Bigfoot Culture – The ‘Rising Wind’ Book Series: Rock My Soul. Part Three of Four. A Unique Exciting Exchange With Bigfoot?

My dear friend Diane Olsen is sharing an exceptional article series she has written all about “Bigfoot Culture” as he is within her award-winning series of “RISING WIND”…

With books one thru four now released, she just might be considering a two-book collection of the backstories of both “Bigfoot and Beardog” in a little diddy called “Rock My Soul.”

You never know what this writer is up to until a new book of hers releases! Lol.

“The Reading Cat”…🙀😺🐾🐈📚

Diane Olsen~Award Winning Author

A strong pattern of observation as a prelude to interaction with lots of help from Mateo Arguello, Glenn Norberg, and my cousin, Heidi… I hope you enjoyed reading Part One of this informative information on the sightings and research by my friends and family.”

We know there have been many reports about this willy beast in many states like Washington, California, and Oregon forests. And in many other states in America and around the world. Could Bigfoots still be reproducing and growing families we don’t know about? Well, it could be possible and explain the many sightings. So let’s dive into part two and see what else Mateo and others have to say, shall we!

~Author Diane Olsen writer of the Award-Winning Series Rising Wind.

Garden of The Gods

Scrub Oak Hide and Seek– Part Three

“After my very personal introduction to Sasquatch, I was still nervous about going…

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