Congrats To Our Author Candace Gish & Her New Anthology, Book 2 Has Been Awarded 5-Star Editorial Book Reviews By Reader’s Favorite.

Our Mothers, Our Daughters

Our Mothers, Our Daughters

Divas That Care Collection

by Candace Gish

Non-Fiction – AnthologyContributing Authors

Kindle Edition

Reviewed on 04/25/2023

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Our Mothers, Our Daughters by Candace Gish reminds us that the relationship shared between mother and daughter is deep. It’s not always positive, but it defines the identity of both mother and daughter and the way that the world sees them. We grow together and learn together and, for better or worse, we create ourselves in the image of the other. It’s like a road trip, one that takes many dips and turns and leads us, hopefully, to a positive and pre-destined place. As Jacqueline Biollo writes in her story, Alethea, “Metaphorically, road trips, like relationships, can be expensive.

They take time and energy to foster. But with some planning, we can successfully navigate the road ahead and avoid some bumps along the way. Relationships can be adventurous and advantageous to exploring new things, building confidence, and making memories.” Simply put, life and relationships are journeys we must take that will lead us to places unknown.

Candace Gish’s book, Our Mothers, Our Daughters, is an anthology of stories honoring the mother-daughter dynamic. This book is part of the Divas That Care Collection, bringing together the positive and the negative (and the most loving and challenging) connections that define who we are. The stories feature three distinct themes: Connection, Inner Self, and Unconditional Love. The accounts are meant to inspire all of us mothers and daughters as we embark on the mission of bonding and love (or, sadly, the lack thereof). Some of the stories may spark a similar memory in the reader’s mother-daughter relationship. The narratives are accompanied by prompts and suggestions to further strengthen, or at least comprehend, the complexity that makes up our own stories.

Through the words of other mothers and daughters, this anthology will both inspire and encourage all of us to look deeper into our emotions as we make that poignant, sometimes difficult, journey.

Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

Our Mothers, Our Daughters: The Stories That Make And Create Our Lives (Divas That Care Collection) is an anthology of non-fiction stories that revolve around maternal relationships and the ties that bind mothers and daughters. The collection has multiple individual authors who share a slice of their stories with the contributions having been pulled together into its present book format by Candace Gish.

The stories range from the inspiring My Daughter, My Valentine by Brenda Pearce in which the author, who thought she couldn’t have more kids, feels an overwhelming desire for a baby while admiring a newborn girl at work. Weeks later, she discovers she’s pregnant and gives birth to a healthy baby girl on Valentine’s Day, whom she considers a miracle and a gift from the Divine; to A Study in Golden Rule and Persistence by Rosanna Pittella, wherein Pittella recounts her decision to send her gifted daughter Jessica to school at 18 months old, despite opposition from others. Jessica thrived and went on to earn three degrees.

All told, Our Mothers, Our Daughters by Candace Gish contains over two dozen stories that each pack a huge heartwarming punch despite their compact sizes. I like that the stories are categorized into three distinct and interconnected parts: Connection, Inner-Self, and Unconditional Love. I was most touched by My Beautiful Miracle by Jennifer Herron who reflects on the joys and challenges of raising her daughter Lauren, who was born premature and faced health and developmental obstacles.

Through their journey together, Herron has learned the importance of embracing uniqueness and adapting to the unknown, and she feels truly blessed to have learned so much from her daughter. All of the stories are polished and wonderfully composed, and I loved that each section ends with action steps, journal prompts, and affirmations. I walked away from this collection feeling whole and happy and completely fulfilled.

Very highly recommended.

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Candace is a best-selling Canadian Author from Alberta. She is a wife, homeschool mom, author, “Radio Host, Entrepreneur, and Change Maker. Living life to the fullest!

Full Bio:

Candace Gish is a motivator and empowering change agent who understands the challenges women face while finding success in their everyday lives and businesses. She is an advocate for mentorship and strong, supportive networks.

Her four daughters and wonderful husband have inspired her to create a better world, thus the Divas That Care Network was born. Candace enjoys connecting with goal-oriented women and has a commitment to making a difference. She believes in the power of women converging to implement change and has ensured that the purpose of the Divas That Care movement quantifies just that.

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New In-Depth Interview With Best-Selling Novelist Pavane Ravel. The Backstory of How “The Other Shoes of Larry Martin” Novel Series Has Come To Life…

New Literary Fiction Novel Series By Pavane Ravel.

An In-depth Interview About The Backstory of How The Series Came To Be…

Newly Released on Amazon in Paperback and E-Books on Sale At Amazon Kindle for Just .99 cents!

Interview with Author Pavane Ravel

How many books have you written and which is your favorite?

So far, I have written seven complete novels.

This includes my first book which I wrote as a teenager just for me. I have always wanted to be a fiction novelist. At a young age, the only way I could discover if my dream was feasible was to actively write a novel. I wrote at night when I was supposed to be in bed and rested for high school in the morning.

My first book was 300 handwritten pages and took me 5 years to write. When it was finished, I put it in a drawer and never looked back. But I had my answer.

I love all my books; they are my creation and like my children.

When I began the first book (Revelation of Lies) of my Larry Martin Novel Series — The Other Shoes of Larry Martin” — I had no clue the work would turn into a series. Prior to writing this book, I had just finished my second novel, “Hepplewhite.” I had planned to publish Hepplewhite, but then, Larry Martin got in the way.

Much to my family’s alarm, I was obsessed with “Revelation of Lies.” I could not stop writing, not even when we were on vacation at the beach. I hardly ate or slept. I came close to ruining our vacation. But still, I could not stop. I did not want to stop.

If I had to choose my favorite books of what I have written, they would be Book One, Revelation of Lies, and Book Five, Revenge Served Cold, of the Larry Martin series.    

If you’re planning a sequel, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it?

The Other Shoes of Larry Martin will be a seven-book series. Currently, I am writing Book Six. I do have an idea for the title of this novel, but as I am not settled on it yet, I won’t mention it.

I am happy to say that the first two books of the series are now published. I plan for Book Three, The Board Extraction, to come out at the end of this year.

Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

Yes, I want each book to stand on its own. For readers who have not read the previous books in the series, I try to provide some background of what’s happening in the opening of each book.

All the books are connected though. They are one long story of Larry Martin’s life. His outlook. Why he does what he does. His metaphysical approach to life. Larry is a uniquely progressive character.  

How did you come up with the title for your book?

In Book One, Revelation of Lies, Larry starts off as an awful person. He is part of the Incel community and a misogynist. I never saw him as evil, just misguided.

He was raised by an abusive father who hated everyone … women, gays, and minorities. This was all Larry knew. Before graduating college, he got a job as a journalist with a cruel alt-right website. Larry’s job was to mock the poor and homeless. And after he got fired and became homeless himself — everything he despised — he had a revelation of all the lies that had brought him down this sad path. Hence, the title.

In Book Two, On Becoming Laurie Roberts, Larry has changed his life so radically by embracing kindness, he’s managed to become an entirely different person. And this is where his life alters in the best of ways. After beings adopted by a wealthy architect, his transformation becomes complete. Larry Martin becomes Laurie Roberts. The book is about this transformation. Hence, the title. But it is not an easy ride. Laurie does the best he can and he is brilliant. But the betrayal of the men he loves the most nearly destroys him. 


How long did it take you to write this book?

Ah. Well. Right now, we are talking about two different books. Revelation of Lies took me three months in a concerted effort to write. ‘On Becoming Laurie Roberts’ took me five months to accomplish.

Like anyone else, in all this, I still have other responsibilities. I am often distracted to please my family and clean the house. My family is settled with me writing now. That’s a good thing. They help me in every way. But I still must break from my writing to get other things done. I find myself slowing down now. Books Three, Four, and Five are written, so I can rest a bit too. 

What does the title mean?

I create my titles in direct correlation to something happening in my book. I often finish a book before I select a title.

For example, as I mentioned, I am writing Book Six of the series now. While I do have an idea, I would rather wait and see if there is something specific I can select for an even tighter title. I like specifics. 

‘Revelation of Lies’ and ‘Becoming Laurie Roberts were specific to what occurred in those books.

What did you learn when writing the book?

Ha! This question is like asking a brain surgeon, “What did you learn in medical school?”

Okay. Here’s how I feel. Or perhaps, the best way to say so is from a 5-star review from Kevin Terres M. on Barnes and Noble:

“Larry is some kind of odd study between cruelty v. kindness, laziness v. self-discipline, and internal strength v. fragility. There is something profound going on here.”

Or from Armando Rodriquez on Amazon, another 5-star review:

“Although fictitious, Pavane develops a character that symbolizes hope for humanity.”   

Hope for humanity? Did you ever? Yes, I did mean that, but to accomplish it in a reader’s eyes is a truly wonderful thing.

I believe that people are starved for kindness. I believe people can forget how powerful kindness can be.

Most of us in America live in a world of cruelty. Our rights are being stripped from voters, women, gay and trans communities as well as minorities. The costs of living are escalating out of control. Homelessness is growing. The billionaires are reaping it all while too many are hungry. The costs of healthcare remain frightening. Medical bankruptcy is on the rise and the expense of senior living has become astronomical.         

How do we live? How do we survive? How do we teach people what is happening in a simple way that can be understood?

Through a story. And that’s what Larry Martin is … just a story, not a dissertation or a lecture. I wanted to cover these societal issues in a way that’s easy to understand.     

What surprised you the most?

While I don’t plot my books from start to finish, I do make internal notes of details and directions to keep my story straight. So, most of the time, I think I know what’s going to happen. It always surprises me when I don’t see something coming, yet it’s far better than what I originally intended.

Have you ever killed off a character your readers loved?

Yes. This is a good example of a surprise. There is a character I love. I had plotted future scenes involving this character deeper into the series. I thought I knew where the story was headed, but none of it happened. Yes, my character died, even as I understood why. Book 5 emerged from that why. I have not offered this novel to readers yet, but the death caused my editor to cry. He was surprised and shocked. Since the loss was not predictable, he was truly saddened. If he had such a reaction, I know it will be the same for my readers. 

What do you do to get inside your character’s head?

When I am writing, I am watching a movie in my mind. That’s the best way I can describe it. I am transcribing a mental movie. I see things through Larry Martin’s eyes. I know what he thinks and what he feels. I understand how he sees the world around him and his approach to that world in response.  

It’s interesting to me that Larry is far more intelligent than I am. I don’t try to control him; he shows me what he wants. And he is very direct about it.


*    *  * * * *


Pavane Ravel is an acclaimed influential writer of political literary fiction and is the author of her introductory novel series, “The Other Shoes of Larry Martin” with book one released in Oct. 2021 titled “Revelation of Lies” and book two titled “On Becoming Laurie Roberts” in Feb. 2023. Ravel’s books are available for purchase on her official website (, Amazon Books, and Amazon Kindle while being featured in many fine online books and reader sites.

Ravel has always wanted to be a full-time writer and finally has reached the point in life where that dream is a reality. She traveled extensively over the years and has seen nearly the entire United States, much of Canada, Europe, and some of South and Central America. Pavane also studied political science and journalism at universities in the United States and Europe.

Pavane is happily married and has raised successful grown children. She enjoys discussing economics after working as a commodities broker. She and her family reside in New York, and she shares her time concentrating on family, close friends, and writing. She also continues to enjoy international traveling.

For Pavane, who is passionate about politics and societal issues, these books and series are an important story to tell. Larry Martin is also a truly complex and fascinating character as a unique progressive hero.

Pavane enjoys humor and loves to engage and connect with readers. She welcomes readers’ thoughts and comments through her website.

You may connect with her on social media!

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An Intimate Author Interview With ‘Author Elizabeth Ann Brown’ and First Featured On My Book Place. Her New Book Titled “Forever Kind of Love” Has Now Released!

Featured Author Interview: E. Ann Brown

Tell us about yourself?
I grew up in the lower east side of Manhattan and Cambridge, MA. I am retired and live in Southern Oregon. I enjoy writing and love spending time with my six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up on the east coast. My writing began when I was babysitting as a teenager.
One little boy wanted me to “tell him a story out of my mouth”, not to read from any of the books he had heard before. I did, which influenced my writing later in life.

Do you have any unusual writing habits?
No unusual writing habits. I just sit with the laptop on my lap and I write whatever “The Spirit” brings or gives me.

What authors have influenced you?
I grew up on the east coast. My writing began when I was babysitting as a teenager.
One little boy wanted me to “tell him a story out of my mouth”, not to read from any of the books he had heard before. I did, which influenced my writing later in life.

Do you have any advice for new authors?
Advice for new authors would be not to discuss their writing or story ideas with others while they are writing. If you have a trusted friend, you can talk with them. Keep them to yourself.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
The best advice I have been given was from my great-grandmother whom I spent many summers with growing up. She always told us to learn to rely on God and not this crazy world we live in.

What are you reading now?
I only like to read spiritual books. Daily I enjoy reading ACIM and the Bible often, but one of my favorite authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer.

What’s your biggest weakness?
My writing weakness is that I sometimes get carried away with an idea and then I receive a correction and have to erase the run-on stuff.
I am grateful that I can laugh at myself when that happens.

What is your favorite book of all time?
I would have to pick the bible.

When you’re not writing, how do you like to spend your time?
Of course, spending time with my big family… (Lol).
When I am not writing I either draw, paint, or sew. Those are very relaxing endeavors for me. I sew more than anything else. The process of creating something takes me away from the craziness of the world.

Do you remember the first story you ever read and the impact it had on you?
The first story that I read that had an impact on me is a tough question. I read many books when I was a kid that had an impact on me, but no single book stands out as the most impressive at this time.

What has inspired you and your writing style?
I just enjoy a freestyle flow of writing and whatever the spirit of the lord sends my way.

What are you working on now?
I have several new book projects I am writing in various stages to completion.

What is your favorite method for promoting your work?
I have hired an exceptional book marketer who now handles all of my book promotions through social media, mainstream media, and literary sites.

What’s next for you as a writer?
I hope to have another book published soon.

How well do you work under pressure?
It has never been a problem for me.

If you could share one thing with your fans, what would that be?
My desire is for readers to take a chance with my new book release titled “Forever Kind of Love” and I think fans will be pleasantly surprised with the story.


About The Book & The E-book is Now On Sale For $1.99 For Readers!

“A random statement made in response to a loving question turned out to be prophetic, unknowingly. If you read the story you will find out how. You will rejoice, you will laugh, and you will cry. You will be amazed, and you will be disappointed. But isn’t that what happens in our real lives?

Bad things do happen to good people, and people of faith seem to persevere and ultimately experience a good outcome. This story has many life situations that are very challenging, but because of the love the two main characters have for each other, they were able to persevere and prevail.

After becoming empty nesters for only a short time, a surprise they never would have anticipated came to bless their lives more than they could have imagined. Sharing their life with someone else’s children because of their misfortune was heartwarming and a blessing for all concerned. Illness has a way of wiggling into our lives, often without warning, but it does not have to defeat us. These situations can end up making us stronger in faith than we were before.”

Happy endings are always encouraging. Read and enjoy!

E. Ann Brown’s Author Websites and Profiles
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Author Profile On Book Life

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Cat Welcomes First-Time Author of Literary Fiction, Ms. E. Ann Brown, and Her New Book Release Titled ‘Forever Kind of Love’ Now On E-Book Sale. . .

About Author Ms. E. Ann Brown

Ms. E. Ann Brown is an American author and influential writer of literary fiction after retiring as a primary school educator. The author released her first book, ‘Forever Kind of Love,’ in Jan. 2023, and available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback versions.

Ms. Brown’s formal education background was in the field of education, but she considers herself a lifelong learner and has studied many other areas and interests. Brown is a spiritually oriented person who sees the world from a positive perspective and conveys her perspective in her writings.

She is a proud mother who has raised four beautiful grown children as she home-schooled them and went on to a home-school consulting business where she developed chosen curriculum plans for other families. Writing has been a natural part of her life since she was an adolescent babysitter making up stories while babysitting on the spur of the moment. She has always been a storyteller throughout her life.

When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family as she is a loving grandmother and great-grandmother. Born and lived many years on East Coast, she now resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Southern Oregon.

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Elizabeth Alleyne (October 14, 2022)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 178
 Family Life Fiction (Books)
 Literary Fiction ~ New E-Book on Sale at $1.99

About Forever Kind of Love is Available On Amazon

A random statement made in response to a loving question turned out to be prophetic, unknowingly. If you read the story you will find out how. You will rejoice, you will laugh, and you will cry. You will be amazed, and you will be disappointed. But isn’t that what happens in our real lives?

Bad things do happen to good people, and people of faith seem to persevere and ultimately experience a good outcome. This story has many life situations that are very challenging, but because of the love the two main characters have for each other, they were able to persevere and prevail.

After becoming empty nesters for only a short time, a surprise they never would have anticipated came to bless their lives more than they could have imagined. Sharing their life with someone else’s children because of their misfortune was heartwarming and a blessing for all concerned. Illness has a way of wiggling into our lives, often without warning, but it does not have to defeat us. These situations can end up making us stronger in faith than we were before. Happy endings are always encouraging.
Read and enjoy!

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Best-Selling Author Barbara Daniels Dena Celebrates 2023 With A New Book & Pre-order Sale, an Upcoming Free E-Book Giveaway, & Awarded a 5-Star Reader’s Favorite Book Review. . .

Now, what a way to kick off a brand new year for Author Barbara Daniels Dena!

Her second book titled “One Soul’s Journey” Book Two of ‘The Soul Series’ is currently on pre-order and available on Amazon to release on Jan. 25th, 2023. >> <<<

And that’s not all! She will celebrate her new release by offering Book One of the series titled “For The Soul” for a free giveaway that will begin on JAN. 20th, 2023 and run through JAN. 25th, 2023!

More amazing news? Barbara’s new book has just been awarded a Reader’s Favorite 5-Star editorial book review before it has even been released which I’ll be sharing next.

It will give my reader’s a good insight as to how delightful her second collection of short stories is!

The Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Book Review for “ONE SOUL’S JOURNEY” Book Two

For immediate release:

The author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Anthology book “One Soul’s Journey” by Barbara Daniels Dena, currently available at

Reviewed By Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

“One Soul’s Journey is the second collection of short slice-of-life stories by Barbara Daniels Dena. Containing both fictional and autobiographical tales, this anthology is an original piece of work covering decades of the author’s life experiences. The book begins with Dena sharing anecdotes from her childhood, witnessing the Jim Crow laws in effect during the late 50s and early 60s in Arkansas.

Some of the other tales include a little girl and her mother losing her baby sister with chaotic ramifications, the life of an Irish Setter at a dog rescue center, a mother and son volunteering as dressed mascots at the local zoo, striking up a burgeoning friendship with her first customer at the flower shop, delivering flowers to the wrong address, and many more.

If you love to read heartwarming and wholesome short stories, One Soul’s Journey is a must-read for you. Barbara Daniels Dena’s smooth prose and skillful storytelling style make the narrative a breeze. Complemented by some truly fascinating tales, it makes for a fantastic reading experience. Dena has a way with words that will have readers engaged from the outset, and some of the stories have revelations thrown in along the way that will leave you pleasantly surprised.

These stories have underlying themes of compassion, kindness, and love and highlight how helping others can go a long way to making you feel fulfilled. I had a wonderful time reading the book and recommend it to anyone who is looking to raise their spirits through a relaxing read.”

You can learn more about Barbara Daniels Dena and “One Soul’s Journey” at …

You may connect with the author on Social Media here:
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Barbara Daniels Dena is an American best-selling author and influential writer of her eclectic short stories in ‘The Soul Series.’

The author’s stories are almost a memoir and are a unique collection of inspiring short stories of ‘good ole fashioned living,’ along with many past and present memories and life experiences that tug on the heart, warming stories, and fictional tall tales and doggie tails delighting readers worldwide. The books are available on Amazon Books, Kindle, and many fine online book sites.

Barbara began writing at an early age as a lover of “Make-Believe.” Today, her writing has developed from memories of family experiences, various compilations of events in her life, and her love of animals. She is willing to admit that her vivid imagination plays a role in her stories. The author is an Illinois native who has lived in many places; as Barb says, like a free-spirited “Gypsy,” she has lived and worked in Illinois, Washington, Idaho, and Georgia, but Ultimately, comes home settling back in the Quad Cities area of Illinois.

She is a proud mother of two grown children. She was a business owner, ran a Temp Agency, transitioned into her passion for floral design, and opened, owned, and ran several floral shops. Her favorite flower is the “Casablanca Lily.” Her favorite color is Red, and when she isn’t writing, Barbara spends her free time oil painting and enjoys quilting, knitting, and reading.

Her favorite book is “Death Be Not Proud” by John J. Gunther. Her first love will always be playing with her fur baby; a little Yorkie named Zoe. She continues to write from her cozy nook as she gazes over a pond full of geese and ducks. On many days it is more gazing than writing.

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Multi-Award-Winning Author Kim Carter Has Been Awarded Two Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Editorial Book Reviews For “A Clara & Iris Mystery” Novel Series For Books 1 and 2…

What a fantastic way to start out a New Year with not one, but two new 5-Star Editorial book reviews awarded by literary book influencers Reader’s Favorite, and this is exactly how Kim Carter is celebrating her new 2023!

Her two books, now a mystery series titled “A Clara and Iris Mystery” with Book One titled “Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle” and Book Two titled “Murder Among The Tombstones”… Book Three will be released SOON titled “The Root Of All Evil” of the novel series! Let’s learn more…

For immediate release:

Kim Carter’s books receive a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Mystery – Historical book “Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle: A Clara and Iris Mystery Series” by Kim Carter, currently available at

Book Review For Sweet Dreams, Baby BelleReviewed by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite – Book One of ‘A Clara and Iris Mystery Series’

“Lizzy was a simple waitress who lived from one paycheck to the next.
Her life changed when the suave cardiac surgeon, Dr. Grant Chatsworth, came into the restaurant as a customer. The two fell in love, got married, and lived the fairytale. Unfortunately, things started going downhill six months after the wedding. Grant’s affection for Lizzie died, physical and emotional abuse stepped in, and she became a prisoner in her own home. The situation worsened when she discovered that the respectable yet arrogant doctor was involved in fraudulent drug research and would go to any lengths to achieve his dream. Grant imprisoned her in his gated estate, and she was in danger with no one to help her escape.

Follow the full story by reading Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle: A Clara and Iris Mystery Series by Kim Carter. Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle is a captivating story cloaked in mystery and intrigue. This is one of the most unpredictable stories I have read. I loved the plot, storyline, and development. The characters were outstanding, and there were lessons to be learned. For one, women should not let anyone strip them of their financial independence, no matter how little they earn. Also, any relationship that intentionally isolates you from your loved ones is an impending red flag. I love to see women step up to protect a sister, as we should. Mariana, Daisy, Clara, and Iris were heroines, and Lizzie was a courageous woman. I cannot get over the twist with Antoine Rayne. The enemy does indeed live within.

Kim Carter is a fantastic storyteller, and this is a great introductory novel.
Thank you for such a gripping but refreshing read.”

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Mystery – Murder book “Murder Among The Tombstones (Book 2)” by Kim Carter, currently available at

Second Book Review of ‘Murder Among The Tombstones’ – Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite – Book Two of ‘A Clara and Iris Mystery Series’

“After I finished reading Murder Among the Tombstones, the second of the Clara and Iris Mystery Series, I found myself briefly thinking more about the incredible skill of the author, Kim Carter, than the story itself. How cleverly she hooked me in that exciting opening chapter about a young woman running from a predator in a dense forest! Then, she further reeled me in as police puzzled over why the corpse of a beautiful young woman was found gently wrapped in a pink blanket in a cemetery. All ready for what I anticipated would be a thrilling mystery murder, suddenly everything changed! A pair of delightful old biddies, Clara and Iris, whisked me into their newly acquired Private Eye office and had me in stitches with their humorous banter.

Well, what just happened was a novel approach to murder mystery writing by easing mounting tension with comic relief, not unlike what Shakespeare did in some of his tragedies. Initially, I wasn’t sure I liked this break in the plot, but these two lively seniors, with their chalk-and-cheese personalities, grew on me so much that I looked forward to their intrusions. The reserved, refined Clara was forever embarrassed by that outspoken, colorful flirt, Iris, who delighted in proving she was far from over the hill.

While Clara and Iris are trying to figure out how to run their agency and use their new iPhones, how does Carter manage to bring these two senior sleuths bang smack into the middle of the primary plot, where cops are being shot by drug-addicted felons and yet another young woman is running for her life from a serial killer? That, dear readers, is due to the remarkable writing skills of Kim Carter. It’s delightful to experience Carter bringing together such diverse characters for a unique spin on a murder mystery. Murder Among the Tombstones is an easy read, with the plot and sub-plots moving quickly thanks to the constant use of clever dialogue.

There’s an abundance of colorful characters, dramatic settings, a delightful amount of humor, and enough unexpected twists to keep the most ardent mystery fans guessing. But it’s the personalities of Clara and Iris that will have readers looking forward to the next book in this series.

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Now For a Special Sneak Peek of the Book Cover of Book Three “A Clara and Iris Mystery Series,” which is on this new book banner made and courtesy of Keith Marion Photography.

Kim’s new book will release in late Feb 2023 and is titled “The Root Of All Evil: Book 3 “A Clara and Iris Mystery!” Look at the very bottom right and you’ll see the COVER!

This Cat can hardly contain my literary excitement!!