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Helping Readers Find Amazing Books 
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Authors ~ Below You’ll Find a Little of What I Can Do for DIY Authors or DO it for You!
Readers ~ Meet Some Fine Authors, Writers and Their Books!

“Let’s Create Some Marketing Buzz For Your New Release, Authors!” 


Cat enjoys helping authors – how and where they should focus their efforts with a solid marketing plan to build exposure throughout social media, media, and large reader and book sites.

WHY? It is an important part of an overall strong book promotion plan. Engaging and interacting with your readers throughout media and enhance your social media following, gain more exposure, sales, and reviews for your books.

See, readers love to know more about the writer and author! That is why interacting and engaging on a more personal level with readers throughout social media helps to grow sales, gain readership, increase your following on social media, and  hopefully more book reviews… 

Cat Tamara Fur - Free photo on Pixabay

Do you have a new book coming out or one released? Below you will find a list of things needed for a Custom Well-rounded Marketing Plan that get you RESULTS. I have over 9+years of book promoting, book marketing, and known as the Low-Cost Advertising Cat Queen! Lol.

Authors, are you needing help reaching your Readership & Social Media Following?

Readers? Looking for interesting reads and new authors?

Then you are in the right place at Cat Lyon’s Reading & Writing Den is the book blog home for “Lyon Literary Services, Marketing Plans, and Free Consulting”…


The Author Power Marketing Plans Offered By Lyon Literary Services.  

Here’s what you receive within our Marketing Plans:

Where you need to be set-up on social media and Large Book Reader Sites

Literary Influencer Book Placement and Magazine Sites 

A large list of free book sites to list all your books

A Guest Author & Book Spotlight on Cats Book Blog

Book Added to Cats – “Hot Book Picks Page and Photo Gallery”

All Sites Are Search Engine Submitted to Increase Your Search Presence 

List of low-cost book and discounted advertising for book blitz promos throughout social media & media

New Book Launch Marketing sites that are affordable packages through mainstream media 

Cat will order front cover promotional photo’s, book teasers/banners for promoting tools

List of places for free or low-cost Read and Reviews for your book on Literary Influencer magazines

BEST Book Award Programs that are legit, trusted and give prizes


ARE YOU READY To Elevate Your New Book at Low-Cost?

JUST EMAIL CAT: for a phone appt.

ALSO Includes FREE Consulting, Referrals, and Book Ad Discounts!

On-Going: Emails about other free, low-cost, and book ad discounts from book sites to list your book and do free author interviews. Most are free or low-cost ads that get results. I utilize Facebook and Twitter for Boost or Per Click Ads is CATS Specialty. Other book sites that send Emails, Newsletters, or even a TEXT to their large membership and subscribers of readers when a new book is listed!


We have three plans to choose from!


Silver Marketing Plan DIY – $79
All Needed Social Media Sites + Links (For setup)
Where to be set up on Social Media
4 – ‘Must Be Listed On’ Sites + Links (” “)
4 – ‘Free & Low-cost’ Book Review Submissions + Links
5 – Hottest Free or Low-cost Advertising Sites + Links
4 – Trusted Book Awards Programs
5 – Free Sites To List Your Books
*All plans include a free Author and Book Spotlight on our website
Books placed in our Book & Author Photo Gallery 
One Paid Book Advertisement* 
Gold Marketing Plan DIY – $99

*All of the above – and more added sites in each category.
Free literary consulting.
Includes a Read and Review placements on Amazon & Goodreads.*
Platinum Marketing Plan (All Done For You) – $149

All of the services above in both plans.  
More added listing sites. 
Most services setup completed for you. 
All Plans includes a Master List of your links to all sites you are listed.


Send me an email at and we can set a phone call to chat about how I can help you accomplish your literary goals for your next book…

~ ~ ~ 



*** If You Find My Blog Was Helpful? Please, Donate Today as I Use PAYPAL and It’s Safe, Secure and Convenient and I Thank you for visiting me at Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den!
Donations are welcomed to keep Cat’s Book Blog running and My Cat’s Feed! LOL! ***  



6 thoughts on “Cats Affordable Marketing Plans, Literary Services With Free Consulting. Here’s What We Offer…

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your work with me. I think your prices are reasonable I’ll be back to explore more. I want to publish a book but Its only in the 1st re-write stage.So we shall see what comes of it..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Krissy,

      Thanks for dropping by. I do book promote for some wonderful authors and poets. I just loved visiting
      your blog. Your very talented. 🙂 I’m here when you need me. I really try to keep my prices down in order
      to help many who are on a budget, but can get the help in book promoting. It takes a long while to locate and find the readers who will enjoy your work the most! 🙂 XO


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