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It seems as of late, I have been hired by many authors abroad in different countries to help them with sharing and promoting their books here in the USA. And my dear friend Mette Mouritsen is no different. She lives and works in Denmark. And yes, she is my first client from Denmark. I have had the pleasure to help promote books live in the UK, The Seychelles, Brazil, Scottland, and Thailand, other than here in the US.

It has been a blessing and honor to do so as they all are fantastic writers and authors! Mette has written and published several more books, but her new book is being sold on both Amazon and Balboa Press Books titled; Mindful Medicine: An Inspirational Book on Awakening and Conscious Health. 



In Mindful Medicine, author, physician, and psychotherapist Mette Mouritsen shares her own story of spiritual awakening in order to provide a holistic understanding of the body together with a practical approach. It is primarily based on her own experiences and stories, and it represents a paradigm shift in thinking about the human as a coherent energetic body in a coherent energetic system; it shows instead how symptoms are messages to be understood and not necessarily enemies that must be removed, and it is Mouritsen’s hope that we can transform difficult and common human emotions when we are sick into life-affirming messages that promote our health and well-being.

Editorial Reviews:

¬†¬†“Raw honesty and empathy are consistently on display in the case stories ‚Ķ a very professionally presented, mindful approach to healing that will give guidance and hope to readers.”
~Helle Brisson, MA

“Rather than looking at another person through a learned medical, psychological, and mostly fixed lens, she invites us to stand right at the edge‚ÄĒto explore the other person‚Äôs psychological and physiological landscape as totally unknown ground, as deeply unique, in attempt to find meaning and to support what might be called for in the symptom of pain and suffering. Touching and being touched by many hearts, Mette guides us in consciousness. What a gift!”
~Ameyo Katharina Barfred-Dixon, Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor in Denmark, Sweden, and England.


So I asked Mette to answer a few questions for us so we can learn more about WHO she is and about being an author and writer in helping many find answers within a more healthy and holistic approach and away from conventional medicine. Our bodies are amazing healing benefactors and Mette has learned by herself just how amazing our bodies heal as she shares this with us in her new book! I am half done reading it myself and can tell you it has been eye-opening and informative thus far.

What I know about Mette Mouritsen is she a physician, psychotherapist, and mindfulness instructor, and she uses her comprehensive skills in an integrative way to heal her patients. Since her spiritual awakening in 2010, she started to write and is now the author of six books and now her new release. She also lectures and features workshops for others so you can book her for workshops as well by Email her below Contact  for booking.

Here is more about her and my interview with her which will also be featured on! 


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Interview With Dr. Mette Mouritsen, Author

1. When did realize that you wanted to be an author?
I did not see myself as an author until recently. I just had a great urge to write after my sudden shift in consciousness, and it seemed very natural to write and share my knowledge. My first book was meant as an urgent support for the psychiatric patients  I had met on the psychiatric ward in order to make the professional caretakers aware of how it was to be a patient. The following books came one after the other inspired by my  continuously work as a doctor and my new perspective on diseases.

2. How long does it take for you to write one of your books?
One of the books was written in two weeks, I was very inspired.  After writing it I spend months on 
modifying the sentences in order to make the messages as clear as possible.  I have written and publishing  one book every  year. One year I did two books.
3. How do you balance your work schedule when you’re busy writing?  
Since I started writing more  regularly I have  changed job position, from having daily work on my own clinic to a work as a doctor on duty where it is more easy to schedule my time and to work less, just what is needed for daily living. 
When I am busy writing I forget time.  My stomach calls for brakes and of course my family and other important things. I can wake up very early in the morning and start writing.
4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? 
I play with the original meaning of the words, which may changes the perspective of the topic to the reader. Also I often understand a topic from different perspectives and I am able to present these different perspective  to the reader to open their eyes for other ways of 
5. How do you come up with ideas for your books?  
I get inspired by listening to patients and people I meet. Also I get inspired when sitting in silence every morning and when walking in silence in nature. Sometimes I get an idea and then it just flows from my hands very easy. Other times I get an idea and  write someting and  walk away and return and continue or changes some of it.

6. When did you write your first book? In 2012 
7. What are your hobbies when you’re not writing?  
Walking and running and staying in nature. Travelling, Meeting  friends, dancing, photographing. 
8. What do your family and close friends think of your writing?
My children don’t see me as an author, they still see me as a mom and doctor.  My old mom at 86 
years is the only one that comments on my books, she likes them and says I am good at writing. She asks why I don’t write romans and Novels, since this is what she usually reads, and she reads a lot.

9. What was one of the most interesting things that you learned about yourself when you published your first book?
The way I had lost my self  through my way of living and working.  How much I loved my family and how difficult it was for me to express it by words.


10. How many books have you written? Which one is your favorite?
I have written six books in Danish, three of them I have translated into English so in fact it is 9 books. ¬†My latest book ‚Äú Mindful Medicine‚ÄĚ is my¬†

11. What do you think makes a good story?
Well it depends on the type of book. I like fantasy books like Harry Potter but I also like  poetry and authenticity. I like when I sense the passion behind the words.

12. Where do you like to kick back and write your books?  
In silence in nature or  sitting by a window being able to look out into the sky, the see or  trees in nature.  Also I get inspired by sitting quietly listening to other people, but I can’t write  when staying together with other people, I may make some notes though.


Please visit Mette on her blog here:
As she many helpful blog posts and connect with her on Social media below.
I thank her for allowing me to share her and her new book with all of you!
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I Welcome Author, Don St John and Wife Diane St John~His Book, Healing The Wounds of Childhood.

Hello and Welcome Readers and Friends,

I have a special treat interview and great written book by Author, Don St John, Ph.D.

Don and his wife Diane have been teaching, coaching, counseling, and guiding wellness paths for many together for over 25 years. Their website,¬†“Paths of Connection”¬† is a must visit for a list of upcoming workshops they enjoy putting on to others learn more about well-being and wholeness. They ARE known as, “The Frontiers of Well-Being” thanks to Don and his Best-Selling book; ¬†Healing the Wounds of Childhood: A psychologist‚Äôs journey and discoveries from wretched beginnings to a thriving life¬†. ¬†. ¬†. ¬†.



About Don’s Book:

This is a groundbreaking book. Throughout his infancy and childhood, the author suffered severe physical and emotional abuse. He shares his personal journey and the disciplines, treatments, and practices that enabled him to overcome the effects of severe maltreatment.

He studied as a professional each of these disciplines and treatments that helped him as a patient. Along the way Dr. St John had some life-altering insights, such as:

-‚ÄúNormal‚ÄĚ is not nearly good enough.

-We have all been wounded to some degree or other.

-Most of us can increase our ability to receive and absorb love.

-We can enjoy more life-giving love connections.

-We can improve our resilience, deal more effectively with stress, experience better health.

-We can expand our sense of who we are. -Because our bodies are mostly water, we can heal the deepest wounds to our psyche and go beyond what we can even imagine.

To make such changes we must address ourselves as a whole, which means not only our psyches, our personalities, our belief structure, our relationship capacities, but the fluids, tissues, structure and movement of our bodies as well. We are whole organisms, not just bodies with a mind.

Healing the Wounds of Childhood tells the reader where to look if she wants to grow into her full potential for good health and beautiful intimate relationships. Most self-help books focus on one area such as the brain, or communication skills. Healing the Wounds of Childhood provides the big picture.

This alone would make this a unique book. However, the book is sprinkled with autobiographical material, lending a very human story to this holistic presentation.



About Don and Diane St John:

Don: Somatic-Relational Psychotherapy Relationship and Well-Being Tele-coaching

“I began my clinical training in 1967 and have been working since as a psychotherapist, relationship therapist and somatic therapist.

My interest over the past few years has been helping people realize how many more resources they have available within themselves, to learn to connect to those resources and strengths, plus learn to connect well with those they love. The only way to have any real idea of what I do is to invest in one session, after which you will know if it is right for you.”

Don studied Gestalt Therapy at the LA Gestalt Therapy Institute, and Neo-Reichian therapy with doctors Allan Darbonne and Jack Lee Rosenberg; the Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue Method with doctors Hal and Sidra Stone; Hakomi with Dr. Ron Kurtz; Coherence Therapy with Dr. Bruce Ecker; AEDP with Dr. Diana Fosha; and CIMS with Dr. Albert Sheldon and Beatriz Winstanley. I have taken immersion courses and core training in Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy.

He is a Trainer Emeritus in Hellerwork Structural Integration and certified in Somatic Experiencing (SE), the trauma work of Dr. Peter Levine. For 18 years, he has been practicing and now teaching Continuum Movement, developed by Emilie Conrad.

“My doctoral dissertation focused on the consequences of, and recovery from, relational maltreatment in early childhood.”

<     <     <     <     >

Diane: Wellness Counseling, Coaching, and Tele-Coaching

“In order to continue growing we need to feel safe, accepted and understood. I bring those qualities with firm, loving support. Together we access and develop your often hidden resources and strengths. The objective is to resolve words and trauma, feel less anxious or depressed and bring a greater sense of well-being into your life.

Are you looking for a body-focused and relational approach to allow the healing of past difficulties? Do you want to develop more relationship skills and capacities? Do you know you are capable of feeling more loving and feel more loved? Do you yearn to feel more spiritually connected? If your answer is yes, this work may be what you have been wanting.

I draw from many years of working with individuals and studying diverse body-oriented, movement and energetic systems. I am an authorized Continuum Movement Teacher, and I am certified in Somatic Experiencing (SE) ‚Äď the trauma work of Dr. Peter Levine as well as Hellerwork Structural Integration. I am experienced in the Psychology of Selves andVoice Dialogue and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy).

Currently, I am using EVOX as a system to assist in helping clients shift their perceptual views and understandings.”

Both Son and Diane are big into WHOLENESS EDUCATION,¬†so they put on workshops throughout the year to help those who attend tap into their full potential’s while receiving and bringing¬†peace and serenity into their lives. They have one coming up soon below, so make sure you visit their website for the¬†Full Details – March 2017 – Growing Into Wellness¬† . ¬†. ¬†. ¬†. ¬†.




Please join us for three days of coming together, learning as one, and departing with a greater understanding of our own connections. The fall workshop sold out early and before the end of Early Bird Special. Sign up now and make sure to join Don and Diane St. John in March 2017.

We are thrilled to host this workshop at Vitalize Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We are grateful for the assistance and coordination of Monica at or at (801-688-8962).



Don St. John, PhD., Author


Now I did happen to ask Don a few questions about his book and a wee bit more about him personally and here is what he offered up for us! LOL.

<    <     <      >

How did you decide to write a book and are you writing another?  
I wrote the book because I concluded that the distance I traveled from my early life (clearly on a trajectory of a miserable life and an early death) to how my life evolved and continues to evolve, was worth sharing. Especially, helping others know how I did it, what’s available to help and the subtle and not so subtle ways we are wounded in childhood, and how we are affected by those wounds in our entire organism.  I am not currently planning to write another book; if I did it would be called something like The Frontiers of Well-Being. Why? Because that is what I believe my wife and I are exploring.

Did you have any writing habits like where you liked writing, a certain setting, and did you write on the computer or by hand? 
I wrote on a computer, and since we moved to Salt Lake City, almost five years ago, I usually wrote in the late mornings either at my kitchen counter or at my desk.

How long did the first book take to write and why the topic of sharing your childhood?
I wrote my dissertation in 2004 on the topic of recovery from childhood trauma. I decided to convert it to a book, thinking it would take a couple of years. I soon realized that it was going to require starting from the beginning. Living in Seattle until 2012 where I had a full practice, plus teaching, plus many other commitments, it was a very slow process. When we moved in 2012 to SLC, I was able to complete it in three years.

You live in Salt Lake, UT, where were you born and raised? I was born and raised a short distance from New York City.

Are you in recovery from addiction? In my twenties, I¬†couldn‚Äôt make it through the evening without alcohol. I was on my way to being a serious problem drinker. Then, I discovered grass and switched immediately. In a way, I was addicted to misery. Marriages came and went! Then through a wide variety of healing practices‚ÄĒpsychotherapy, structural body work, movement work, seminars, spiritual practices, workshops (more than I could possibly name), the trajectory changed. I describe these in my book.

Do you have grown children and do you have grandkids? I have a grown step-daughter and two beautiful grandchildren ages 8 and 12. 

Favorite food? 
Lobster cooked in a tomato sauce; seared ahi salads; sushi.

What is your favorite book?
My all time favorite novel is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

What are some hobbies and interests you enjoy when not working or teaching?
Four years ago at age 69, I took up golf for the first time. You might say it’s an addiction. It’s not an easy game to play, especially when one starts at the age I did. Early this year my wife and I began taking ballroom dance lessons. Now we are studying salsa. 

Lastly, what is one thing about you the public won’t find or read about you that may surprise them? LOL.
Given the fact that my work is about open-hearted connections and fluid movement, they might be surprised to learn that between the ages of 9 and 15 my dream was to be a professional prizefighter.


“Geust Interview and Book Spotlight Presented By: Author/Columnist, Catherine Lyon & ¬†“Recovery Starts Here”¬†¬†