Readers Favorite Press Release: Rising Wind Book Series. Book Two Has Released Titled “Rising Wind: Ice & Bone” by Award-Winning Author Diane Olsen…

I am happy and excited to share the Big Book Release News for Award-winning author and dear friend, Diane Olsen and book 2 of her exceptional book series of Rising Wind. Book 1 is The Thunder Beings. Now, the new book 2 titled; Rising Wind: Ice and Bone are now available on Amazon online in both Ebook and Paperback formats. I can tell you it has been given a Readers Favorite 5-Star Review as well. Don’t miss this must-read book series by Diane.

Diane Olsen~Award Winning Author

I am so excited and happy to announce that my second book to my Rising Wind Book Series had just released on Amazon Kindle online. Since the first book of the series doing well titled Rising Wind: The Thunder Beings (Book One of Three) and that is thanks to Catherine Lyon of Lyon Media Services and Literary Marketing Plans & Consulting, I suggest all authors need to go check her out here:

Cat can custom build a plan for any DIY Author an amazing well-rounded marketing plan around any marketing budget. She shares everywhere you need to be set on and where and how to promote your books. I have begun working my plan and I wanted to share one the places I got an exceptional 5-star awarded book review and the free press release from Readers Favorite. So without delay, here it is!

I sure all…

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