“JUST TWEET IT BABY”! Use Twitter As Part Of Your Author Book Promotions And Social Media Marketing Plan…

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Yes! That’s right. My opinion is….”Just Tweet It Baby!
Not many know that I have self-taught little ole me all about “Social Media & Book Promotions,” and it’s not easy. Social Media is forever changing and evolving, so keeping up on all the latest “HOT PICKS” is a job in itself. For me though, that’s part of the fun of learning new things about Social Media Marketing!

So I thought I’d share a few things I found out about Twitter.com that I didn’t know before, and want to share some of their other services that enhance your Twitter experience, and save you time in the process. Now since I’m not an actual business, with a virtual store front. No, I’m just a penniless first time author promoting my paperback & eBook,  as to help others in Recovery from Gambling Addiction. I also share about living with undiagnosed, and then diagnosed Mental illness & disorders, as well as speak out about my own childhood trauma & abuse here on my blog. I share what I went through not as a victim, but as a survivor to let others know they are not alone, and help is available with NO Shame attached.  So I use Social Media to share information, educate, inform, and raise awareness of these important issues. And I use Twitter as part of my messaging this info out into the world!

Twitter has actually come a long way to helping many of us share information in a quick, short informative posts! Only 140 characters to be exact,…Lol,  but the hard part is to build your following of followers, so others will network with you in the form of Re-Tweets, Favorite your tweets, and share them with other tweet peeps!
For me as a person in Recovery, and is important to do, I use many HashTags#  in all my tweets to get my information to the targeted readers who maybe interested in what I’m tweeting about. I love to interact with others, and I try to show that too in my tweets as well. Why not get a reaction? Nothing wrong with that. It helps to create a “Buzz in Tweet World”!  Most all my tweet services I use are free, save you time in posting tweets, and you get a longer exposure time of your single tweet. For me that’s all things recovery, and all about my book and where they can find it, and learn where to visit me on both my blogs and Social Media sites. Come follow me on Twitter here,  @LUV_Recovery  &  @kitcatlyon….

One of the awesome tweet tools I use is here at: http://www.twilk.com/ where you can go and display your Twitter Supporters & Followers as your background of your twitter profile. It’s really fun to do. It shows you CARE about your tweet pals. Another great service for Twitter is http://www.commun.it.com/
Here is a little more about how you can use Twitter in many ways, and about how Commun.it helps you keep track of your peeps who interact with you!

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Twitter is the best way to connect with people, express yourself and discover what’s happening. Get started at discover.twitter.com.

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Go to about.twitter.com/products to get Twitter on your mobile device.

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Dig into targeting, analytics, promotional tactics and marketing tools.Who will you reach on Twitter? How will you reach them? How can you tell if you’ve done a good job? Target with precision, connect directly with your audience and make sure you hit the mark.

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