a life of purpose and how to be more like them. The author will show you through her own past experiences as well as those she coaches, that real change is possible and your best life is NOW!


New Author & Book by Maureen Scanlon

This heartfelt, enlightening guide also offers tips on relaxation, spontaneity, developing an appreciation for our differences, caretaking, and nurturing relationships. Readers will feel a renewed sense of well-being and knowledge of how to embrace the journey like the pure souls of our furry companions.

Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching.ย ย She is passionate about helping others. She is an author, relationship expert, motivational speaker, positive change integrator, and spiritual coach who has successfully helped many people, from experienced professionals to young adults, make positive changes to overcome past experiences and negative thinking.

She lives with her husband, Dennis in Mesa, Az and her furry babies, Jade and Brodie.

For more information, call 480-258-9765, or go toย





“Maureen is a very delightful, positive, uplifting andย motivatingย life coach. She quickly identified my concerns about a romantic relationship and the overall stagnation of my life. Instead of giving me directed advice, she drew out from me the strategy I needed for change. Her style is reassuring when confronting the uncertainty of change and she facilitated how to reframe that fear into excitement. I love working with Maureen!

Sheโ€™s very spiritual without being at all pushy. She has a good head on her shoulders and a natural knack for this line of work. I look forward to having her support through this time and in the future as I continue and explore how to actualize my potential and live a happier and more fulfilling life.”ย  HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!




“Maureen gave the perfect encouragement and guidance for those tough situations that felt like they were beyond my control. Her energy and passion for life are an absolute boost every time I get to see her because she genuinely loves everyone she meets. If youโ€™re looking for a life coach who gives you her all, youโ€™ve found her!!

I absolutely recommend her services!


Maureen was able to help me put my past in perspective and focus on my future, and what in my future is the most important for me. She has done it herself and she has helped me see what my personal potential is, making the tough, hard decisions, and choices that are in my best interest. She has helped me with those decisions and choices, that are the most important for me and my well being. Thank you, “Coach”

Maureen Scanlon