How About We Destigmatize Those Who Are Homeless & Stop The Labeling. My Friend and Guest P. W. Robinson Has a Little Something to Share About Homelessness as I Do…

I am sharing here on Cat’s Reading a two-part post by an amazing guest and friend of mine who lives in California, in Oxnard in Ventura County. Kind of by Santa Barbra. I’ll share part-two tomorrow as I hope all of you will Remember …Not everyone will be having a ‘Happy 4th’ this holiday. Keep those who are in need of HOPE and a place to call HOME in your prayers …Cat ✝👑💞🥰🐈

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Not everyone will be having a ‘Happy 4th of July’ even as we are living in uncertain times and in the middle of a growing COVID-19 pandemic, still, it seems even with all the unrest happening and groups of protesters chanting about these lives and those lives matter. Has anyone stopped to think about the lives of those who are spending another 4th of July HOMELESS? Probably not.

Why is it that those who are less fortunate are the FIRST to be FORGOTTEN ABOUT? What is the first thing YOU THINK when you see a person a man or woman pushing a shopping cart with the only belongings they have? I know and so do many but you say it. But I will.

Did you know that many of those lives affected by having no place to call home and that there are a variety of homeless populations which…

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