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The Light

Donโ€™t read anything into this post or between the lines, but the adventures of the past three months have focused on my mortality. I am hopeful there will be many more years of blogging and sharing, but Iโ€™m also cognizant, as a septuagenarian, there is more sand in the bottom of the hourglass than on the top. And only the One who knows how many granules are left is my Lord.

One of the issues Iโ€™ve been facing is the legacy I will leave behind. I like to think it will be positive, as reflected in my writing and outreach. Whenever I pen a blog post โ€ฆ or share a message on social media as I do daily โ€ฆ or offer messages of hope {and sometimes with sarcastic humor} to family and friends, I try to focus on the positives and encourage all to look Up. I try to beโ€ฆ

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