Book Review for Author, Hannah Warren of “Psychic Confessions” Book One

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Sometimes a fabulous book comes along and makes you really think about people’s past choices and motives. And that is how I felt after reading my good friend, and fellow author Hannah Warren’s New Novel Series titled, Psychic Confessions, (The cottage on the border), which is book one of this series.


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Now before we get to my review, how about we learn a wee bit more about Hannah Warren, and where you can connect with her. She has several books out that I know you will enjoy reading when you visit her Amazon Author page at: and don’t forget to leave a book review when your finished reading any of her fantastic books.

Hannah Warren
About The Author:

Hannah Warren was born in Paris (Fr.) in 1956 as a second child to a Dutch father and an English mother. She has lived in The Netherlands almost all her life but has a strong connection with France, UK and Holland.She studied Dutch literature and Mass communication at the University of Amsterdam and also obtained a B.A. in English Literature & Language and a B.A. in Translation from Rotterdam University. She currently works at the International Office of HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen.
From the early age of 8, Ms Warren has written poetry and short stories but it took her fifty years to become a published author.Her debut novel, the literary romance Casablanca, My Heart was published in June 2014 by Thorstruck Press. Psychic Confessions, first book in the series The Cottage On The Border (November 2014, Thorstruck Press) is Hannah’s second novel and positions her as a writer of suspenseful family sagas.

Here are just a few places you can learn more about Hannah and connect with her!

Author Website:
Twitter: Hannah WarrenAuthor

My Book Review for Psychic Confessions . . .
“Just Fantastic”!

Hannah has done a fantastic job with her new novel series, Book 1 of Psychic Confessions.

This read has everything you’d want in a suspense thriller. It deals with a families past pains, mental stability, dark secrets, mysteries, and much more. There is murder, mystery, intrigue through out each page of this wonderful storyline which spans 6 decades as Jenna reveals.

When you don’t think you can take anymore heart-break, or take more emotional turmoil of the revelations Jenna stumble upon, more storyline past haunts melt into Jenna’s present. When she begins to have memories of her mother’s death by suicide, and she ends up in an orphanage at age three, and her life starts to take off from there. But Jenna’s own life becomes pulled apart, her adopted brother Vincent, and Jenna’s psychiatrist, a good friend take her away to a cottage to try and help her recovery from her own brush with death, and attempted suicide.

Now even though this book is a work of fiction, many who know me know I battle my own real life mental and emotional health conditions, so this book really spoke to me. I could feel the pain Jenna was going through, and that is when you know a writer is very special like Hannah Warren. And even though again it’s fiction, some of this storyline collided with my real life past emotional haunts. That is why I was hooked from the beginning to the last page of this fantastic read!

BRAVO Hannah!
You have done a wonderful job with book one of this new novel series! I truly can not wait for the next book of this series to come out. And as the book blurb details:,
“Psychic Confessions is a tale of murder, mystery, intrigue, familial despair, heartbreak, and spiritual resurrection”. . Great Family Saga & Thriller Read!

She definitely gets a 5 Stars from me. And a top-notch recommended read.

Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author & Lyon Book Promotions

Welcome Author Lorene Stunson-Hill & Her New Book Titled “To Dance With Ugly People”

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I am so happy to share a great friend of mine who is a fellow author, Lorene Stunson-Hill, and her new fabulous book titled;
“To Dance with Ugly People” published by Lock Publishing.



Lorene and I met through the media site LinkedIn as we both are in a couple of the same groups there. As I got to interact with her, and learn more about her book, and herself in general, we found we both had been through the same type of ‘Life Experiences’, of the not so pleasant kind. I do believe she was the one who said we were “Kindred Spirits.” And  I do have agree with her.

See, what sets me apart from many other media & book promoters is that I have the wonderful experience of sharing greats reads of my friends. Even my clients say I put more of a “Personal Touch” to my author spotlights.
That’s just one of my secrets!
I know my friends well, and it’s why I love what I do.

Here now is a little more about Lorene and her book,  “To Dance With Ugly People”…

Author, Lorene Stunson-Hill
Lorene Stunson Hill was born in St. Louis, and later raised in Detroit, Michigan. In a visit to Sardis, Mississippi (hometown of her ancestors), in her teens, Lorene experienced the cruelty of racial discrimination, but she stayed steadfast in her unshakable faith and belief in the values of the traditional African-American family, community, and culture. She currently resides in the Central Florida area.

Her life was not as she would have wished it to be, one of ease and luxury. In fact, the opposite was true. She wished to make it more than it was and tell her impressions in a story, warts and all, to help others and help bring forth something good out of misery. “Family experiences are universal,” she said. Lorene drew from the wealth of experiences placed in her path to create, “To Dance with Ugly People.” Along that path she completed Creative Writing Courses at the University of Central Florida under the esteemed guidance of Professor Wyatt, Wyatt, who taught her that, if you want to write you cannot be a coward. Lorene was never a coward…

ABOUT HER BOOK & A Message From Lorene:

“To Dance with Ugly People,” tells the harrowing story of Dani Ransom’s travels down several dark paths. She experiences the terror of the 1967 Detroit riots, the ravages of drug abuse during her first marriage and the psychological, fanatical and abusive love between her husband Dane and herself. Experience Dani Ransom “Living on the Edge.” Understand the narcissist hold by Dane on Dani. Witness the chaos of Dani Ransom’s mind. Can she save herself and overcome the shadows of darkness that follows her?

From Lorene Herself:
Lorene Stunson-Hill
“This novel is a book in which I was able to express a new divine awareness. I realized I had experienced a lot in life that had left me strewn and unsettled; the book brought about the resurgence of a strong feeling of cohesion. In this book I have tried to present some of the elementary principles of human nature that can be outside of perceiving, but not outside of holding dear, I call it “Ugly People.”

For example, the violence of feelings, the slave of passion and the dark tyranny of despair. My life might not have been full of ease and luxury; but I preferred to glorify my existence, as I lived it, enticed by the wealth of experiences placed in my path. Watching the world around me, I became interested in Fate. Stories, of the sudden deaths of the rich and famous awakened even more trains of thought on Destiny. We strive to travel, what we think are the right paths in life, but, does destiny have to have the final say? Is fate everywhere we are, involved in everything we do and not only just the end? What do you think? On, that same note, I would answer, “Yes, it does!” And so this book was born. I could feel my heart glow with excitement and enthusiasm as I wrote this book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.”
Lorene Stunson Hill

Now many of you know that when I do an interview, or book spotlight for any author, I only ask them two questions. Yes, I said only TWO.
Here are the TWO I asked Lorene about her book and writing.

1) What made you decide to write and share your story with others? Was there an event or something that motivated you to do so?

“I had always dreamed of writing, but falling into two wrong marriages left my mind scattered and my life falling apart.   In 2006 I ended up in an old hotel raising my newborn grandson living on social security disability.  It was the only place I could afford.  Life in my room was desolate, but for the first time in my life I was free of the clutter of other people’s (My ex-husbands) addictions, needs and demands.  Ironically, the hotel was filled with those same sort of people, but I kept my grandson and I looked inside, rarely racing outside to replenish supplies.  Divorcing twice had finally left my head free of the noise of arguments, anger and frightening situations of drug overdoses or alcohol poisoning and massive nosebleed’s due to high blood pressure.  Although there was still plenty of noise all around us.  The old eight story high hotel had clubs downstairs and a couple of days a week and all weekend long my walls boomed and rattled with the music they played.

I cried desperately.  I reached out to Facebook to fill the dismal emptiness I felt.  LOL!  BUT, I had family members attacking me left to right!  They would not allow me to turn my lemons into lemonade.  I could post how I was enjoying the beauty of the chirping birds outside my window and they would dive in calling me Fake, Unable to be Real and more.  They would remind me that I lived in a horrible place.  Everything I said was attacked or argued.  They never came to see me.  They never offered me a ride to the store.  They just attacked.

I had to do something about the dismal emptiness, or lose my mind.  “Everything happens for a reason.”  I laid in the dark and thought about that.  I laid in the dark and thought about my miserable life and the miseries of those I’d met along my path. I even pondered that the rich and famous were not above misery.  Look at Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.  So, was it Destiny, Fate or PROVIDENCE.  Through prayer, I decided my life and the paths I’d crossed were given to me to write about.”

2.) Now that your book has been released, what has been so far the most interesting thing that has happened to you, or while writing your novel?
While writing my novel I felt close to God.  Words would fall into my mind.  At times, I would reach writer’s block and have no idea where I was going.  I would pray for help and wake up the next day (sometimes in the middle of the night) frantically trying to get everything that had popped into my head down on paper.

Now that my New Novel has been released, the most interesting thing is that the family has turned a cold shoulder to the book.  I cannot get them to understand that the book is fiction. This is a fiction novel! There are similarities I assume that some of them probably see as a remembrance of our heritage and past. I can’t get them to not take the contents of this novel personally!  They feel some things just does not need to be said. I REALLY think that among my family it will take the younger generation to see the book for what message it gives without picking apart what may be perceived as reality. I want to tell my audience that you have to get inside of the mind of any character you create to do it justice. If you can’t do that, the book won’t be very good.

You don’t have to kill someone to get inside the mind of a killer. Some authors chose to be reclusive to avoid addressing these issues, but people will think whatever they want to think. I read an article once that stated, “A great writer is one who is not scared of what people think of them and their writing. They are the ones who can take a bad situation they know about or have experienced and turn it into a great story. You should not be scared of what your pen bleeds onto the paper, just let your heart and soul talk to your readers.”
The most exciting thing is that I turned an excerpt from my New Novel into a short story, titled, “Quagmire,” and entered it into a short story contest.  The reviewer was June Rutherford, who sent a note recommending acceptance. “Very real and frightening” was her first comment and she went on to say more that was very complimentary.  “I have learned from experience that if June says it is good; it will be.” – Ray Walker”  (Owner of the Website/Contest)…


Here are some places where you can find Lorene’s book and connect with her. I want to THANK my wonderful friend and author, Lorene Stunson-Hill for letting me share all about her book/novel, and for letting me share more about her with all my friends, readers, and new visitors here on my blog! She really is an amazing woman for all she has endured. She inspires me so much, and now she is helping other women to be inspired through her book!

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