Meet Darren Prince. He Runs a Successful Business, Has a Four-Time International Best Selling Memoir, and is a Caring Advocate Through His Aiming High Foundation. A Recovery Interview.

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Meet Darren Prince! He is a dear friend and my ‘Special Guest Interview on my “Recovery Blog” and I wanted to share with everyone here on “The Literary Side” Lol because he is an amazing writer and with his memoir of “Aiming High” that became a four-time international best-selling book and counting!

He was brave enough to share his hitting rock bottom from addiction as he fought like hell to a new and better-blessed career and life TODAY. With breathless memories of many sports icons laced in between, this is a must-read for everyone …Check out the interview!

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I am very happy and honored to welcome a good friend who is also a fellow author and recovery advocate, Darren Prince. He has written an amazing memoir titled, Aiming High: How a Prominent Sports and Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom at the Top. 

It became a bestseller in four countries as he shares his powerful story of drug addiction and what it takes to recover. I feel it needs to be read by everyone who not only maintains recovery, but also parents, and anyone who knows someone afflicted by any addiction. I say “any addiction” because it doesn’t matter the type or what preference the addiction is as addicts,the “cycle,” we get sucked into along with the habits and behaviorswe learn are the same from one addiction to another.

Now that we are in the biggest drug epidemic in our country with opioid addiction, other pain killers…

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