Red Headed Book Lover: A warning to Authors

Sadly, it is now June 2022, and this RED HEAD is still at it! One of my marketing clients/authors just got the SAME EMAIL yesterday from Aimee Ann, and this alone she has sent these duplicate emails to 7 of my new clients. I swear she is TROLLING Book Blogs & Websites for these Bogus Emails.

NO Author SHould Pay For One Book Review at $75 PERIOD.
Even if part of the proceeds is supposed to go to “The Wounded Warriors,” I’m sure that organization would NOT BE HAPPY with her using them as a pitch to SCAM AUTHORS …
Cat Lyon of Lyon Literary Services and Marketing

Lee's Hall of information

Unfortunately we live in a world that is rife with the dishonest, and this is especially so in the Uber Democracy known as the internet. A place without any real regulation. I intend for this blog entry to act as a service first and foremost to my fellow wordsmiths who have delved into the world of publishing, independent or not, it is with great importance I come to you with this.


I don’t see other writers as competition but as fellows where we are all trying to convince the world our words exist. And it is our responsibility to look out for one another especially when our ultimate integrity is threatened. I use the word threat because what we do takes so much work and only a select will understand what that truly means, but for everyone concerned with writing books I have to do my duty for our industry. 

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