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Now this one by Elizabeth Seckman sure sounds good, Readers! You need to come and visit my new FB friend and blog of “Up Against a Wall”… A wee bit steamy reads and more!

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Up Against A Wall

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Sarah Andrews is one smart cookie. Sheโ€™s a top-notch attorney, educated at Stanford and freshly fired from one the best legal firms in Indiana. Her love/win record is 0-3 and as she approaches her thirtieth birthday, she decides she needs a quiet, safe place to regroup. She decides to go home to Dodd.

But Dodd, Indiana is far from safe once she comes face-to-face with Richland Conrad Cooper. Rich and Sarah go way back to high school. Rich was teen-girl kryptoniteโ€”athletic, charmingโ€ฆpersuasiveโ€”and Sarah was not immune. She fell hard, certain sheโ€™d found true love. But it turned out to be nothing more than the first of her love tries and fails.

She thought time had shored up her defenses, but one look at Rich makes her heart do flip flops. Itโ€™s like the moment where unrequited love gets a do-over, the only problem isโ€ฆRich doesnโ€™t remember whoโ€ฆ

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