Even A Person Maintaining Recovery Like Me Knows It’s Time To Stop The “Hate & Racism.” We Are Part of Humanity-We Are God’s Children Collectively-No Matter What Our Skin Color Happens To BE!

Celebrating Black History Month with my friends and readers. An article I felt deemed and compelled to re-share with you.

Isn’t it time we stop the HATE, SHOOTINGS, and Race Wars?
Isn’t it time to reconnect with one another as human beings with kindness, and caring, and close the divisions?
No matter what color our skin is, we all bleed the same...RED.
We all are God’s children.


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I was reviewing an upcoming event I saw on Facebook that will be taking place here where I live in Arizona. Since I battle challenges of mental health, I am going to soon share it here on my website as it pertains to raising Mental Health Awareness through the event being held in Mesa, AZ late this month.

But as I read and research all the information? I came across an article about one of the musical guests who will be performing at the event. As read and dug deeper about the guest, Alex Boye’ who happens to be an exceptional vocalist and a singer who happens to Africanize Pop songs. I love his music as he is a very talented singer after being founded on “America’s Got Talent” years back.

Long story short, his wife is white, while Alex is black born in London, England and they have eight…

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