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It seems all my authors I am currently promoting are going for the “GUSTO” when it comes to getting noticed. I call all my authors I have the honor of promoting my friends. I love what I do for a living, and it really is my “passion” to help elevate all my authors and their books to new heights! And Kim Carter is no different.

Kim has worked very hard on her next mystery book to release soon but has worked even harder on here four fantastic mystery thrillers currently out which includes, SWEET DREAMS, Baby Belle. Happily, this one has been recently chosen by  Killer Nashville.com ~ Featured Book of The Day  …
So here is a share of the nice article and review on Kim Carter and her newest release!

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Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle by Kim Carter
Reviewed by Lia Farrell

Lizzie is just barely making it as a waitress when she meets Dr. Grant Chatsworth, and their quick courtship ends in what seems to be a picture-perfect marriage. Not only is Dr. Chatsworth tall and good-looking, but he is also a renowned cardiac surgeon and researcher into a new treatment for congestive heart failure. But when Lizzie moves into Dr. Chatsworth’s estate, things begin to go sour very quickly.

Lizzie soon finds herself a captive, cut off from her sister Maggie—her only family—under Housekeeper Flossie’s increasingly baleful eye. She is miserable and wants to leave: not only does she no longer love Grant, but she is increasingly suspicious that his research might be bogus. During a party intended to lure wealthy investors for her husband’s research, Lizzie faints. Flossie immediately suspects that she’s pregnant, which galvanized Lizzie into launching an escape plan.

Clara, Dr. Chatsworth’s nurse, also suspects he might be up to something, and joins causes with Lizzie, skimming money from the practice to help Lizzie escape to her sister’s house. Only able to venture outside after dark, Lizzie finds a gravestone in the Old Biloxi City Cemetery, labeled only “Baby Belle”. Feeling that Baby Belle is trying to contact her from beyond the grave gives Lizzie purpose, especially when she realizes the graves in that area are all labeled “Lunatic”. Lizzie is determined to unravel the mystery of Baby Belle and to achieve justice for the little lamb whose gravestone doesn’t even bear her last name.

As Grant Chatsworth’s empire begins to crumble, he becomes determined to find Lizzie and kill her before she can reveal what she knows. Can Lizzie stay hidden long enough to have her baby? Will Grant Chatsworth be shown up for the fraud that he is? Will the mystery of Baby Belle’s life and death save Lizzie, or kill her before Grant Chatsworth can?

Kim Carter’s Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle is a fast-paced action story with a subplot of messages from beyond the grave. It’s just the slightly spooky thing for readers who are interested in psychic phenomena.

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Lyn Farquhar is the co-author of the Mae December Mystery series, under the pen name Lia Farrell.

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