A Special Blog Review ~ Mom’s Choice Award Winning Book Titled “Failing At Fatherhood” By, Jack Barr.

Failing at Fatherhood: A book for the imperfect father

My breath was taken away many times while reading Author, Jack Barr’s book titled: Failing at Fatherhood, A book for the Imperfect Father.
While reading this book, it took me back to 2011 when I was writing my own now published book. It was a way for me to heal, inform, and raise awareness of what I felt I had failed in life with addiction. Jack to has done a similar thing here in his own fantastic book about his reaction to the news about his beautiful daughter Marley.

It is a raw, honest, and open look at one man’s faults when learning that his 3 day old ‘Marley’ has Down Syndrome, and how he reacts to this news. Even those with a strong “faith” can be rocked by such news.
We then tend to feel and think it was our fault some how that this has happened to “my child”.
Jack’s book shows us all as the human people that we are. We are not perfect by any means, we do at times react before we think things through, and we are a work in progress for a lifetime.

His open heart, spilling out all his faults is a very brave thing to do, even in our society when men are taught or raised to be strong, not to show feelings or emotions. Jack is like any other man.
My heart hurt many times of his deep sharing, and raw account of his story. Like one reader mentioned in their review, this book will take your on an in-depth emotional journey. And that is how I felt when done reading this well written book. I enjoyed his writing style, and like I did, take the reader on a journey.

And you could read the rawness when he wrote of Marley. She is now a vibrant, sweet little 3 1/2-year-old darling that you will also fall in love with!! If she doesn’t to it by her photo on the front cover of the book?
Reading more about her in Jack’s book will!

Jack has done an exceptional job at Raising Awareness of Down Syndrome with his first book. I hope he continues Marley’s story, and the families in future books. It truly is worth the time to read. And why I give it a 5 Star * * * * * Review.
About The Book:

Winner of a Mom’s Choice Book Award”

“Why do I fear her so much? Marley is my own flesh and blood, yet I lie here silently as a new father wondering if I will be here in the morning.”

When Jack Barr and his wife, Jana, had their first child, they were overcome with joy and excitement. Three days later, as they prepared to leave the hospital, two doctors entered their room debating whether newborn baby Marley, had Down syndrome. Mixed in with the confusion of whether or not their daughter was chromosomally different, Jack and Jana knew their lives would be changed forever.

Failing at Fatherhood embraces Jack’s honest struggles as a father, after receiving his child’s diagnosis of Down syndrome three weeks after her birth. He excavates the past, examines the present, and explores his future life in a sincere attempt to understand his personal failures as a father during his first year of parenthood. Throughout the book, Jack wrestles with the decision of divorce, suicide, and the existence of God. However, with His ultimate direction, Jack is able to understand the significance of fathers being committed to their children.

About The Author & Family:

Three years ago, Jack and Jana did not know God would use their daughter Marley, to forever alter their life plan. Marley was born with Down syndrome and that event sent Jack crashing into a sea of depression.
“I could not overcome the question of, Why us God”?
Since that day, Jack and Jana have rerouted their plan to align with God’s plan. They started, If They Had A Voice, an awareness campaign that focuses on Down syndrome abortions. Their story has been featured on CNN, CNN Mexico, Life Action News, and The Insight Channel. Jack has also released his first book, Failing at Fatherhood, which has been endorsed by Bob Russell, S.A. Bodeen, and Woodroll Kroll. Jack & Jana had a simple plan for their future, but God has forced them to trust in HIS plan. . .

Jack Barr, Award Winning Author picture
Jack, Jana, and Marley Barr live in Bangkok, Thailand.
They have a wonderful website to share Marley, Jack and Jana’s happenings, raise awareness about Down Syndrome, just as Jack is doing with his fantastic book, and More! His book also became a “Mom’s Choice Adult Book Award Winner” just this month, so take a visit to: If They Had A Voice here: http://iftheyhadavoice.org/

Now they have a voice!

“When my daughter was born, I told my wife I did not want her. I spent an entire year depressed because I believed everything society told me about having a daughter with Down syndrome. Now she is the joy of my life. She is not a monster, she is not ugly, she is not retarded, and she is not a burden on our family. She is a beautiful little girl that brings joy to our daily lives. I understand the fear of having a child that is different, so I want to encourage you to consider taking the road less traveled, and see the beautiful things a child with Down syndrome can show you.”  Award Winning Author – Jack Barr .  . .
Another Fabulous Author Interview By Andi Cumbo:
Here is a bit of the interview . ..
Write to Serve Others – A Writers Write Interview with Jack Barr

“If you have ever struggled with the path your life has taken, if you love someone who has Down Syndrome, if you doubt the reasons you life has come the way it has, I think you’ll appreciate the words of Jack Barr” . . .
1. Tell me about your latest project.I have recently written my first book, Failing at Fatherhood.  It was released this past November.  A publisher contacted me about two years ago after he read my article about our family on CNN.  He encouraged me to write a book and share my story with a broader community. That led me to writing Failing at Fatherhood.

2. What role, if any, did books, writing, and reading play in your childhood?

I was not an avid reader growing up.  My parents encouraged me to read, but I was more interested in outside activities.  After I became a Christian in college, reading became more important to me.  One author that encouraged me in my journey was Tony Campolo.  His book, Carpe Diem, opened my eyes to our calling as Christians and the needs of others around us.

3. What is your writing practice, your writing routine?

Since I have finished my book, I occasionally blog.  Usually I blog when something in the news or my life strikes me as an interesting story to share with others.  Recently I wrote about Brittany Maynard and Lauren Hill.  I shared my own thoughts about their stories and my personal experience of watching my father die of cancer when I was eighteen years old.

4. Who are you reading now?

I have three authors that I follow on a regular basis: Michael Connelly, John Gresham, & Ken Follett.  I enjoy “getting lost” in their stories and taking a break from my other responsibilities.  I also read various Christian authors when I find a topic interesting to me.  Right now I am working through a devotional book entitled, Conversations, by Brian Rice. . . .

*Now for the rest of this wonderful interview by, Andi Cumbo? Please visit her fabulous ‘writers website http://t.co/xz909i0u6M the rest of Jack’s interview is really interesting.*

I hope you enjoyed my new review for Author, Jack Barr, and make sure you connect with The Barr Family and see how they are helping many parents and families who also have children with Down Syndrome, and sharing Hope with them!
On Twitter: @jackjanamarley
Jack’s Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JackBarrAuthor.FailingFatherhood
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