Wishing You All A Very Merry & Blessed Christmas With A Guest Poem Of HOPE

Hello and Merry Christmas Readers, Clients and Friends,



A very special guest poet and beautiful Christmas Poem by, Keith Garrett.
I wanted to share it here with all who visit, so you can “Feel The HOPE” that I felt when I read this very special poem. . . .


y,  Keith Garrett Poetry

I Imagined I was awake and this aging world had changed,

Asleep and dreaming was this man, listen to what is seen.

Just suppose all mankind was with peace, my mind sees,

No wars to conquer, not a child would have to die.

Anger and hatred put aside, not a bomb to drop on any side,

All home for Christmas, loved ones together everywhere.

No colors of difference, all are of human flesh and blood,

Violence and crime are a thing of the past, do you see.

As I sleep, watch me while I dream, Imagine,

Hand in hand across the land, give of yourself what you can.

Evil and corruption destroyed from above, dream with me,

Christmas dreams live inside many a heart, love conquers.

The world holds much beauty but covered with doubt and fear,

My dreams are told, did you listen with an ear, did you see,

Pray for mankind, share in my Christmas dreams.

Keith Garrett


A very Merry and Blessed Christmas Everyone,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon of  Lyon Book Promotions

Children’s Author James Martinez Has You Covered For Last Minute Gifts For Christmas!

Hello & Welcome Readers ~ Merry Christmas & Holiday Season*


“Now if your needing some last minute gifts or holiday books to entertain the kids for the long holiday weekend? Then Award-Winning Author, James S Martinez of Helping Tales Publishers has you covered!”

Here is his brand new release titled,  The Final Pet Stop: (Patches The Dog)  ..

About The Book:
This book is for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet. The Final Pet Stop explores the question: “Is there a place that all pets go on that final day?” Follow along with Patches the dog and his friends in this heartfelt and lyrical tale as they give us a glimpse into the wonderful place known as “The Final Pet Stop.”
The book is beautifully illustrated and has a sure way of reaching children going through a time of grief. This new work comes from the creators of Patches’ Awesome Day, Diamonds in the Ruff, The Most Incredible Journey: A Pibble’s Path and the award-winning The Dinosaur’s New Shoes.

About The Children’s Author:

James S. Martinez was born in December of 1963 on Ramey, AFB in Puerto Rico. He attended Kent State University and was awarded an MS in Biomedical Sciences in 2001.

He has been an avid reader and dedicated volunteer for many years and believes wholeheartedly that “One person can make a difference”. It’s with this belief in mind that he and co-founder Timothy T. Civick, created Helping Tales Publishers.

PLEASE visit his Amazon Author Page & Array of Books and to read his full bio or even visit his publishing website as well: Help Tales Publishers

Just a few more books from James and Helping Tales!

Product Details    Product Details   Product Details
Now when you purchase any of these adorable books? You are also “giving back” as James proceeds are donated to many animal rescue and many other fine organizations. Helping Tales understands there are many folks who want to make difference in our world but may not know how.
Here is a way to accomplish this goal when buying these fantastic books for your kids.

They not only entertain them, but help teach kids to read in a fun way and learn a little life lesson along the way! What more could you ask for?

So from James and Tim of Helping Tales, and from Lyon Book Promotions, “We Wish You All a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas!” . . .