Sharing Some Informative News. Problem or Addicted Gambling Can Touch Anyone as it Did The Shooter of ‘The Worst Mass Shooting in Las Vegas in 2017. Now, a New Film of The Cover-Up… Money Machine.

Since Cat Lyon’s Reading Den is the Blog Home for I am sharing this important film being released and I support as a proud advocate of my problem and addicted gambling and have maintained recovery from it for 13+yrs. If you were as shocked as I was when in 2017 a 60 something shooter set his sights on concert-goers in Las Vegas in the worst mass shooting in America’s history, this film titled, MONEY MACHINE needs to be watched by everyone. It tells the HOW and The WHY in this in-depth look at this tragic event before and the cover-up after. Releases as a Theatrical In-Movie to support theaters and inform the public of this tragic aftermath on July 3rd, 2020, and purchase of tickets link is within this important post.

Author/Advocate, Cat Lyon

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It has been a long while since I have shared my own recovery ramblings and news, my thoughts about what is going on with those maintaining recovery, or for those looking for some help and hope from this insidious insane addiction.  Even in these uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic still alive and spreading, many people are finding it difficult to stay at home and still social distance.

I for one do not like isolation as I did a lot of that within my addiction and with my mental health challenges. I also feel people don’t do well being told they can’t go anywhere… Lol. That’s me! One of my character defects I’m still working on. Lol.

I happen to get an email with some interesting news from my friends and Les Bernal of the organization and foundation…

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