Cat Welcomes Back American Children’s Author Steve William Laible. Sharing News, Updates, New Releases, and a Run For Congress? Steve Sure Has Been Busy. . .

Hello Readers, Friends, and New Friends!

Steve and I got to catch up on what he has been up to the past year since he was with us last. And I sure was surprised to hear he is making a run for political office in his old childhood area where he lived in Coos Bay, Oregon. That is District 4 for those who live in Oregon. He has even written his resume’ of why he wants to serve Oregonians in congress and this little handbook shares why. It is now available on Amazon.

America the Beautiful (Résumé to Serve): 2022 Candidate for Congress (Oregon’s 4th District)

by Steve William Laible | Jan 17, 2022


America the Beautiful (Résumé to Serve): 2022 Candidate for Congress (Oregon's 4th District)
By Steve William Laible

Cover by Holly (hollybookstore).

‘Résumé to Serve’ is a middle-class aspirational point-of-view for America the Beautiful meant to engage and enliven constituents. A collection of innovative & ambitious musings that document the author’s thought processes, distinguished military career, leadership, integrity, character, education, experiences, awards & values as he makes his 2022 bid for Congress representing Oregon’s 4th District. This is SO much better than a Voters’ Pamphlet and at $2500 for a small insertion in the aforementioned pamphlet, this book has a cost savings of 250 times that!

“America the Beautiful” is a Must Read! ‘Quality of Life’ and survival of our democracy, nation, and the planet can be achieved by rebooting and repurposing state and federal governments–namely, the White House, Congress, and State Legislatures.

A Founding Fathers’ worthy blueprint that actually serves in the best interest of the majority middle-class and below for America’s Survival-an innovative, a functioning platform of agendas and initiatives-with truer middle-class representation for a far more effective, efficient, and inclusive ruling class societal governmental body.

We simply MUST STOP anointing aristocrats, bigots & bullies, conspiracy theorists, and obstructionists as our Rulers! We Must Raise the Bar!

Now, beyond politics, Steve has also been busy writing and revising two of his first favorite children’s books to be appropriate for children of all sages to read and enjoy, not just for the tots as bedtime stories. See, Steve is the “Big Guy behind the little guy of Stevie Tenderheart Books!” I do believe these two ebooks are still on sale until after Valentine’s! They will make a great gift for Valentine’s Day for all the children and grandkids you love in your life! 💘

Stevie Tenderheart Wait a Minute! (A Bedtime Story)

by Steve William Laible and Nancy Watson | Oct 8, 2021, ~ Kindle is only $1.99 until after Valentine’s Day!

Based on a True Story. In this version, the author elevated the wildly popular children’s ‘picture book’ of the same name, to a 6 x 9” illustrated paperback novella [77 pages] so older children can get in on the fun too. It’s a fuller, richer story.

Summary: A warm and ‘tenderhearted’ story of gladness and adventure abound in this amazingly crafted, splendidly illustrated story about a boy and his dinosaur and SO much more. We’re talking about puppies and parrots and rabbits and chicks; frogs and dogs and pollywogs, but we shouldn’t say anymore…surprises and all.

In keeping with the “BED” theme, of his first book, Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be…(A Bedtime Story) where Stevie loves his bed SO much, he wishes he could take it everywhere he goes, in this story, Stevie FILLS his bed instead, with ALL of his favorite things. (If you can imagine.) It’s a hilarious bedtime story with calming twists and turns that both parents and kids adore. The animals and their expressions are just too adorable to miss.


Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be (A Bedtime Story)

by Steve William Laible and Nancy Watson | Oct 8, 2021, ~ Kindle Also On Sale for $1.99!

Stevie Tenderheart Books

Based on a True Story. In this version, the author elevated the wildly popular ‘picture book’ to a full-color, illustrated, 6 x 9″ paperback novella (for older children). Stories within stories of gladness and adventure abound in this sweetly crafted and splendidly illustrated storybook about a little boy who loves his bed SO much, he wishes he could take it everywhere he goes.

Author Insights:
The author uses a little misdirection (or leg-pulling) in his books, which is his nature, coming from a comic strip background. He feels this adds to the flavor and fun of his bedtime stories immensely. He believes his tongue-in-cheek writing style resonates with children’s funny bones.

Build your Stevie Tenderheart Home Library Today!

Stevie’s books are perfect for Bright Eyes & Toothless Grins. They appeal to positivity, kindness, and a general feeling of self-confidence and well-being. They are meant to be read ONLY at bedtime as a prelude to sweet dreams. The gentle cadence and leg-pulling lower the noise of the day, helping children feel silly, safe, (loved & cozy) at bedtime. ZZZzzz

Dispensing with “He said, She said,” dialogues, Stevie’s storytelling is easy to read and follow helping parents put their children to bed on time, every time, guaranteed! Just be mindful when you say, “It’s Stevie time.” They will likely hear, “It’s TV time.”
(And that’s on you.) “-)
(Stevie Tenderheart books have been lauded with 600+ Goodreads ratings and reviews.)

HERE IS Steve’s next fun project is this brand new release of “BACKFIRE!” A DIY Fun Board GAME!

Stevie Tenderheart Books Backfire by Kodel: (DIY Board Game) Family FUN Game Night Returns!

by Steve William Laible | Jan 20, 2022, ~ The Ebook Version Also On Sale FEB. 15th!

Stevie Tenderheart Books Backfire by Kodel: (DIY Board Game) Family FUN Game Night Returns! by [Steve William Laible]
A Blast For Family and Friends!

“Backfire” wasn’t created in a think-tank or peer-reviewed by focus groups or industry giants with top-secret, sophisticated, corporate laboratories at their disposal, but rather from the mind of a family man with a creative and innovative thirst for quality time with his boys. ‘Backfire’ is a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Board Game invented by the author—a single dad raising his then, three young sons, Adam, Chase, and Kyle.

Family FUN Game Night Returns! Speaks to the truly amazing board game this is. The stacking point play is unmatched with anything on the market today. Manufacturing the actual board game was cost-prohibitive on his military pension, so he decided to share his prototype here in this book, so other gamers can get in on the fun! Competition & strategies are always keen. No game is ever alike. Each game has a different dimension and a different outcome!

‘Backfire’ is NEVER boring only exciting!!

‘Backfire’ enjoys elegant play with tremendously crafty twists and turns whether using the multicolored game board or flashcards. One minute you are stacking your dice, bridges, and overpasses (advanced play) and winning! And then, in the blink of an eye, you lose! How will you know? Everyone is yelling “Backfire.” That’s just the beginning of the end. Players then add their point values (in chips) to the ‘Fools Pot’ deciding whether or not to challenge the pot and win untold riches…‘nuff said.

Beyond being the perfect family board game for decades of fun, ‘Backfire’ is ideal for college dorm life too & military personnel stationed in isolated outposts where recreation & morale are so essential. ‘Backfire’ is the elite MUST HAVE board game when quality family time matters!

About Steve William Laible

Steve Proudly Served Our Country!
Thank You, Steve!

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Author Steve William Laible

“I shall be in transports of delight once parents, but especially children–those with bright eyes & toothless grins–discover Stevie Tenderheart books.”

Steve William Laible is an American Children’s Author who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

He ended his Stevie Tenderheart comic strip after five years in publication to write more. He currently has 17 Stevie books on Amazon & Amazon Global in Print, ebooks & Audiobooks, plus his Family Fun Game Night Board Gamebook, Backfire by Kodel, a must-get to complete your Stevie Home Library.

Steve served his country with honor & distinction for 22 years as a Mustang (enlisted & officer) from Aerospace Support to Special Duty/Joint Service tours at the Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS); Commander-in-Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC) Hawaii. 

As Chief of Administration, USAF Honor Guard (Wash DC); Superintendent of Publishing HQ 15AF; Commander, Civil Engineering Squadron & Commander, Flight Operations (CCQs) in Korea, [honorary call sign ‘ghost’] supporting two F-16 Fighter Squadrons, retiring on New Year’s Eve 1993 as a Captain.

Steve received the Bronze Star device for Desert Storm; Distinguished Graduate (Leadership Academy); Lauded as the USAF Outstanding Administrator of the Year; Nominated for White House Fellowship; unaffiliated 2020 candidate for Congress, Oregon’s 2nd District. Canceled by Covid.

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I sure hope you have enjoyed learning more about my buddy and friend, Steve Laible.
Before I close I want to share a YouTube Link and really encourage you to not just watch this video, but listen to the words as Steve shot this video some years back about The WHY he loves writing and publishing children’s books. He has a BIG ❤!

He is the BEST STORYTELLER I know, and many of his books are based on memories of his childhood.
Take a listen as the color of the video is a bit rough, but you’ll enjoy it just the same!
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