A Fathers Day Message To My Dad.

Many of you know that I live life in recovery. And you canย learn more about my testimony and story here on my recovery blog: https://catherinelyonaddictedtodimes.wordpress.com

There are many recovery authors out here who may or may not have the recovery support from our family. I am one of those people. So the pain is sometime hard to handle on holidays like these. We work through those issues within our recovery.
But, .ย  .ย  .ย  . it still doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less.
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Happy Fathers Day to all Dadsย Today!

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Isnโ€™t 9 1/2ย years aย long time to not talk to your Daughter? .ย  .ย  .


Dear Father,
Today these things you will know,

That Iโ€™m thinking of you today on thisย Fathers Day.

That I do love you even though you have no relationship with me.
That I know your another year older, as yourย 80 now,ย thatย doesnโ€™t give us much time to make amends.
That you hurt me by just cutting me out of your life for what reason?
That mom would be upset that you donโ€™t speak to me or your son Robert.
That you have a grandchild, Roberts son you donโ€™t bother to see or visit.
That even when I was riddled with addiction? You were 930 miles away,ย and you where not a part of that drama.

That a daughter can turn here life around and be a better woman in Recovery.
That I feel YOU should give me a 2nd chance like my Father in Heaven has.
That you never accepted me for WHO I AM TODAY.
That I have accomplished so many blessing in my Life and Recovery we could have celebrated together and SO MUCH MORE.

That the pain of not having you in my life has been unbearable all these years .ย  .ย  .ย  .

Your Loving Daughter Catherine
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