The Wall. America Needs To Know About This Amazing UK Project I Support & Shared My Prayer…Have You? God Answers Prayers …

Happy Blessed Sunday Friends and Readers!
I am sharing this Featured Post from my recovery blog as I Support and Have Shared my Testimony on The Wall of Answered Prayers project. Without faith and trust in my Saviour, Jesus Christ, and his Father, GOD? I would not be here today … God Bless All, Cat

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A national landmark of hope.

To remind generations of God’s goodness


AMERICA and All My Friends Need To Support This Project and Who They Are! Honoring Gods Legacy of Answering Prayers …


Hello Catherine

The story of the land is here!

The story of how we were given land is absolutely miraculous and we want it to reach as many people as possible. It would mean a great deal to us if you could do the following:
  • Follow us on social media (links available at the bottom of this email)
  • React and comment when you see the video
  • Invite your friends to follow us
  • Share the video with your friends, families, churches, and anyone else who needs to see this incredible story of God’s miraculous provision!

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