A Special Guest Recovery Writer and Soon To Be New Author. Meet My Amazing Friend Deb Morgan …

The cat always supports her writer and blogger friends while supporting their recovery journey. Meet my dear friend Deb Morgan as she soon will be a first-time AUTHOR … Just a sample of her journey and story of recovery … Cat 🥰✨📚🖊✏ Besides, Cat also promotes recovery authors too!

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“We all have a recovery story to tell ~ at least one within us to share”

When we come to a point in recovery that we are ready to advocate and begin to share it, it can be a powerful tool to help those just beginning their recovery journey. That is why and what my dear friend Deb Morgan is about to do. And, no, she’s the Deb Morgan from DEXTER …LOL.

She is a part of an amazing project and book that will be released early spring with some other amazing authors. She lives in Oregon where I lived for many years and I am so jealous as Deb knows Oregon is where my heart will always be! I surely won’t spoil any in-depth info of her book she’ll be in and finishing touches are still being done.

I thought I’d give you a preview in sharing her most…

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