Stop Stressing Over The CoronaVirus! Sound Advice By Life Coach Maureen Scanlon, a Multi-Award-Winning Writer and Popular Life, Career, & Relationship Coach and My Mentor…

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I am choosing to share my new recovery blog post here too as well even if you don’t maintain recovery, many of us have underlying medical conditions or like myself? I have mental health challenges that with all the media HYPE about this virus has made my anxiety a wee bit high. Yes, I understand the importance of being informed and that other STATES other than my own in Arizona are being restricted and some like the Bay area are now “Sheltered In Place,” but we need not panic or be filled with stress and fear. Both are not healthy for our overall Medical and Mental Emotional Health … I work from home and my hours will remain the same here at the Reading Den and at …Blessings!


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Many of us, like myself, have been seeing all the headlines, reading news, Facebook posts about Toilet Paper for sale and on and on. Then you have the internet, watching all the updates on TV about the CoronaVirus and quite frankly is putting a boatload of fear out in the world.

In an era of medical technology we live in today, most of us are pretty proactive about our health and well-being as media can be a hound in adding more panic or stress as we all go about our daily lives about “what’s happening” now and happening around the world which makes things seem more magnified …

So I am sharing this Special Postby my dear friend, mentor and recovery coach Ms. Maureen Scanlon. She has posted on her amazing blog and I am re-sharing it that just may ease…

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