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New Pre-Order Release and Cover Reveal for Author, Joe Siccardi …
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Today’s the day!

Ready to take a peek at this summer’s reading sensation {hopefully}?

Announcing my new release and a cover reveal of My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through as it is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle online.  The latest effort is a novelization of my March 2018 debut release of the novella Heaven Shining Through, which has been claiming rave reviews by book reviewers and book bloggers alike.


While some of the core information from¬†Heaven¬†is incorporated in¬†My Name Is Sam, the new venture expands the characters and extends the story beyond the novella. It is written in the first person, more like a memoir ‚ÄĒ a fictional memoir. I tried to incorporate that feel from the start. In fact, the introduction reads like a letter directly from Sam.

I have to tell you, for the past six months or so, I have been Samantha {I know that sounds weird}. Each time I sat down to write a scene, my thought process included was what would Sam do? What would Chad do? How would her mother react?

Like the first novella, this novel isn‚Äôt always pretty ‚Ķ but I think it is real.¬†Samantha (the lead) is strong-willed and had a lot of dates, leading to some confrontations with her mother. She was equally strong in her resolve to remain pure. There is a scene when she and her then-boyfriend make love; however, the focus is the aftermath ‚ÄĒ the remorse, the regret by both Sam and Chad.

I try to promote a dash of faith within my writing. No matter what, God loves us and forgives us. Honestly, neither the novella nor the novel was intended to be ‚ÄúChristian‚ÄĚ literature, but rather reading material everyone could enjoy without an overt Christian message. I intentionally did not want to preach to the choir. They are stories of reconciliation, self-awareness, and accomplishment. And they do deal with the sometimes messiness of life.

I am planning a formal book launch July 2, 6 p.m., at the Thompson Free
Library, Dover-Foxcroft, ME. It is my intent to live stream the event in hopes you might join and share the fun. I hope you will take advantage of the exclusive e-book pre-order sale and order your copy today at only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle!  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SRX1HGV/

Other presentations around Maine and possibly New Jersey, Ohio and New York are being contemplated. If anyone is interested in hosting or suggesting a venue, let me know at wisdomfromafather@gmail.com.

I would be willing to address your book club or group. for a visit. If you 2wanted to invite a few friends for coffee or iced tea, we could gather to just meet and greet, catch up, talk about My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through and the publishing process, maybe sign and/or sell a few books and bring you up to date with projects planned.

Exciting times!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: We’re not guaranteed tomorrow. This is the only day we know for sure.


Cover Reveal & New Book Release! By Author, A. Gavazzoni of “Lara’s Journal: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense”(Book Two Hidden Motives)



From The Author who brought us the steamy, sexy thriller “Behind¬†The Door” has just Released Book Two of her series titled; “LARA’S Journal” A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense (Hidden Motives) . ¬†. ¬†. ¬†.



Simone Bennet is on a long vacation, trying to heal from the trauma she suffered at the hands of a serial killer kidnapper. After looking death in the face, she tries to develop a new outlook on life‚ÄĒlive in the moment!

Carl, the charming lawyer, is back, asking once more for Simone’s help, this time in analyzing Lara’s journals, which were discovered by her siblings after her death. In her own words, Lara divulges all her secrets, and reveals a dramatic world of betrayal, passion, and the most unusual sexual behaviors, exposing the beautiful architect’s troubled life.

As Simone tries to deal with the contents of Lara’s haunting diaries, one of her patients gets himself into a bit of legal trouble, forcing Simone to return early from her vacation. Although she’s happy to be back on her home turf, she finds herself surrounded by a whole new set of problems.

A killer is out there, and this time, he seems to be after the people Simone cares about most. Suddenly, people around her are dying, a stalker/admirer keeps showing up at all the wrong times, and Simone‚Äôs dear friend Edward has a new girlfriend‚ÄĒforcing Simone to analyze her feelings for him and her attraction to Carl.




A. Gavazzoni the Brazilian indie author of a novel series “Behind The Door,” a sensual romance thriller and now released is book two titled; “Lara’s Journal: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense” (Hidden Motives) exclusively on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

Gavazonni is a lawyer by day and former professor of law; she writes (novels and legal books), but she is also a voracious reader and a writer by night and currently has a law book about international contracts published in Brazil.

She speaks four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, she also studies Chinese and hopes someday she will master it (but it’s been a challenge!). Her favorite countries, no surprise, are Italy, France, and the USA. When she is not practicing law, she enjoys many interests and is a very active person. She loves to dance (Tango) and workout.

She loves to travel, loves good wine, and has been studying astrology for fifteen years. She paints and loves to cook.

She has two poodles -Gaia and Juno -and loves all animals. She is an aunt of four nieces who enjoy to paint and cook alongside their aunt. She lives in Brazil and visits New York City often and is in the process of writing more books to be included in this steamy thriller series. She invites readers to visit her website/blog anytime for updates of upcoming books and events at Meet Author A. Gavazzoni .  .  .  .

Please Connect With The Author On Social Media:

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Grab a copy of Book One: Behind the Door: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense (Hidden Motives)

“Amazon.com: Behind the Door – Kindle eBooks: Kindle Store And A New Award Winner!”


Product Details    619ccn2pfl



*A very special Thank You to the Author for the kind words in her Beautiful Dedication Page of Book Two* . . . ¬†“Adriana, I was blessed the day we met and became fast friends and Kindred Soul Sisters. Thank you for your friendship!”

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon



“A Cover Reveal Sneak Preview of Author, Kevin Coughlin’s New Book Coming Soon!”

Releasing Soon on Amazon! Special Cover Reveal ¬†for Author, Kevin Coughlin’s New

Book Titled; “Addictions: What All Parents Need to Know to Survive the Drug Epidemic.”

Parents, do you know what your teens are¬†doing? This will be the book you’ll need to read to know.


Addictions_ What All Parents Need to Know to Survive the Drug Epidemic(1)
Cover Reveal for¬†“Addictions”


About The Soon To Release Book:

Addictions: “What All Parents Need to Know to Survive the Drug Epidemic” has been used successfully by numerous individuals, residential recovery programs, out-patient programs, professional recovery coaches, aftercare professionals, counselors, therapists, probation officers, ministries, recovery retreats, sponsors, sober companions, and family members to help them to get a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction, the solution to the problem, and the program of action that promotes change in the substance abuser.

A Support system for family and friends of substance abusers that will help to provide clarity, understanding, education, prevention, and awareness. PLEASE VISIT: The Addiction Expert  for other books written and published by Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D., there you can join his mailing list for advanced notice on his next book.



About The Author, Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D.,

Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D., DCC, DDVA, DLC, DD, NCIP, NCAMP, IMAC

Reverend Coughlin is a Founder and the Director of New Beginning Ministry, Inc., an evidence-based, twelve-step residential addiction recovery program for adults that is accredited by the A.A.C.T.. Rev. Coughlin has helped thousands of people to change their lives over the past eighteen plus years. He is an Addiction Expert, Author, Blogger/Writer at Addicted Minds and VIP Interventions, Sober Services, Inc., Contentwriters.com, Fromaddictict2advocate.com, Twodropsofink.com, small press, newspapers, magazines, websites, and he is a member of The International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. Rev. Coughlin was the Editor in Chief of ¬†Joel’s House Publications from 1997 to 2005. He has been a Professional Associate member at Gemini Behavioral Health.

He is a two-time World Champion and nine-time National Champion and State and National Record holder power lifter, a gentle giant who has championed many in his career. Most call him Rev Kev, they enjoy his lectures and workshops on addiction, recovery, and life. Rev Kev has been very successful with pastoral counseling and recovery coaching with both those addicted and their families.¬†Reverend Coughlin has trained many recovery professionals that have interned at the ministry. He is considered an expert on addiction and recovery. Many have utilized him as a consultant. Rev… Coughlin is a member in good standing of the A.A.C.C., The American Association of Christian Counselors, The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling, and The National Council on Problem Gambling, NAADAC, USAPL, and IAM Minister’s Fellowship, and The International Christian Coach’s Network.

Rev Kevin is also an internationally published poet and writer, mostly on Addiction and Coaching subjects. To date, he has had over five hundred poems published. He is the founder, CEO and President of Phase II Christian Coaching, LLC, the company operates structured assisted living homes for clients in recovery. Rev Kevin is also a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach and Anger Management Specialist, a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach, a Nationally Certified Christian Recovery Coach and Family Recovery Coach, and a Nationally Certified Gambling Addiction Coach, Nationally Certified Case Manager, Life Coach.

Kevin also is an International Master Addictions Coach, Sexual Addiction Coach, Life Recovery Coach and Trainer. Rev. Coughlin is also a Nationally Certified and PA credentialed Interventionist. Rev Kevin also works with The Addictions Academy in Miami, Florida where he designing recovery coaching courses and manuals and is an instructor for the Academy and is now the Program Director.

Author, Kevin Coughlin volunteered his services with Break of Dawn International, Inc. He continues to further his education with The Light University, NAADAC and the Christian Coach’s Network taking several courses and webinars. The Reverend has been awarded ‘Doctorates and Diplomatic’ status: A Doctorate in Christian Counseling and a Doctorate in Divinity, a Degree in Life Coaching, in Domestic Violence Christian Advocacy, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy in Psychology. He also has a BS and an MS in Christian Counseling. He is Board Certified with DIT Seminary in Christian Counseling with specializations in Grief, Substance Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Family, and Developmental. He is a licensed Domestic Violence Christian Advocate, a licensed clinical Christian counselor, an AACT-DCU Associate Professor. He also is the Northeastern Vice President of the Administrative School Board.

Please visit Kevin’s¬†Rev. Kevin Coughlin – Amazon Author Page¬†for a list of all his books. You can also connect with Kevin on¬†Goodreads Author¬†on Goodreads.

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Author, Wayne Andrewartha’s New Book of Short Stories Now Released.

Hello and Welcome Readers,



Looking Through My Window

Author, Wayne Andrewartha has given me the joy¬†of sharing his new book cover and newly released¬†“Collection Of Short Stories” titled; LOOKING THROUGH MY WINDOW.
Now available on Amazon.com in E-book and Promo Priced at $2.99 . . .

He has worked on many short stories that have received honorable mentions from the “Katherine Mansfield short story competition and West Auckland Short Story Writing competition.”

He has worked on this project for a while now, as to put all of his fantastic short stories in e-book form for all readers to enjoy. Here is a little more about his new book release.. .. ..

About The Book of Short Stories ~ Volume 1

This book, a collection of short stories, is something different. During the past two years, while writing the three novels now published as E-books on Amazon.com, my mind was constantly plagued with fragments of ideas for short stories. Some were so demanding, I had to push aside the novel I was working on to write that particular short story. During these two years, I’ve written 48 short stories. The stories themselves are quirky extracts, partly from my own experiences and partly from people around me. Most have a surprising twist at the end, which probably confirms how I see life. I have enjoyed writing these real-life stories, albeit with a little bit of imagination thrown in to the mix.

About The Author:
Wayne Andrewartha is an accountant by day, and a Crime fiction writer by night. He calls Auckland, New Zealand home.

Since he was a small boy, he has always wanted to write books. His love of traveling and his vivid imagination are obvious throughout his crime novels. His newest novel is packed full of action as Private Detective, Jake Shaw faces impossible odds to rescue the wife of a client. It is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages which readers of crime stories will thoroughly enjoy.

And there is more ….

Wayne has written two other novels, Diamonds of Death and the much praised sequel, Roll of the Dice. For action/thriller fans, they are a must read and highly recommended. In addition, he has written many short stories which are now in e-book form for all readers to enjoy.

Wayne enjoys reading good books, gardening, and ten pin bowling. He enjoys watching sports like rugby, motor sports, and football.¬†He is a member of The New Zealand Rotary and was bestowed, ¬†“The Paul Harris Fellowship Award” Rotary’s highest honor.

Wayne has his second novel series, just released a few months ago titled; What Goes Around, (Jake Shaw Private Eye, Book 1) Now available on Amazon Kindle and now his new book of short stories that both men and women will find enjoyable and interesting to read.

Please visit his Amazon Author page for all the details of all his books: Amazon Author Page Wayne Andrewartha including now his new book of fantastic short stories. He would like for readers to connect with him on social media and where to purchase his new book.

Amazon: New Book Collection of Short Stories
Facebook Author page: Connect on Facebook With Wayne
Twitter: Connect With Wayne On Twitter
LinkedIn: Connect On LinkedIn
Google+ : Add Wayne To Your Circles

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It’s Here! Author, Christie S Anthony’s ‘Chasing Disaster Series’ Book 2 Cover Reveal!

Cover Reveal & Pre-order for “The Chasing Disaster Series, by:¬†Author, Christie S. Anthony ~ “Unnatural Disaster” Is Here!



Are you ready for book 2 of The Chasing Disaster Book Series? Well it is almost time for release! And Christie couldn’t be more tickled. Above is the new book cover for this amazing book series, and it is now on Pre-Order on Amazon!
If you have¬†read her 1st in this series, you know book 2 is going to be good. Here is a little peek¬†about the next installment of the book, ¬†‘Unnatural Disaster’. . . .

Carter Henderson and LaTrisha ‚ÄúLala‚ÄĚ Whitfield share a love very few will ever experience. Just when things between them begin to finally look up‚ÄĒtwins on the way, a fairytale wedding on the horizon‚ÄĒthe unthinkable happens.

Nine months pregnant, LaTrisha is assaulted and kidnapped, plunging Carter into an unpredictable state of desperation. Willing to risk everything to find her and believing Lisa has returned for revenge, he turns to his family for help. Pulling every available resource, his search for the love of his life takes him across the country and, when initial leads turn into dead ends, it forces secrets buried for a generation to be revealed.

Will he discover the truth in time to save his beloved and their unborn children? Or is their happily ever after destined to end in familiar and seemingly inescapable tragedy?

Unnatural Disaster is the second installment in the Disaster Series by author Christie Anthony. This is contemporary romance with a twist‚ÄĒsexy scenes, deeply layered storylines, thrills and sympathetically flawed characters abound.

What’s done in the dark, will always come to light!

Christie Anthony

New prolific writer and new published Author, Christie S Anthony is making a big splash with her new 3 book series now released titled, Chasing Disaster, and now on preorder, Book 2 titled, Unnatural Disaster . . . .
Christie was born and raised in the close-knit community of Goldsboro, North Carolina. One of six siblings, her family is a constant source of inspiration that drives her to always want to do and be more. She has loved the romance genre for as long as she can remember, and transitioning from reader to author is second nature to her.
Though she enlisted in the U.S. Army a couple of years after graduating high school, her love for writing was ever-present. Now a veteran, Christie is enrolled in college and is carving a place for herself in the world of happily ever after. Christie’s passion for creating beautiful and competent heroines is apparent in her prose. Her most recent projects are Love Uncharted, now on Amazon, and the first book in the Disaster series, Chasing Disaster as well.
Christie currently lives in Tacoma, Washington and is a strong supporter of the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization, RAINN. When she isn’t working, in class, or bringing characters to life, she is spending quality time with her husband, watching Netflix marathons and listening to music.
“Faith~ Fun~ Forever Love”
– – –
WHAT AMAZON READERS SAY OF BOOK 1 ~ Chasing Disaster . . .
5 Stars!!¬† ¬†“With working all of the time I never have time to read like I used to, but I finally got a break and I finished this book. It was amazing!! I loved the romance and the suspense. I knew that Lisa girl was crazy. LOL! Broke me heart when it ended. Can’t wait until the next book of the series is out. GREAT READ! Go Christie!
on April 20, 2015
4.8 Stars!¬†¬† “I enjoyed this quick read. Lots of twist and turns that will keep you guessing. Surprisingly I like Lisa, she has a lot of interesting drama with her. A history I’d love to hear more about in the second installment.”
on April 14, 2015
5 Stars!¬† “This is definitely a page turner! I can not wait for the next addition to the series and much more by this author.”
 on April 4, 2015
– – –
I wish Christie much success with, Unnatural Disaster, Book 2 as she is having with book 1  . . .
I know my readers are going to love the second book as much as the first! So go to Amazon.com right now and pre-order
yours today!
Order Unnatural Disaster Book 2 Now

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