Do You Know Your “Roots to Religion?” Meet Diane Olsen, Author. She Studied This Subject in Her New Book.

Diane Olsen, Author Presents Her New Book Release Titled; ANCIENT WAYS: The Roots of Religion .  .  .  .  .


“In order to enjoy this book, you may have to suspend current beliefs, since some of the concepts may seem quite foreign at first. Hopefully, you will find precious gems to take with you.”

What if monotheism always existed, and revelations were given to all human forms. There are hints to that effect. We should not assume primitive peoples were not smart enough to grasp the concept of a single Creator!

Too often we tweak religion to reflect our personal thoughts, rather than dealing directly with the Word of God. Today monotheism is represented by at least nine living faiths, yet praying to God alone is not enough, for many. Instead, we pray to Prophets, angels, saints, ancestors, deities, and the universe.

This creates a chain of “Paths” and “Ways” which become stained by human desires for control and material benefits. And as darkness and materialism overtake one Faith, another is born, through the intervention of the Holy Spirit, clothed in a different form, with a new name, and very familiar teachings.

Monotheism can be visualized as a chain linking prehistory and history, entwined with human additions, wisps and twists that produce an undulating, ultimate Yin and Yang. This constant interaction of complementary, as well as conflicting, forces and energies, exhibits both organic unity and dynamism ( various theories or philosophical systems that seek to explain phenomena of nature by the action of force) –¬†even war. Those who suspect there is a unified core of basic beliefs¬†should enjoy¬†Ancient Ways.




Diane Olsen, prolific writer and first-time indie author of her debut book release titled; “Ancient Ways:The Roots of Religion.” Her book is thought provoking, unique and an in-depth informative look at the development and evolution of religion throughout time and a well-considered concept – the idea of a connective thread of monotheistic faith throughout the history from the birth of human creation

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado she now lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Diane was an Undergrad at Colorado State University Ft. Collins: Pre-vet med, Anthropology, then attended and received her BA and MA at the University of Montana, Missoula: Anthropology, Archaeology, and Paleontology. She was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for two years.

Diane has proudly raised two sons Andrew and Gavin, has four grandsons Dylan, Brayden, AJ, and Asher. She is an animal lover and enjoys living in Washington State with her two girls, (doggies) “Ladybug and Charlie” along with two ancient “retired” Zebra, finches, one African Blackfooted Cat. She has raised sheep and goats and about 40 other species of critter over the decades.

Diane enjoys writing, reading good books and cooking. A few of her favorite books are ‘The Book of Certitude (Kitab-i-Iqan), The Upanishads, and The Great Initiates.’

*    *     *     *    *

5-STAR AMAZON BOOK REVIEW: “Totally encompassing the history of the world’s religions.,” -September 25, 2016

Ancient Ways: The Roots of Religion (Kindle Edition)

Ancient ways, The Roots of religion is one amazingly concise and intuitive book. The subject covers from the very earliest bipedal man through biblical times and into the middle ages and beyond.Communicating with gods that seem to have so much in common and so many similar histories assist in the belief that we share a creator and creation story.

I found myself lost in this book, not a negative, the history and the evolution of man was very well stated and provides documentation for the statements. It delves into zombies, white witches, Jewish God, Islamic Allah, Buddha, Osiris, and every form of Diety that has been worshiped and found through verbal and written histories.

The ancient ways connect astrology, alchemy, and all other esoteric practices. The book of Enoch in the Apocrypha tells of the giants that inhabited the world before the great flood. This is carried through in other religious documents of the time. Learning about the Priest, Ram was a new and fully invigorating story of earth’s early man and their desire to move past a belief in nature.

They began with priestesses and the chapters on Rams dreams, writings and memories is so thought provoking and insightful. It was new material for me and I was in awe of his place and time in history. I had heard of Cherchen man before, but to read of their belief system and their history was so enlightening. Rama took away the sacrifices and brought about praise. All because of yet another dream. I can not stop reading this book., Each page is filled with unknown religious histories.

This book will provide you a glimpse of each of the main religions of the current people and the original people. I will keep this as a reference because it encompasses so much information, I can’t retain it all. IT is a book to absorb and retain for reference! Very well researched and written. . ¬†. ¬†.


“A Few Questions Answered By The Author”


Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
I have one book which is currently in print, and two which I am currently writing. I have also completed several screenplays and scripts, magazine features and newspaper articles, and written for several columns.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?
Ancient Ways the Roots of Religion –¬†I have been gathering the material for such a piece all my life. Both ancient humans and the various ‘Faiths’ naturally came together for me here. I had also studied many religions along with studying¬†at the University of Montana, Missoula: Anthropology, Archaeology, and Paleontology.¬†I did a lot of research for this book. LOL.

What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?
I hired a book promoter to help me set up my Social media accounts and listing my book on many book sites. She helps set up layered book ad’s as well. And she promotes my book throughout social media. She uses and works with many other book promo people and places like your’s here at Awesomegang.

Come connect below with Diane on Social Media:

Twitter Account

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Need Help As A Writer? Check Out “Be A Best Seller”

Hello Writers, Readers, and Authors,

What is one of my favorite places to visit for all things writing?
Be A Best Seller of course!

Be A Best Seller
It is a great place for writers¬†and here is what they send out free every Monday when you sign up. Loads of writing tips and advice to be a best-selling author! I was a featured ‘Author’ a couple months ago through their, “Make It Happen” voice matters.
When you join, you get an awesome free interview by Jennifer of Oprah’s sweetie, ‘Stedman Graham’ that’s fantastic. They send out a newsletter and here is a little of what’s going on this Monday/week on Be A Best Seller!

Issue #100, BAB, Monday, March 30, 2015
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Hello Catherine,

Today is a special day for Be A Bestseller. Today marks the 100th issue of the inbox magazine, and in today’s Big Idea, Michaela poses a 100 Day Writing Challenge to anyone who’s game and wants to show that they truly are makin’ it happen with their writing career.¬†

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You’ll learn about a top rated book on Amazon that’s bursting with juicy tips and ideas to help you sell more books.¬†Plus, you’ll get to meet this week’s Makin’ It Happen author Chris Kennedy, a fiction writer who’s also an elementary school principal.¬†

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Celebrating 100 Issues With A 100 Days Writing Challenge!

 By Michaela Zanello

Today marks the 100th edition of the Be A Bestseller Inbox Magazine‚ÄĒtime to break out the bubbly! It‚Äôs been a fabulous and insightful journey thus far, and I am proud to have joined Jen early in the process as she continues to build this wonderful community of writers, authors, and entrepreneurs.

Over the past 100 issues, we’ve met some amazing authors, some of whom are award winners, others have started their own publishing companies, and others still are using their unique voices to elevate their author brands and make a difference in the world.

We have also featured numerous great products and resources and had several talented writers inform and inspire us with their guest posts‚ÄĒwriters including Dr. Morgan Giddings, Sara Hathaway, Sandra Beckwith, Dennis De Rose, Angela B. Chrysler, and Ara Grigorian.

And from pen names to podcasts, we have covered a whole slew of interesting topics in our Big Ideas.

Today, in honor of Be A Bestseller’s 100th issue, I am posing a writing challenge, one which involves starting a book from scratch and completing it along with a marketing plan in 100 days.

Meaning by June 28, 2015‚ÄĒ100 days from today‚ÄĒanyone who chooses to participate will have a brand new book written and published; plus, they will have a marketing plan ready to implement. And the book can be any genre‚ÄĒfiction, non-fiction, memoir, a children‚Äôs book, or a collection of poems or essays.

What do you think, are you game?

100 Days Writing Challenge

The challenge will largely be up to your own scheduling and creativity. But here are a few basic tips and suggestions to get you on the right path.

What to Write

Your brain may already be teeming with brilliant ideas for what you want your book to be about. But if ‚ÄúOn your mark, get set, WRITE!‚ÄĚ doesn‚Äôt exactly get your creativity charging from the gates, here are 3 writing prompts you can use to help you get inspired.

Prompt #1: Location, location, location

Start by picking a scene, any scene‚ÄĒit could even be the room from where you are writing‚ÄĒand simply describe it in as much detail as possible. Be sure to include elements that capture the mood and tone as well.

Prompt #2: T.V. time

As you are watching television, take note of any interesting commercials. Then, craft a short work of fiction based on the commercial’s character dynamics and narrative. Choose one of the commercial’s characters and write from his or her perspective.

Prompt #3: Café eavesdropping

Go and sit in a nearby coffee shop. Write down everything you see, smell, and hear‚ÄĒfrom the busy barista, to the scent of java in the air, to the bits and pieces of dialogue you overhear‚ÄĒwrite it all down and try to pick up on patterns and anything that surprises you.

Character Development and Outlining

After you’ve got an idea of what you want your story to be about, it’s time to flesh your characters out and create an outline.

Basically, you want to learn as much as possible about your characters‚ÄĒfrom what they look like, to what their hopes, dreams, goals, and biggest fears entail.

TIP: Whenever I’m working on character development, I like to have my characters take the Myers-Briggs Personality Profiling test. The test helps discern things like how my characters view the world, how they interact with other people, and what their approach to problem-solving would be.

Next, it’s time to create an outline, which can eventually turn into your book’s table of contents. Break up your book into chapters and write a brief description of what is going to happen in each chapter.

TIP: You should know what your book’s ending is going to be before you start to write, because knowing your final destination makes it less likely to veer off course.

Make a Schedule

The challenge is set for 100 days, so it’s a good idea to reverse engineer that timeline. Depending on how long you expect your book to be, figure out how many days or weeks you have to write each chapter. For example, if you expect your book to have 10 chapters, you would have 10 days to write each chapter.

NOTE:  You will also need to factor in time for editing, a final read through, getting your book’s cover designed, and creating an overview of your marketing plan.

Make a schedule that works for you, but hold yourself accountable. If you set a goal to write one chapter a week, then hold yourself to it. Check out the Write or Die app to help make sure you follow through on your goals.

No excuses allowed. You’re makin’ it happen.

So, what do you say, are you going to take the 100 Days Writing Challenge? Let us know on the Be A Bestseller Facebook fan page and definitely give us a shout on June 28th too, once you‚Äôve finished your book! We‚Äôll check in with you closer to then. ūüėČ

Happy 100th, BAB! And remember: Voice mattes. Dare to share yours. Impact the world.

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Written by Karen Hodges Miller, Sell Your Book! 100 Tips and Tactics was voted one of Amazon’s best books of the year in 2014. So you know it’s good stuff.

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Get the inside scoop and fresh ideas to rev up your book marketing strategies!

Chris Kennedy
This week’s Makin’ It Happen author is bestselling science fiction/fantasy writer and self-publishing guru Chris Kennedy.

A fiction writer and elementary school principal turned publisher, Chris teaches students and aspiring authors how to become accomplished writers by honing their skills, inspiring their creative processes, and sharing his insider’s perspective on the world of self-publishing. 

Chris traveled a non-traditional path to becoming an author, proving there is no ‚Äúright‚ÄĚ way to get there. A naval officer for 20 years and then an elementary school principal for another 5 years, Chris finally tried his hand at writing while working as an instructional systems designer for the U.S. Navy.

Unable to find an agent to take him on, he chose to self-publish his first book Red Tide: The Chinese Invasion of Seattle, and he hasn’t looked back since.

To date, Chris has written 6 fiction novels. His first 2 books were the military fiction duology called Red Tide: The Chinese Invasion of Seattle and Occupied Seattle, which he followed with ‚ÄúThe Theogony‚ÄĚ science fiction trilogy: Janissaries, When the Gods Aren‚Äôt Gods, and Terra Stands¬†Alone. His sixth novel is Can‚Äôt Look Back, which is the first installment of a new, epic fantasy trilogy.

Chris used the experience he gained publishing these books to write his non-fiction book Self-Publishing for Profit: How to Get the Book Out of Your Head and Into the Stores.

Additionally, after having seen the latest version of the Nation’s Report Card, which¬†indicated that only 27% of American 8th and 12th grade students can write at a level of “proficient” or better, Chris developed a program called “Total Engagement: Giving Young Authors a Voice,‚ÄĚ which he is now working with schools to implement.

Chris‚Äô program brings published authors into schools as a way of encouraging students to write more and sharpening their literacy skills. By developing and publishing classroom anthologies, Chris gets students excited about writing by enabling them to include ‚Äúpublished author‚ÄĚ on their college applications.

You can earn more about Chris and his work at:, where you can get on his mailing list or become a character in a future book.

You can also ‚ÄúLike‚ÄĚ him on Facebook at or follow him on Twitter at @ChrisKennedy110.

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Lyon Media Welcomes New Author, A.R. Tirant & Her New Book “Echoes from the Oasis”…

Hello and Welcome Readers & Friends,


Today I Welcome, A. R. Tirant, ‘Rosie’ to me and you, as she is a¬†brand new UK Author! Her book is available in both the United Kingdom, United States, and a few other countries.

Rosie and I met through a few social media sites, and when she told me a little about her new book, I had to go take a peek on Amazon & Goodreads myself to investigate! What first took my breath away was her beautiful book cover! And the book blurb is fantastic too.¬†And yes, I added her book to my Goodreads “Want To Read book” shelve.¬†Here is a little about her new novel that will be part of a wonderful series …

About Her Book:

In early 1900 on the island of Mahe in the Seychelles, women were confined to specific roles and expectations, and custom and traditions prevailed with reverence. But, 16-year-old Anna, being passionate, nature-loving and rebellious, wanted more out of life. She had different desires and bigger dreams…

The book tells the emotional and dramatic story of Anna‚Äôs younger years. Forbidden love brought joy and meaning to her life, but it was quickly followed by a dreadful smallpox epidemic that brought tragedy to Mahe‚Äôs Victoria hospital where Anna worked.¬† Would she survived the ordeal ? Louis agonised and prayed… fate did lend a hand, and after months of separations they were finally reunited. Surely all will now be fine for them ?

Meanwhile in the background, the threatening atmosphere of a dark and closely guarded secret ‚Äď witchcraft practices ‚Äď has the islanders of this close-knit Catholic community shivering in fear, but it is the arson, murder and rape rearing its ugly heads that were more frightening.

Suddenly, in a dramatic twist of fate, Anna‚Äôs life was turned perilously upside down… Will she be able to overcome that new drama and survived the First World War at the same time? …

A Little Novel Points Of Interest:

Seychelles Islands¬†¬† –¬† July 1912
Anna Savy made a brutal and painful discovery on her 16th birthday.

From the abundance of nature of her exotic island she found comfort and help, and something else…

As the island way of life plays out, Anna uses her wit and the advice of her only friend to achieve an impossible dream.

Her fate and predicament are laid bare as she faces the confinement of her situation, and the close-knit Catholic community she must abide to.

Commerce and business rivalry are the focus of two important families :  the du Barre’s  and the Benezet’s, and deadly consequences follow.

The beauty of Christmas in this small picturesque seaside village shows the faith and culture of the islanders at its best.

The role of women from all backgrounds and status are laid bare, as all positive and negative effects of their Catholic faith molds them.

The rites of a traditional Wedding Proposal and Engagement are played out, showing its importance and the pride and joy it brings.

A look at the island’s economy and the importance of the monthly Steam Ship visit from Europe.
By May 1913, the friendship and bond between Anna and Louis du Barre‚Äô are growing beautifully. But, it was on 1st July that they shared a tender moment at their oasis, as he presented her with a gift he had created for her birthday …

*Now you will need to go purchase to , “Read The Rest of the Story”* …

About The Author, A. R. Tirant:

Image of A R Tirant
Rosie Tirant-Longhurst, aka A.R. Tirant, was born in the Seychelles in November 1958. The daughter of a policeman and, the eldest in a family of four brothers and four sisters. She grew up on the northern coast of Mahe island, in the tiny  seaside village of Beau-Vallon. Her working life started in 1975 as a nurse at Mahe’s Victoria Hospital, and followed there after by a long career in the Hotel Industry. She emigrated to England in 1995, and lives in West Sussex with her husband. She has two grown-up sons and a granddaughter.
Rosie wasn’t born with a pen in her hand, far from it. Life growing up was hard and strict. The home comforts we all now take for granted was but a dream for the young girl whose days was divided between household chores, cooking, cleaning and looking after her young siblings. Water for all the household use had to be carried from the stream, with one hand holding the pail on her head, whilst keeping the second pail in her other hand from spilling. Education only happened because it was the one way of getting some rest during the daytime, even if the chores still had to be done by the lights of the coconut oil lamp.
They were difficult times, times when she would lean against the pillar of the outdoor kitchen while waiting for dinner in those black pots to finally get ready, and stare at the tropical skies above, marvelling at the diamond beauty of the scattering of stars, and wishing for a different life …

‚ÄúEchoes from the Oasis‚ÄĚ is her debut novel which will be followed by other titles in the same series.
So, now that we know a wee bit more about Rosie Tirant, and more about her new novel, the only real thing to do now is go grab a copy of her book! And since it is going to be a series?
Read book one to be ready for the next chapter of this Fabulous Novel Series.

Now we also know that reviews can tell us so much about a good-read,¬† and that it¬†IS worth your time and money to buy and enjoy, so here are a few¬†early ‘Amazon Reviews’ to let you¬†know just that! And I can also share with my friends and readers here,¬†that she has ALL 5 STAR Amazon Reviews already in just the couple of months of her release. That tells you many are enjoying¬†book one of her¬†New Novel …
A couple 5 star reviews:

Highly recommended By Ginette Ally on 30 Jun 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

“A realistic insight into the lives of the Seychellois during the late 19th and early 20th century.
The story line is woven around a young, white Seychellois defying all odds for a different future!
Very interesting read and looking forward to the sequel”!
Intriguing, captivating and well written By Miss Cunningham on 4 Aug 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
“This book isn’t something I would ordinarily read (most of my collection falls within the fantasy/sci-fi genre) but occasionally I find a well written book outside of my normal sphere of reference which captures my interest; this was one such story. I was enchanted from start to finish.
The characters and their intricate back stories are complemented by vivid descriptions of the environment and culture which surrounds them – I am going to have to reread the book again soon (at a more leisurely pace) so I can better appreciate this aspect. In addition to the carefully crafted context, the narrative itself is cleverly paced and enticing.

I didn’t want to put the book down; I was reading whilst walking from the train station to the office (much to the annoyance of everyone around me)…… the only negative I can find is that I’m going to have to wait for the next one. Would definitely recommend”!*I want to say a big “Thank You” to my new friend and fellow Author, Rosie Tirant for letting me share her New Novel, and¬† a bit more about her with all my friends and readers here today, and all those who come by in the future. I’m so excited to get to¬†reading her new novel,¬†that way¬†I can come back SOON and blog my¬†own review”!

You also connect with Author, A.R. Tirant on a few social media sites below. So go check out her new novel in paperback, or download on your Kindle or laptop today!
And as I always ask and close with? Please, go back and do your review of her book, as it helps all use authors grow as writers, and lets us know what our readers think about our craft of writing and authoring books¬†… HAPPY READING!
Connect With Author, Rosie Tirant:


Echoes from the Oasis





I Welcome New Author, ‘Eugenea Couture’ And Her New Book “Adoption Not An Option” To My Blog Today

Welcome Friends, Readers, and New Visitors,

I’m very happy and excited¬†to have as my ‘Guest Author’ today¬†my new friend,¬†“Eugenea Couture” and her new book titled,
“Adoption Not An Option”¬†¬†(A M√©tis Woman Torn from her Family and her 40 year Battle to Find Them Again)

Now available on Amazon:
Also available here below:
Adoption Not An Option
Adoption Not An Option
CAD $19.95 Approximately  USD $19.35
Eugenea and I met through the social media site LinkedIn, and I went to explore her wonderful website at:
After I read¬†more about her and¬†her book, I said to myself,¬†“I have to invite her to be a¬†‘Special Guest Author’ on my blog, and¬†to shine a light on her ‘Passion’ about adoption, the foster care system, and her longing to find lost family. I can relate to her story, as my best friend Debbie, who I grew up with was also adopted. When¬†she got older, she too¬†wanted to find her birth mother, but got nowhere. I can not imagine having that¬†longing and never being able to find who your birth mom.
Here is a little more about Eugenea Couture, and her book that I can not wait to order and read myself.


Eugenea Couture is a mother of four and a native of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. At age four, she was forced into the foster care system in southern Alberta. Her story is a powerful journey that takes the reader through a cycle of four generations. Beginning with her great grandmother, a Metis woman, who endures the pain of her daughter losing the custodial rights of her children. This begins a cycle as her grandchildren and great grandchildren become adults. Eugenea is in the third generation and faces a life of foster care that ultimately causes her to suffer sexual, physical, mental abuse and an identity crisis as she moved eleven times.

As an adult, she moved back to the west coast where she settled down to raise her children and reunite with her biological family so they could mend their broken relationships. While Eugenea is raising her four children she is determined to never lose her kids as her mother and grandmother had done in the past.

Her search for her adoptive brother becomes her greatest quest. During the forty years of separation from her brother, she builds up an inner strength by unlocking the secrets of her past, understanding the generational patterns of guilt and shame, and developing her own techniques to restore the bonds of her fragmented family.

As a writer, advocate, and mother, she is passionate about sharing her story of pain, and joy. It is her gift to give back hope, compassion, and light to a dark path. She reveals the signs of abuse and prepares our youth of today to stand for their rights especially if they are at the mercy of strangers. She has written her memoirs to help children, teens and young moms that are seeking direction. In narrating her incredible personal journey, Eugenea shares many positive tools for others to locate and reunite their family members, even when all hope seems lost.

Adoption Not An Option
Adoption Not An Option

“As a young girl growing up in the foster care system, Eugenea burns with desire to reclaim her identity by finding the family she has lost. As a mother of four, she becomes determined never to lose her own children as her mother and grandmother had before her. In¬†her teenage years she began to brainstorm for ways to¬†bring her family back together. Her optimism and determination empower Eugenea to fight all odds in order for her to end the 40 year battle and reunite¬†her family.”

Here is what others are talking about of Eugenea and her book:

“Eugenea reveals her childhood journey in foster care. During her crusade, she¬†moves from home to home but is determined to find her long-lost family members. As a mother of four, Eugenea has an enormous will to safeguard her children and find her roots. Her story provides a window into the emotional odyssey to reunite with the family that she loved so long ago. She looks back at her family’s tumultuous path through the generations, and shows how to move through the mistakes of the past towards a positive future.”

Don Kendall, Group Publisher, Black Press

“Love, ¬†strength, and ¬†the bonds ¬†of ¬†family, are ¬†the ¬†main ¬†themes of ¬†Eugenea’s¬†moving story. This book takes an intimate look into how a broken family started¬†putting the pieces back together; and shows others can do the same.”¬†
Rolf Schrader, M.A., psychotherapists

“A powerful story about losing and finding your family, Eugenea takes us along her ¬†journey ¬†to ¬†reunite ¬†with ¬†her ¬†loved ¬†ones ¬†and ¬†reclaim ¬†her ¬†identity: ¬†An¬†inspirational book for anyone looking for lost family members or simply looking¬†
to reconnect with those already in their life.”
Kyle Green, Motivational Public Speaker for Mortgage Alliance 
So what more can I say about my friend and¬†fellow new author? I myself can not imagine going through all of what¬†this woman has been through.¬†We are a bit of ‘Kindred Spirits,’ ¬†as we both endured¬†childhood trauma and abuse. I know she will continue to be a strong advocate for those who feel lost and alone.
So brave of her to share her personal story, as many others who go through adoption & the foster care systems as they lose their true families, but know they are not alone in this. That others like them, and like Eugenea can have a voice. She has done this through her book and her website & blog.
I urge you to visit her site at:
You can connect with her through her Fabulous Facebook page:
On Twitter @EugeneaCouture ..
So I want to say, “Thank You¬†Eugenea” for letting me share you¬†with all of my friends, readers, & visitors,¬†and I wish her much happiness and success with her new¬†book. And as always, let her know you seen her Fabulous Guest Spotlight on Author, Cat Lyon’s media blog!
Much Happiness & Blessings,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon




“It’s My Pleasure And Honor To Welcome Author, Cate Stevens & Founder Of Addictionland & Her New Book”

Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, and All New Visitors,


I’m so honored and happy to introduce to all my readers, recovery friends & supporters¬†to a wonderful¬†friend of mine,¬†Author, Cate Stevens.
She is the founder of the ‘Best Addiction & Recovery Website’ in cyber-space with¬†helpful information about all types of addictions on her website Addictionland. She was the very first high-profile addiction specialist¬†who offered¬†me to be a ‘Guest Expert Blogger for Gambling Addiction’ ¬†for the whole¬†month of October, 2013¬†on her fantastic website!
I never told her that just being on her website had opened so many other media doors for me since then. People began to see that I was very serious about my¬†7+ years¬†in¬†recovery,¬†believed in¬†my mission & life purpose and¬†¬†“Message Of Hope” to other addicts¬†who are still¬†suffering. Those addicted gamblers being held hostage on the cunning¬†‘Cycle’ of Compulsive Addicted Gambling.
Since being an expert on her site I have been invited to guest speak on many radio shows, done several guest interviews, and a few articles done about my own personal hell that I went through with addicted gambling & alcohol. And much of that is a big thanks to Cate for allowing me to be an expert on her site ADDICTIONLAND ~
Cate Stevens
Cate Stevens 
Now let us meet this *Fabulous* woman to find out more of how she helps others in recovery, a little more about her, and her new fantastic book titled, what else?  ADDICTIONLAND!


Cate Stevens. Founder of, has over fifteen years of recovery from food, drug, alcohol, cigarette and unhealthy relationship addiction. Cate’s approach to recovery is based on the 12 steps, as well the practice of spiritual principles, exercise, good nutrition, and meditation. Cate’s personal, ongoing recovery process has benefited tremendously from the free sponsorship of other women.

Cate has successfully coached hundreds of women to develop specific, daily action plans to support their personal and professional goals. Cate majored in journalism and communications and is the author of “Addictionland: Key Lessons from My Rollercoaster Ride to Freedom from Food, Drug, Alcohol, Cigarette and Unhealthy Relationship Addiction”, a series of powerful vignettes.

As a motivational speaker, educator and coach, Cate is highly effective and inspirational. Cate leverages her experience from premier sales, management and leadership training programs to teach her clients how to be sober, productive and fulfilled.


Addictionland is a memoir about an upper middle-class girl voted best looking and most likely to succeed who develops and overcomes multiple, life-threatening addictions. Addicts struggling to get help because of the stigma of addiction will connect to these powerful vignettes.


I know the need to take the edge off.  Things will never get better. Things will always be the same.  This is as good as it gets.

I know the self-talk.  I can stop whenever I want.  I’m not as bad as everyone else.  I don’t use every day. I have a job. I have a family.

I know the attempts to control.  I will cut down. I will cut back.  I will do less.

I know the impossible promises to keep. This will be the last time.  This will be the last one.  Never again, this is it!

I know the puzzled looks from family and strangers. Do they know what I am hiding? Are they watching? Can they tell? I know how it feels to be disconnected from your goodness.

I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin.  I know the sound of hateful words as they crash against your skull.  You are a loser.  You are an embarrassment. You don’t deserve.

I know what it’s like to be dragged around by a craving. I know what it’s like to expect the worst. I know what it is like to have your dreams plucked out one eye lash at a time.  My life is a nightmare. I will never be normal.  I will never be happy.   I know your pain.  I know your addiction.

I know a way out…

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Addictionland welcomes all types of addicts, professionals, therapeutic resources and recovery paths.¬† Addictionland’s main purpose is to offer its members a place to blog/discuss on any topic on their mind without facing judgment or unwanted personal exposure.¬† Addictionland is a place to share secrets, express pain, ask questions, seek solutions and connect with other recovering people and/or professionals.
Use Addictionland’s blog or discussion boards to identify the haunting thoughts which hold you back from the life you want.  A miracle of healing is experienced when the truth comes to light.  I know this because for years I suffered in silence from multiple life-threatening addictions. The  stigma of addiction prevented me from speaking honestly and asking for help. I wanted to change my life, but I didn’t have the education on my disease that A&E’s Intervention or the Internet provides.
It took a drug and alcohol-induced seizure to convince me I couldn’t beat my addiction alone.  I credit my personal transformation to the community of people I met in the rooms who led me by example, and to the array of outside professionals (therapists, coaches, advisors) who offered me additional forms of treatment.
Today, I have over a decade of rock solid recovery and I enjoy my life as a mother, wife, friend, and co-worker/volunteer. I never imagined how my life experience would benefit the life of other addicts or their families. You, too, have experience, strength and hope that can change the lives of many people, including your own. Let Addictionland be your bridge to freedom and insight.  From the bottom of my heart, I hope to hear from you soon and I thank you for your contribution.


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I’m Happy & Honored to Welcome My Guest Author And Friend, “Gerald G Griffin” To My Blog!

Hello And Welcome Readers And New Friends,

One of the wonderful things about Social Media is you meet some really nice people, and that is where I met my guest author, Gerald G Griffin.
We met on LinkedIn, as we are both in the same group, ‘Author & Book Reviews.” So never underestimate the power of networking through social media sites…

I asked Gerald if I could share a little about him, and his books to all of my friends and readers here! And so it’s my honor to share his most recent book titled; “Of Good And Evil.” He has a few other books available on Amazon as well, but I have heard good things of this book. And of course all the outstanding Amazon reviews don’t lie.

I have gone to GoodReads and added his book to my “Want To Read” bookshelf, and as soon as I get it read? I’ll do a follow-up post to share my own Review. But I have heard the Buzz, and read the reviews on both Amazon and GoodReads, and they are fantastic! But before I share the a little¬†bit about his current book,¬† just who is Gerald G Griffin?¬† Well lets find out shall we?

Gerald G. Griffin

Gerald  G. Griffin
Author, Gerald G. Griffin

A native of Flint, Michigan, Gerald Griffin wrote his first short book of fiction while in the 9th grade. Ever since then he has felt compelled to write — his style reminiscent of Frederick Forsythe, with a dash of Damon Runyon and Tom Clancy.

He received his Ph.D. in psychology from Michigan State University and set up practice as a consulting psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia — though unable to resist writing part-time as his busy practice permitted.
Following several years of private practice, his two sons grown and away, Gerald eased into writing full-time — non-fiction, fiction, and ghost writing, first turning out the published non-fiction work, THE SILENT MISERY — WHY MARRIAGES FAIL. This was followed by his three published novels, THE CORRUPTORS, THE DEATH DISCIPLE, and THE LAST COMING, this last novel written in collaboration with Robin Moore. After this came his published non-fiction ghost writing works, TRAPPED IN THE LAWYERS’ DEN WITH BLOODSUCKERS and GBI AGENT.
A nature lover, he relocated from Atlanta to the lake scenery of Gainesville, Georgia. He lives in a quaint home, high on a hill, surrounded by inspiring forest foliage not far from the waters of Sidney Lake Lanier; the forest floor a protective canopy for the passing deer. In this setting, Gerald wrote the novel OF GOOD AND EVIL, followed by its sequel A TIME OF RECKONING.
Nancy Cline, a member of MENSA, said in review of Gerald’s writings: “In this age, yes, there is a nobility of spirit and the courage to preserve and to protect that nobility. In the field of fiction we have men of great stature… To that list add the name of Gerald Griffin…”
Gerald is a member of International Thriller Writers (ITW). While in practice in Atlanta he was listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, Personalities of America and Notable Americans.
*Here are a couple of GoodReads Reviews, and¬†one place you can find and connect with the Author, Gerald G. Griffin, as he is¬†in the ‘Author Program on GoodReads!¬†

Review ~ GoodReads  Rick F. rated it 5 of 5 stars

In creating the character of Ron Sheffield, Gerald Griffin has proven himself to be a writer of extraordinary skills. Of Good and Evil is a novel that is so finely written, so well plotted and paced that the reader is immediately drawn into the book from the first page. Mr. Giffin, in able to use mere words to introduce the reader to Ron Sheffield is nothing short of breath-taking it is not often that a writer can make so complex a character, a person with such internal torments and external gifts, resonate so perfectly with a plot nad locations that keep the reader glued to the book from start to finish.
Highest recommendation.
GoodReads Review ~ Starr Reina 

‚ÄúOf Good and Evil‚ÄĚ by Gerald G. Griffin: ‚ÄúOf Good and Evil‚ÄĚ by Gerald G. Griffin:A quick pace and an intriguing, action-packed story are what Gerald G. Griffin delivers in this no-nonsense, timely novel.Trained as a Green Beret but born with unique, almost paranormal abilities, Ron Sheffield carries with him guilt for being the lone survivor of his squad during a mission. Which mission puts into his possession documents the government wishes he’d never seen and tries to kill him for.
He meets Amber Ash while recovering from a severe beating and gunshot wounds, compliments of the Mafia. It is soon discovered Ash has the same special powers as he and together they hunt down evil for the sake of good.But one evil…one major threat against the United States may just be the incident that Sheffield and Ash cannot survive, which means the death of millions of others as well. Will Sheffield be able to stop the terrorists and keep Ash and many other innocent people alive?
An absolute must read! It’s not your typical fight between good and evil and the suspense will grab a hold of you and keep you turning the pages.Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of ‚ÄúDeadly Decisions‚ÄĚ for Suspense Magazine…

*Now as I said, Reviews have been¬†fantastic, so here are a couple of what ‘Amazon Readers’ had to say about Gerald’s book*…

Amazon Review ~ April 19, 2014 By: Tarzana Kid…

Well!¬†¬†If Ron Sheffield don’t get you, his woman Amber Ash will.
I’m not going to rehash the plot because other have done that bit. However, I found this a well-balanced and constructed thriller with a slight touch of the paranormal. It is written in an easy-to-read style and whilst obviously an American tale, it doesn’t leave the poor English reader thinking “what was all that about, then?” -as some US writers do.

It will appeal to fans of Lee Child, Stephen Leather & possibly David Baldacci. I have no doubt Griffin will further mould the redoubtable Ron Sheffield into a more rounded character undergoing deeper personal challenges other than contract killing and loving the mysteriously sensual Amber Ash. Sheffield has demons from his military passed to conquer and these resurrect at awkward times to plague his conscience and cloud his judgement and cold killing efficiency.
Mr. Griffin’s experience in the world of psychology will enable him to exploit this facet of Sheffield’s vulnerability in future sequels. Thankfully the reader will be pleased to know that Sheffield’s victims are thorough ‘bad guys. Sheffield’s feet are kept firmly planted by the equally gifted Amber Ash who ensures his physical needs are fulfilled whilst also providing intuitive help in tracking transcendentally his opponents’ moves.
The climax in tackling the bad guys on a crowded Atlanta street is masterfully done.
‘Nuff said – buy it!
*And here is one more Amazon¬†5 Star Review*…

Amazon Review ~ “Of Good And Evil” Feb 2014
“Of Good and Evil” by Gerald G. Griffin is a fascinating suspense thriller with a story that captivates the reader from the very first sentence. It is a story about an ex-Green Beret soldier, Ron Sheffield, who owing to his supernatural and telepathic gifts was the only survivor on a mission in the Middle East. When he realizes that his discharge from the military was due to his possession of Iraqi secret documents, he sought revenge and eventually became a well qualified hit man working for the mob. Multiple plots follow in an almost rhythmic pattern of equation: ‚Äúaction minus evil equals good.‚ÄĚ Ron battles government cell, Mafia, secret society and at the end is confronted with the imminent nuclear obliteration of a city by a terrorist cell.

The book is also a captivating story of true love between a man and a woman, Ron Sheffield and Amber Ash, who possesses abilities similar to Ron‚Äôs. It’s the kind of romance that women can only dream about ‚Äď the gravitational pull between two souls who genuinely love each other and so intensely. It gives a refreshing balance between Ron’s justified-in-his-mind killings and Amber’s sweet love ‚Äď a mesmerizing combination that would keep any woman captivated.

Gerald G. Griffin is an intriguing, galvanizing, even a bewitching writer. The story hypnotically trapped me inside the pages as they turned quickly at the speed of the story line. It is action-filled, full of vivid characters, and intriguing happenstance. The book leads the reader to get involved in the never-ending question of how good and evil are perceived by the society, by various groups and by each individual and how they justify their actions. The author ingeniously plays tricks on the reader’s psyche as it debates the points of reason. Several times the story introduced the concept of violently eliminating the bad as a good deed, and I found myself questioning my own rationalism.
All-in-all, it is a magnetic read!

-Reviewed by Olga Gladky Verro, Editor of Voices From The Past by Orest M. Gladky…
*Here is where you can click & purchase a copy of¬†¬†“Of Good And Evil”¬† for yourself*

*Now like many writers and authors, we like to share and continue or stories, or share other places you can find our work through our ‘Author Websites & Blogs’ and Gerald has done the same. His beautiful “Author Bio and Website for his book can be visited here;¬†¬† & his Blog as well here, —¬†Here is a sample, and a little more about Gerald’s blog and one of my favorite blog posts of his*…

Gerald G. Griffin

Gerald G. Griffin
Visit the Official Website ~ Author Website


Recently, while reading a blog comment on a sheet of paper, a devoted but perplexed friend of mine, Sue, approached me and stated:

“For gosh sakes, when’s your next posting? Don’t you know bloggers are supposed to post every week…or at least once a month.”

I gazed up at her with¬†a vague look. “Really?”

“Yes, really. And you haven’t posted for over four months, leaving me hanging! I so enjoyed your last fascinating and eye-opening post and have been eagerly anticipating your next one. But after four months — NOTHING?!”

My vague look dwindled. I sighed. “Easy. Sorry, I’ve been quite busy.”

“So busy as to ignore your blog — your followers,” she reprimanded, frowning. “Some darn blogger you are!”

I returned her frown. “For heavens sake, don’t be so critical. I’ve been too pressed finishing my screenplay for OF GOOD AND EVIL to write a new blog post.”

“No excuses. Unacceptable. A blogger blogs –regardless!”

My frown deepened. “Boy, you give no quarter, do you?”

“Not on this!” Sue was adamant.

“Just out of the blue, what do you expect me to post?”

“Anything! Right now, I’d settle for…for…You mentioned your screenplay. How about something on that?”

My frown eased into a profound expression. “Okay, you want screenplay, you get screenplay. But before beginning, you must understand that for the mind a novel is more internal and meditative, where a movie is more external and visually expressive. I learned that in spades doing the screenplay; really learned the difference between a movie and the book it’s based upon”

Sue’s lovely features suddenly sparkled. “Now you’re talking!” she exclaimed, excited. “What did you learn?…Did you have any help with your screenplay?…”

“Actually, the initial screenplay drafts were written by a movie script pro working with my film representative. Then all corrections and changes in their script — plenty of them, no mean task, I can tell you — were left for me to make, this becoming the final draft.”

“I take it that was a problem,” Sue said, a sympathetic tone.

“At first, yes. A big problem. You see, the screen script they gave me was limited in scope compared to the novel. At one point it even lost me.”

“That lousy?!”she shuddered.

“No, no. The screen script was amazing in its own right — still captivating…moving with graphic lure…sticking to the gist of the storyline. But for me the problem was that the perfect resonance between the characters and the plot in the novel was choppy and abrupt in the screen draft; this, as I discovered, dictated by the constraints of movie reality.”

“Oh, my.”

“Oh, my, indeed! Some major scenes in the book…some minor characters…had to be cut, as well as some essential character threads, nuances and developments, sort of deleting part of the book’s soul. I tried as best I could to restore this soul; restore what I felt was needed for plot cohesion, but I couldn’t completely.¬†I had no choice but to compromise for the movie’s sake else the screen script would be too long. The script I ended up with would be two hours of movie as it was.”

Sue stared at me in alarm. “Will the book’s magnificence be lost in the movie?” she asked, a certain sadness in her tone.

“My film representative certainly doesn’t think so. When I presented the final corrected screen script to her, and after she read it, she replied to me, and I quote:

“Griff, YOU ARE AMAZING! THE SCRIPT LOOKS AND READS as in PERFECT! I AM YELLING THIS OUT OF PURE JOY AND DELIGHT! God only knows what they will do when we actually send it out….Thank you so much for helping us to fix your script. It was a biggie because you are a Giant as in…a really good soul. I am honored to know you and to work with such a sweet, kind and understanding spirit as you. I am blessed.”

Hearing this, Sue seemed transfixed, for a moment¬†becoming strangely still. Then she pursed her lips, then spoke in a quiet voice. “I have a feeling about your script. A spiritual one.”

“Spiritual? I’d settle for good timing and good luck.”

“No, I don’t think you’ll need so much of that with this movie,” she said, more energy now in her voice. “If what your film representative says about your screen script is true, the movie will automatically achieve its own unique magnificence. I just FEEL it!”

“Wow, you’re really into this.”

“You bet I am. Now!” Sue’s dark eyes were flaming with spirit. “Besides what you’ve heard from your script pro and your representative, what have others said about the possibility of your movie?”

“Well, for an inkling, read this.” I handed Sue the sheet of paper I had been reading when she arrived. On it was commentary from Leigh Savage. Standing in for me, Leigh had answered as if she were me to a question directed to myself by a reader on her blog ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of Leigh’s author interview with me on my novel.

Engrossed, her eyes glittering with amazement, Sue began reading Leigh’s commentary:

“Vickie, thank you for your question. This is Gerald’s answer. ‘I feel very close to the military. Many on both sides of my family have served in the U.S. Military, as well as close friends, a couple in Special Forces. In addition, while a psychologist in private practice, I had in psychotherapy several returning¬†military veterans having difficulty adjusting to normal society because of continuing combat trauma.
I was presented first hand what they unhappily endured, as though I was with them in combat. This background with the military –very close to my heart, in addition to the 9/11 attacks¬†and other factors of national security, are what prompted me to write the story of my novel. This type of storyline in OF GOOD AND EVIL, with some of the same characters, is continued in the novel’s sequel. In spite of my novel OF GOOD AND EVIL receiving powerful reviews and presently being explored for the screen, it is lacking in sales one would expect from such a powerful book. It is ironic and unfortunate that it may take a movie to bring this captivating novel to a¬†broader range of readers and the literary world. Whatever can be done to spread the word of the novel, before a possible movie is made upon it, would be a great contribution to that world.’ ”

When finished reading, Sue immediately gave¬†me a¬†resolute look. “We’ve¬†got to get busy on this.¬†Never mind the¬†blog posting!”

*So in closing, I have to say to my new friend and fellow author, Gerald….. I have to agree with “Sue”, you need to get to your blog buddy and blog post more often for your readers and book fans!…LOL!
I hope you all enjoyed my guest author today, and here are a few more places you can connect with, Author Gerald G. Griffin. What an honor to be able to share such an established author and writer her on my blog today. I hope you’ll go grab a copy of his book and let me know what YOU thought in my comment section her on my blog. I want to THANK Gerald for letting me have the pleasure of sharing him with all my Supportive and Fabulous readers and friends*

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