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I am so excited to spotlight an amazing author, writer, and long-time friend of mine. Please, Meet Arthur Crandon.

I don’t think Arthur even knows how long we have known each other! But it will be almost 7-years now. We met through social media since we both had books published. I had learned so much from him as his website is a “must visit” for all writers. We had lost touch for a while. But he had reached out to me, and I have to apologize that I did NOT SEE HIS Email right away. (Sorry, Arthur!) 

He had sent it to an email I hardly check since starting my book promoting years ago. But we are now back in touch! So I wanted to share him and has a Brand New Release coming out in March or April of 2021, with all my readers and blog visitors. You can go and pre-order it right now on Amazon. I got my copy already. 

I had read his original book Deadly Election, but now he has it as a series with fresh new covers with books one and two out as a series. Now, he did a book relevant to “how to self-publish,” which is now unavailable called Publish For Free and was a great guide to self-publish through Amazon using all the free tools and learned so much from that book at the time. Well, we all know Amazon has made loads of changes since then.

So who is Arthur Crandon? 
Who is this man of swagger and intrigue?

Here is more about my friend and about his new release coming in the New Year…

~Author, Catherine Lyon

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Pandemic Resurgence: It was happening again, only worse... by [Arthur Crandon]
New Release Coming 2021 March/April

About The New Release

Sam Timmins must save his wife, and his daughter, and the world, but they’re all in different places. With a spreading Pandemic, and Chinese spies chasing him, he has a lot on his plate…

Sam did not set out to be a spy, but with a distinguished military career, and a later doctor’s qualification and virus expertise, it wasn’t long before the CIA were knocking on his door. Covid 19 did much damage to the international economy, impoverishing major nations, but China, the source of the plague was hardly affected, or maybe it was prepared.

      Covid was just about contained, but if it had not escaped early, if the virus released was as targeted, as deadly, and as contagious as is was supposed to be it would be a different story.

      Eventually, they get it right. The new version is carefully released, and monitored, at first by the Chinese Politburo, but soon after by the CDC and the WHO – and of course the CIA are thrown in to bring the Pandemic under control, this is why Sam is on his way to Hong Kong.

      What he finds there shocks and frightens him, and sends him rushing off to Afghanistan. The fragmented forces of Western countries seek to stem the scourge and find a vaccine and treatment, while the growing cohorts of agents, spies, and troops from China beat them to the chase. Whatever the outcome, the world will be changed forever. Sam may go home as a revered hero, or spend the rest of his life in a gloomy, windowless, cell learning to eat his food with chopstcks.

      If you like the style of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ or William Forstchen’s ‘One Second After’ you will enjoy this book!

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My Buddy Arthur Cradon


Arthur Crandon has been writing for many years and has four books under his belt, with a fifth to be released in March of 2021. He has received many accolades for his writing including more than 100 five star reviews and he has been voted No. 1 by Goodreads readers in their poll – ‘Little known authors worth reading’. His debut novel, Deadly Election, also topped the Amazon Best Seller list for Murder and Political for free books.

Once a lawyer, the boring office kind, not the exciting and much better paid courtroom type. He worked as a solicitor for a while before embarking on an interesting life overseas. He has spent most of his time in recent years in South East Asia, and lived in Hong Kong. Before that, Arthur lived and worked in the Philippine Islands (particularly Luzon and Mindanao) for a number of years. During these years, his experiences of political life and the realities of doing business and living in the Philippines became all too apparent. These experiences are vividly portrayed during the course of writing his book ‘Deadly Election.’

He continues to write political crime/thrillers, suspense and intrigue novels mainly set in South-East Asia. He also writes a blog where he comments on Asian politics and social matters – and his own work. Arthur is a former lawyer who worked in the UK, Hong Kong and the Philippines specializing in visas and immigration – another great source of inspiration for his stories. His time as a warden for the British Embassy in Manila also provided insight for his writing.

In between writing and blogging, Arthur has gained an M. A. in creative writing and plans further study. In his spare time he enjoys music (he is a keyboards player) and cooking. Arthur is married with five children. He and his wife, Lynnie, divide their time between the UK and Asia.

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Award-Winning International Author


CAT highly suggest readers, writers, and authors to visit his Amazon Author page: to see his amazing list of reads.

Then, visit his blog on his website here: as he is very generous with sharing advice and tips in the areas of writing, blogging, and self-publishing.

Now that I think back, we actually beens friends a wee bit longer! I was still living in So. Oregon and then moved to Arizona and at that time he was still living in Hong Hong around 2012!

We have come a long way together on different literary paths, but, again, Arthur is an amazing seasoned gripping writer of political fiction and storylines take place all around Asia and South Asia and others. He exposes gripping and thrilling murder, corruption, vigilante justice at its best!

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All Of Arthur’s Books Are Reader Worthy and Would Make Great Holiday Gifts too!

~Catherine Lyon ~ Lyon Literary Consulting

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