Welcome Author and Life Coach, Kaden James. A Master Writer of Self-Help, Welleness, and Personal Growth Books…

It’s not every day you meet a prolific and thought-provoking writer and author like my new friend, Kaden James. I have worked with authors through the years, but there is something truly special about Kaden. His writing style is not only fresh while inspiring others, but he has such an authentic and unique potetic feel to his words within what he writes and shares.

He is a sought after life and wellness coach and has transitioned this into writing amazing informative books for everyone to benefit from. He has had success at a young age as a singer songwriter with wisdom gained and stayed grounded and grateful. His passion is to write and with his caring nature, write books that will motivate and inspire others to reach for success while living their best life now!

Here now is more about him and more about his literary works. ~Cat

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Author and Life Coach Kaden James His New Book REFLEKT

Kaden James has been writing his whole life, from short stories and skits for childhood friends to blogs, novels and songs that have been featured on MTV, VH1 and Logo. He landed the theme song to two shows as well as many song placements within several television programs.

Also a successful model, Kaden had the privilege of working with brands like Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Coach, Neiman Marcus and others. Some thought it was a bad idea to leave this all behind, but his desire to help people and do inspired work was just too strong. He no longer wanted to sell expensive clothes and create a false image.

So he left it all, full of knowlede at the peak of his career, to write a novel and do the inner work needed to heal himself from the inside out. This work he shares on his personal blog, the one kept here, in hopes of inspiring others to live a meaningful life.

Born in Hayward, CA., raised in a small town in Idaho, he faced significant challenges. He was bullied to the point of deep depression, endured physical abuse and even homelessness. He learned from every struggle he encountered, holding onto a deep belief that things would change for the better if he worked hard and continued to dream, and knew that if he helped others along the way there was no limit to what he could achieve.

Kaden now continues to show people how they to can overcome the struggles live can bring, overcome obstacles, and achieve real success you are meant to have. When he’s not writing or working, Kaden enjoys nature and the outdoors, hiking, fitness, reading and resides in Los Angeles, CA. You can visit his Official Website to learn more about his Life & Wellness Coaching here: Website.

Author and Writer Kaden James on Amazon

Author Interview With Kaden James By Book Goodies

About Kaden James:
Kaden James is a critically acclaimed writer and author of several literary works including; “The Daily Playbook” and “REFLEKT,” both available on Amazon online. Kaden always had a zest for life. After having a difficult childhood he studied the most highly successful people he came across and applied their methods and helped others reach their dreams. Through his learning, he came to understand that real success is feeling good about who you are and what you do. Born in California, Kaden was moved to a small town in Idaho at the age of ten, he came from humble beginnings, was focused, and grounded at a young age. He made his way to Los Angeles after graduating early to pursue his dreams.

As the author says, “It’s not about where you come from, what you have, or what you have done, life is about who you become.”

When arriving in Los Angeles, Kaden became a rising star as a singer-songwriter. Frequently featured on MTV, he recorded music for MTV’s ‘The Real World’ and writing and performing the theme song to both ‘The A-List: New York and Dallas.’ He enjoyed the music ride but was maturing in a new direction and had more he wanted to share.

Since fitness and living a clean, healthy lifestyle are some of his passions, in 2017, he began studying with “Robbins-Madanes Training,” (the official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins). He became certified as a life & wellness coach with Expert Rating. He began writing unique self-help motivational books and started his life coaching business. With the gained wisdom and the thirst to help others, his coaching business took off. He continues to be an Instagram Star and influencer as he shares his coaching tips for all, and advice through poetic thoughts and inspiring words to reflect on.

When the author is not writing or coaching clients, he enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, working out, cooking, and reading. His favorite authors are Gary Zukav, Brené Brown and Marianne Williamson, to name a few. Kaden resides in Los Angeles, CA. Keep an eye on this author as his Star is still Rising and Shining Bright.


What inspires you to write?

I feel like inspiration just strikes like lightning for me but whenever it hits I make sure to take action. For instance my sci-fi series “Flawed” hit while I was sitting at the beach on a cliff in Malibu. The story was so powerful and then as I wrote I felt energy rushing through me, as if in my veins.

What authors do you read when you aren’t writing?

I love a lot of self help authors like Marianne Willaimson, Gary Zukav, Brene Brown, Abraham Hicks, Jen Sincero, and Eckhart Tolle.

Tell us about your writing process.

I sit down, take a breath and write. There’s not a whole process to it but I do like to listen to soft film scores and sometimes I’ll light a candle. It really feels like a process of listening to what my spirit wants to say.

For Fiction Writers: Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?

I don’t listen as much as I get so deeply inside their minds that I feel as though I am them. I experience their world through their eyes, or at least with my main characters.

What advice would you give other writers?

Fully embrace the experience. Enjoy every part of it that you can. Have fun with the character developement, dialogue, outlines, the artwork design, the marketing, the more you enjoy it the better it will be. Also if you don’t enjoy an aspect typically then find creative ways to make it pleasurable. It’s not just about getting the NYT Bestseller, enjoy the whole process, later you’ll wish you had savored it more.

How did you decide how to publish your books?

It’s always a personal decision with each book. I really meditate and go to that quiet place of inner knowing to uncover the answer.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?

I think the future is BRIGHT! There are so many unique and interesting stories being told and with so many ways of getting those stories out there’s no limit to what anyone with the desire can achieve. Just keep going!!!

What genres do you write?
Self Help, Sci-Fi, Personal Growth, Motivational

What formats are your books in?:
eBook, Print, Both eBook and Paperbacks

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Changing Poor Habits & Behaviors Now! Guest Author Interview With Life Coach Maureen Scanlon Shares How…


Guest Author Interview By Voyage Phoenix

Voyage Phoenix we’d like to introduce you to Life Coach and Author, Maureen Scanlon.


Maureen, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

Just like everyone else, I’ve made some bad choices and decisions that I now know were learning lessons to allow me to be who I am today. I was married at 18, a mother at 19 and found myself in another country away from friends and family. I had chosen a difficult path as I was then alone with a husband in the military and in a domestic violence marriage with an alcoholic. I figured I had “no choice” but to stick it out. I was raised by parents who believe, “You made your bed, now lie in it.” Through the difficult times, I always knew I was worth more, but I didn’t believe it based on my day to day circumstances.
One day, I finally got the courage to divorce my husband and raise three children on my own. Two of my children had struggles, one with ADHD and one with Bipolar Disorder. I had financial struggles, emotional stress, and health issues as I tried to parent alone. I continued to be in relationships that served someone else’s needs and allowed the abuse to continue. I had two bouts of cancer (Cervical and Skin), and I was walking with a cane at one point! Through it all, I would always talk to people about their problems. I loved helping people in spite of my own strife. My children used to call me the “counselor” and send all of their friends to me if they needed some encouragement or help.

As my children were finally growing into adults, I decided to take my life back! I realized I needed healing from childhood, marriage, and all of the negative experiences I had incurred. It took two years to figure out my worth and realize I had dreams! I met my twin flame, now husband, Dennis and realized what unconditional love looked like for the first time in my life. While on our honeymoon, I noticed people would always come up and talk to me. I love talking to people, sharing their stories and finding similarities in our lives. This is where I had my epiphany… I would become a Life Coach and help people learn to love themselves as I finally discovered I could!


Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

We all have programming from our childhoods and past hurts. The human brain is wired to protect us from pain. The hardest part of beginning this dream was getting out of the comfort zone I had created. I had to fight the fear of the unknown and all of the past beliefs that I’d developed throughout my life. Believing in ourselves is the most challenging thing to do! Am I good enough? Will people want to come to me? Am I too old to start a business? Every day is a new endeavor and I have learned to take baby steps and give myself the mercy and compassion I have for others.
I learn from those I coach and teach from the experiences I have had. Sometimes, all they need to hear is “You are amazing, and you are enough!” Life coaching is a new concept, so this is how I explain it when asked what I do. Life coaching is a new approach to figuring out who we are and why we act and react the way we do. I don’t dwell on a client’s past, we touch on it, then move forward with positivity, tools, techniques, and goals to help you achieve happiness and peace.



Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?

As I started growing my coaching business, Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching, I took photos for the website. One day, I showed my best friend and she said, “I see this picture on the cover of a book.” I have never aspired to be an author, in fact, I always felt my verbal was much better. But… in following where I was being led in my new journey, I simply said, “I guess I’m writing a book than!”
And I did… in eight weeks to be exact and I had published within four months. “My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am” came to life as I watched my dogs daily and realized what a beautiful and uncomplicated way they live. They love, have fun, and show compassion in amounts far greater than humans. The book is an inspirational and fun guide to teaching us to live from the example of the unconditional furry friends we share the planet with.
The most rewarding part of my business is the feedback and responses I receive. I also create retreats, group coaching, and women’s events. From these events and personal coaching, hearing clients say that I’ve changed their life, they are living their dreams, finding their worth, and breaking lifetime habits is such an incredible feeling!
My mission and purpose in this lifetime are the moral behind the Starfish Story. A little boy is walking along the beach throwing starfish into the ocean that had washed ashore. An old man tells the child, there are thousands of them, you’re not going to make much of a difference. To which the little boy tosses another starfish and says to the man, “It mattered to that one.”


Tell us about your childhood, what were you like growing up?
I always felt like I was different from everyone else. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I remember swinging on the swings at 6yrs old and pondering about what my life would be like. I felt I didn’t belong in my family, and that no one really “got me.” I always felt like I was a lot of trouble, and honestly, I sometimes was… I was very aware of how everyone felt and would say or do something funny to make everyone laugh.

“I always felt life should be fun.”



Maureen’s Coach Pricing:

  • Life Coaching Sessions – $120 per session with package deals for 5 or more
  • My Book- My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Outskirts Press
  • Motivational Speaking and Group Coaching also available


Contact Info:


Maureen will be featured in all Anytime Fitness Centers throughout Arizona!
As you work on the outside for a healthy lifestyle, now work on the inside with Life Coach Maureen for a happier well-balanced LIFE! Even if you don’t live in Arizona, she helps clients nationwide …

New Book Release and Cat Welcomes Author, Diana Mugano. A Writer of Motivational Self-Help & Financial Books.

Hello, and Welcome Readers and Visitors,

I am so happy and honored to welcome back my dear friend Author, Diana Mugano and her third new book release titled; “7 Pillars That Set Great Achievers Apart”

Diana is a best selling UK author and her new book is the third is packed with inspiring and motivational tools and techniques on how to achieve all your goals and give you a leg up over others. She is an expert on both life goal setting and planning as well as her second book gives fantastic tools for planning a wealthy and sound retirement. Here is more about her new book!


7 Pillars by Diana Mugano FACEBOOK and TWITTER TEASER (1)

About The New Release;

Most people find it incredibly challenging to turn their dreams into a reality. The world is your oyster. You should go for it if you want to achieve all your life goals! Don’t settle for mediocrity. You always have a choice.

It’s up to you as ‘Great Achieving’ is simple. If you would like to implement the benefits of achieving in your life, look no further! This book will help you with ideas on:
Planning, Pattern, Positive Attitude, Passion, Persistence, Prioritising, and Purpose, which highly successful people use every day.

“Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the traits to be successful and change the world.”


About The Author:

Diana is an Inspirational UK Writer and Motivator to others and shows how to Discover Principles on how to live your life to the Fullest. Unlock potentials within you while rubbing off negativity.

Move from bad decisions to better ones and learn how to cope in times of challenge, as you find golden tips to motivate your life and “LET GO of Unreasonable FEARS.”

She believes you are here now with the power to shape your today and your tomorrow. You never know where you are whether what you are experiencing will turn out to be right or wrong until enough time has passed. She firmly believes that everyone carries an impressive powerhouse within ourselves and people should celebrate their individualities.

“Her message is simple, to empower, encourage and motivate.”

Diana resides in the UK, and when not writing, Diana enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling. Diana Mugano is a motivational writer and author of the books, “Relentless Mode,” “7 Ways to Retire Wealthy,” and now her new release; ” 7 Pillars That Set Great Achievers Apart “


Book Review:

well done Diana for yet another brilliant book. Inspirational

on 20 July 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

“Really interesting, well done Diana for yet another brilliant book. Inspirational, and though we tend to think we know how to achieve our goals, as it is a bit of common sense, it’s not when you read this book and when you realize you weren’t doing enough to get there.

Diana has used a lot of examples to try and make one understand what she is trying to get at. So, yes, there is a lot in this book that can get you going in the right direction. This book will enrich anyone’s life. Just brilliant!   By Penny C.



Come connect with Diana on Social Media and you’ll be updated on future books!

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Welcome UK Author, Diana Mugano To Lyon Book Promotions.


I am very honored to welcome UK Author, Diana Mugano to Lyon Book Promotions family of Fine Authors. Now as I always say, my book clients always become friends as in the beginning of working together setting up their social media accounts, working on bio’s and content we add on them, I get the chance to learn more about each author and their “uniqueness” from one writer to another.

And Diana and I have become fast BFF’S and she is got such a great sense of humor! That is the best part of what I get to do for a living. It also enable’s me to bring a more “personal” feel to Author Spotlights to my readers and book lovers. So here is a little more about Diana and her fantastic motivational and self-help books.”


About The Author:


If you go read her Twitter Profile? It seems to sum up what Diana is really all about. It reads: 
Jesus Enthusiast / Author / Dreamer / Encourager / A Friend / Tweets Are My Personal Opinions only / Jesus…. /  Now that is Diana …  LOL.

I can add that she has a big heart, big faith in God, and a beautiful smile. We talk by phone often and it is how I know these ‘special qualities’ about her. And of course, that great sense of humor. But she is very serious when it comes to her writing. She enjoys motivating others and inspires them to be the best of the powers and abilities we all possess within us. And she has done this within her first book titled, Relentless Mode, for which is the Founder as well.


Diana’s Mission and Beliefs of Others?

“She believes you are here now with the power to shape today and your tomorrow.

You never know from where you stand, whether what you are experiencing will turn out to be good or bad, until enough time has passed.

She strongly believes that everyone carries an awesome powerhouse within themselves and people should celebrate their individualities.”

Product Details


About Her First Book:

DISCOVER principles on how to live your life to the very best. UNLOCK potentials within. RUB OFF negativity . MOVE from a bad decision to a better decision. LEARN how to cope in times of challenge. FIND golden tips to motivate your life  and LET GO of unreasonable fears.

Her New Book released a few weeks ago, and this one is teaching many how to get ready for their “Golden Years.”  Yes, it is all about retiring wealthy. It is never too soon to start saving for your retirement. The younger you are and start saving now? The more wealth you will have later to live the life you want later on. And Diana’s advice and tips in her new book titled, “ 7 Ways To Retire Wealthy ”  will help you get there. Both books are available on Amazo.com and Amazon.co.uk. Here is a preview of her new release!



Product Details
(Click to buy on Amazon)

Financial life does not function separately; recent economic events have shaken people’s beliefs of financial stability and left many wanting to take control of their own destiny. Most people handle a challenge much better if they are prepared in advance while retirement used to be regarded as a time for slowing down and relaxing that idea went out. This book is designed to assist you in preparation for retirement and as well as transforming your relationship with money. Inside this book, you will find:

How to make sure your pension generates the best pension income.
How to convert your retirement goals into a plan.
How to have an exit strategy for your retirement.
How to put money aside for your retirement.
Golden nuggets on a pleasant retirement.
How to use your acquired skills to generate income when you retire.
Plus a Bonus: Senior citizen jokes.

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You can learn more about my friend and fellow Author, Diana Mugano when you visit her website at RELENTLESSMODE by Diana Mugano  and go connect with her on social media too!

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