Just My Gambling Recovery Ramblings About “Life Happens Unexpected.” So, Be Ready For It …

Most of my readers know I am a CAT who maintains Recovery along with Mental Health Challenges. Sharing a little of the personal side of this Cat and Thankful for The Help of all my Friends and Readers!


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I have always been a believer that ‘God’ brings peopleand interactions with others in our lives at certain times on our journey called life while maintaining recovery from gambling addiction. It might be for a season or a lifetime. Either way, it happens for a reason.

Let me explain.

In 2013 we had to move from Southern Oregon to Arizona for my husband who got a new manager position, but here in Arizona and we were struggling financially.  We moved into the cheapest complex at the time and what we could afford. We have been living in only in a 525 square foot apartment and have lived here for the past six yearsNow, the complex is getting ready to go under full reconstruction and chosen not to renew ANY current tenants leases and ours ends October 31st, 2019. We finally got our notice letting us know.

So now…

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