Hey Kids, My New Friend, and Writer of Fun Kids Books For You to Read–Meet ‘Big Red Chicken’…

Hello and Welcome to Mom’s, Dad’s, and Grandparents too!
Cat is hoping you will share this post with your kids. Meet my friend and awesome author, Lance Nevis. But to children, he is known nationally as “Big Red Chicken™” and has many adorable children’s books you can read to the kids in your home this summer into fall. Even the adults get some tickles and giggles.

So here is a little more about Big Red, about how he began writing children’s books way back in 2007. He self-publishes them himself as he founded ‘Animal Rain Productions’ back in 2010. He helps give back to autism research.

Here is a message from Big Red aka,. Lance Nevis as he shares in his own words a wee bit more!

Animal Rain Productions. Publishing company that produces the best kid's books in 2020

“I have long dreamed of doing something to make a difference. I have always had an artistic side playing music, singing, and writing my whole life. My hopes are that one day these books will help raise money and awareness towards the fight against autism …as all the books are dedicated to my autistic nephew Michael Nevis Jr., and my hopes are that with the help of supporters, readers, and the social media age that I will be able to help raise money and awareness for autism.

“These are poetic books with fantasy inspired by some of my life events. They promote imagination and artistic stimulation. I have been told that some of the words are difficult yet I believe they encourage the building of vocabulary. Kids are smart and inquisitive as they will ask how to pronounce words and when they learn a word, they will then ask what it means if they do not know them.”   

“The story of me writing these books start way back as letters to my daughter. See, there was a time in my life that my struggles with alcohol brought me some trouble which caused my daughter and me to be separated. I could not stand the fact that I was putting her through this and vowed that I would get her out this as fast as I could.”

“Certain officials had told me the rules of letter writing while she was in this situation. I thought about it for a while and my first book Animal Rain was born in 2007. I have since then started my own publishing company which is called Animal Rain Productions and have a total of five books released, two of which are new releases and are color-combo books.”

Now, about my nickname, one-day on a fishing trip three years ago a little boy was running up and down the shore insisting that I was Big Red Chicken™ LOL, his Dad said, “Son, you don’t know him well enough to call him that.” The boy then said, “No Dad, that’s Big Red Chicken!” Since then it has stuck. So I hired an attorney and trademarked the name, “Big Red Chicken. ™”

“My books are made to bring people together and instill imagination in the minds of children. Although it has been a struggle getting noticed, I have endured and continue to believe in my dream that one day these stories will be in the hands of many and bring joy and a smile to them all!” 

“Thank you for all the support that has been given to me on this incredible journey. 

God Bless, Big Red Chicken …A special “Thanks” to my Mom and Dad who sometimes think I am a little crazy but yet continue to support me.”



About The Author ~ Lance E Nevis

Lance E. Nevis, is a popular best-selling So. Oregon author of delightful children’s storybooks + Colorbook Combos books. He writes under the pen name of “Big Red Chicken™”…His children’s books are unique reads and combo color books. Lance is the Founder/Owner of Animal Rain Productions as he began writing and publishing children’s books as a way to give back and support children “touched” by autism. He has many published colorful fun books with vibrant colors, fun characters, and stories that rhyme, some from his childhood.

Big Red shares, “I was born in Sacramento in 1964, and I had long dreamed about doing something to make a difference. I have always had an artistic side playing music, singing, and writing my whole life. I hope that these books will help raise money and awareness for the fight against autism.

“My first book is titled “Animal Rain,” published in 2007, since then, I founded and started my own publishing company called “Animal Rain Productions.” All my books are available online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my new official website. I continue to believe in my dream that one day these stories will be in the hands of many and bring joy and smiles to both young and old!”

Lance writes and publishes all his books to bring people together and instill and open children’s imaginations! A house painter by day, Lance has five kids, and when he’s not working, he enjoys fishing on the ‘Mighty Rogue River’ and spending time with family. He resides in Southern Oregon.


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The Pollywog Prince
By Big Red Chicken

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