Whatever You Need by S. Jones #Review

When a book reviewer can write words in a review that makes you want to read THE BOOK? It must be a GOOD BOOK! I’ll be adding this one on my Goodreads list! Thanks, Ana D.!

Cat Lyon

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Whatever You Need by S. Jones is now live!

A story about love at first sight, modern fairy tale, hot scenes. hot detective and rich heiress

Sometimes rules are destined to be broken

A one-night stand wouldn’t hurt, right? That’s what I told myself while I was stranded at the hotel bar in the middle of a snow storm. I thought indulging in a night of passion with the good-looking detective would be a great idea. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  

Apparently, seeing him again was inevitable, especially when fate kept putting him in my path. 

I didn’t have time for a relationship. I had a business to run and obligations to honor. But as it  turned out, resisting him required more restraint than the set of handcuffs that brought us together in the first place. 

I convinced myself that it was the perfect arrangement. He wasn’t looking for a commitment and I wasn’t in a position to give him one. That was already promised to someone else. 


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