New Book Release That Proves Gambling Addiction Does Not Discriminate Who It Claims. A Memoir/Biography Written by Former UK Soccer Star (footballer) & Fan Favorite, Tony Kelly…

New Book Release!
Tony and I have been good friends for several years, and now he has released his new book titled “Red Card: A Bet You Can Win!” and is the founder/director of his helpful organization RED CARD Gambling Support Project and Consultancy in London, UK.

He shares his career as a former U.K. soccer star, but his career was cut short by an awful gambling addiction and so much more. It truly is a must-read! Especially for those who are soccer fans…

~Catherine Lyon, Author/Advocate

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FIRST and FOREMOST about Tony Kelly?

He is a grateful recovering gambling addict.

As Tony shared in his first book titled, “I invite the public, family, and friends into my secret hell of despair, depression, racism, stardom, a look at gambling addiction, and my self-destruction” I feel it was a possible way to share his addiction and try making amends to those he may have hurt through his addiction.

Today, Tony is so much more than his past addiction. He is a living MIRACLE that recovery is possible and it can work. But you need to be willing to QUIT to WIN! Recovering addicts know full well that our PAST doesn’t define who we are today while doing the hard work within recovery to gain our lives back from this cunning addiction, disorder, and disease. I have had the pleasure of knowing this man for several years when his first…

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