Our Amazing Author, Amy L Bovaird Who Is a Low Vision, Memoir, & Mobility Writer, An Invited Guest For a “Special International Women’s Day Podcast.” It is a Must-Listen, Empowering Show …

It’s not every day you are chosen and invited to an International Podcast and show and especially when it is a popular one for “International Women’s Day” SPECIAL. Our award-winning writer and author, Amy L Bovaird had just had that honor and experience! Cat proudly presents this empowering and encouraging show for my readers and especially for those who may have the same challenges as Amy with low-vision, hearing, and mobility.

Even though she has challenging disabilities? She never lets them stop her from accomplishing all the goals she sets out to meet!

As Amy always shares; “I’m a Low Vision Motivator with High Expectations. While I feature other cultures in my writing, I also focus on how God has taken my life on adventures of faith through my losses right here at home. I speak about a bright future no matter how dark it physically becomes.”  So I invite you, and everyone to take a listen to the show and hope something will resonant and inspire you as you enjoy this podcast!…..


(Ms. Amy L. Bovaird, Author, Speaker, Coach.)


Just Click On The Link>>>>>> Special Podcast With Amy L. Bovaird, Author


On Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/show/3X6HFYtuVRN63KjMjmO2QE

International Women’s Day special

This is a very extra special episode saluting all the women in the world Happy International women’s day ladies!