Cat’s Review: The Watchful Dead: A Tale of Old Hastur (A Ring Gargery Thriller) By Author, Joe Pawlowski ~ 4 Stars…

New Author Joe Pawlowski

‘The Watchful Dead: A Tale of Old Hastur (A Ring Gargery Thriller)’






 A Ring Gargery Thriller (Book 1)
Publisher: Glint Media (January 12, 2019)
ISBN-10: 1733610812
Paperback: 199 pages  – Kindle Length: 201 pages
Available For Kindle Unlimited Membership
Genre:  Gothic FictionHorror Literature & Fiction,  



Within the shadowy walls of ancient Hastur, reality and illusion walk hand in hand.

A 12-year-old boy housebound all his life, a conjure woman who talks to the dead, an evil slave trader driven ruthless by greed and a war hero whose greatest battles take place in his own mind: all are about to have their lives shaken to the core by powerful forces from beyond the grave.

A tale of murder, magic, and madness, The Watchful Dead is a nightmare blend of gothic traditionalism, magical realism and dark fantasy that will haunt you long after you turn its final page.

Readers are calling The Watchful Dead “a ride right off the bat” and “nicely written, with a lyrical quality that kept me turning virtual pages,” and the author “possesses the talents of a classic great writer.”

The Horror Fiction Review says, “All in all, it’s a gutsy, ambitious, skillful exploration of cosmic/epic dark fantasy that brings something new to both facets of the genres.”


New Author, Joe Pawlowski is a retired journalist living in the Twin Cities of the great state of Minnesota with his wife, Debbie, and rescue dog, Lucy. Besides reading and writing, he enjoys music, movies and socializing with his many friends…


Hauntingly Dark and Mysterious … Is The Watchful Dead

I will start by being transparent as this is not my normal genre of choice. I am also not a spoiler of any books. And, when I first read Mr. Pawlowski’s book title, my first thought was “Pirates”… far from it!

However, what a real ebook page-turner from the first few pages. A little too “gothic” for my taste, but this read had all the elements of dark thrilling mysterious suspense that holds your attention and keeps you deep within the pages and storyline.

Exceptionally written with unearthly characters, an end you really don’t see coming, and as a writer, I have no clue how this author kept up with all that goes on with Ring’s deeply disturbing and dysfunctional family and the full storyline unfolds.

And Oh the twisty weaves of dark magic, ghostly characters who passed on, fantasy and so much more within this great read.

I would suggest it to those who do enjoy a darker gothic thrill ride!
Definitely worth the read.

~Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den by Author, Catherine Lyon


You can purchase with Amazon Direct Links Below!


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New Release: “The Metanoia Phases” by Author, Maria E. L. Thomassen.

The Metanoia Phases: The Change of Heart by Maria E. L. Thomassen.

About The Book

Maria lived her life in harmony and peace, as Serendia’s princess. She had always known about her abilities and how to control them, but all that changed in the blink of an eye. The tingling sensation appeared, spreading like wildfire within me. I was on fire, every inch of me was instantly burning.

I wanted to crawl out of my body, just ripping off my skin to relieve the burning…. That’s how it all began, my former life was completely changed, I was slipping away from the person I used to be. The people I was supposed to trust and love the most, betrayed me. Who can you trust, when all they told you was a lie. The darkness was crawling inside my body because of what they did…

Betrayal and confusion was now a part of her life, everything slowly began to tremble underneath her as she discovered the truth. Her mind was a wreck, so was her heart. Ancient abilities….
Love triangles….
Terrifying darkness….
Who can help her now?

The Metanoia Phases: The Change of Heart
Read A Chapter Here


Maria E. L. Thomassen.

About The Author:

My name is Maria Emilia Lianna Thomassen, this is my little happy place, where I will share joy and trouble of life as an evolving writer and my progress to becoming published. 

I began my journey, as a writer (basically a writer) thirteen years ago, I started my first story, my first draft, that involved into a novel I have finally finished, but my work is not done. To become published I have to work hard to achieve my goal and continue the journey with the second edition of the book/novel. Her new book is available here now on  Amazon & Amazon Kindle!

I share some of my life on my blog – Writers Lifes Work and on Instagram…

Meet Author, Johnnie Calloway and His New Book;”Dragons to Butterflies: The Metamorphosis of a Man” This Month’s Book Pick!

“A journey of tragedy to triumph, from the broken heart of an abused child to the beautiful soul of a man…”

A true-to-life story by Johnnie Calloway .  .  .  .

Publisher: Balboa Press (April 3, 2016) ~ Author, Johnnie Calloway.

About “Dragons to Butterflies”

Johnnie Calloway is a gifted storyteller and has written a superb personal account of his harrowing childhood and adult life. Although he retells his experiences of emotional and physical abuse, neglect, heartache, and betrayal, and later his own addictions and struggles with mental illness, he manages to keep the reader thoroughly engaged and inspired by his strength and wisdom throughout this page-turner.

Johnnie’s willingness to be soul-bracingly honest in this book as he traces his earliest memories into his teens and then adult years is truly unlike anything I have ever read. I have no doubt that his display of courage and his determination to go to any lengths necessary for his own healing will serve as a guiding light for countless readers. It is a story of hope and love, forgiveness and healing. I only wish it had been available when I was a practicing addictions counselor. I would have made it required reading!

~Retired Addictions Counselor, Callie Chappell-Nicholas



Dragons to Butterflies takes you on a journey of tragedy to triumph from the broken heart of an abused child to the beautiful soul of a man.

“You have a strong voice Johnnie, and an important story to tell. Tell your story”

– Chip St. Clair, New York Times Best-Selling Author of “The Butterfly Garden”



Courtesy of  PRWeb Author Press Release ~ SARASOTA, FLA. (PRWEB) JANUARY 03, 2017

Johnnie Calloway has spent much of his life fighting one battle after another. A long train of unfortunate events carried him from a violent childhood to an equally unstable adulthood. Calloway chronicles his journey to create a promising future from an oppressive past in “Dragons to Butterflies: Metamorphosis of a Man.”

Calloway recounts his endless struggles in “Dragons to Butterflies.” He narrates his early years with an emotionally and physically abusive father, which led to substance abuse and mental illness as an adult. Calloway provides a detailed history with his demons, using his trials and tribulations to propel him towards growth and strength.

“It was incredibly painful to relive some of the moments that I wrote about in Dragons to Butterflies,” Calloway said. “But in order to inspire others, I knew I would need to be open about all that I have been through. My hope is that others will be motivated to move beyond their abuse and use the past as motivation for the future.”

“Dragons to Butterflies” takes one man’s true story of cruelty and transforms it into one of love, forgiveness, and hope. For more information on the author and book, please visit website and blog: Connect on  Facebook and

“Dragons to Butterflies: Metamorphosis of a Man”
By Johnnie Calloway can be purchased in hardcover, paperback, or e-book formats.
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press


About The Author ~ Johnnie Calloway



Johnnie Calloway grew up in a small town in Kentucky, with the population at around 11,000. His mother passed when he was only five, leaving him to grow up with an angry, alcoholic, sexually confused father.  Johnnie was born into a reputation that he never wanted but was obligated to live up to. Still, Johnnie always wanted to be the “good guy.” The conflict between his personal desire and his sense of obligation to his dad’s/family’s reputation created a great torment that was oddly accompanied with an insatiable yearning to learn.

Eventually, Johnnie became a seeker of truth. And has now devoted himself to sharing what he is seeking has taught him with others. He has written two books, “Taming the Dragon” and Dragons to Butterflies: The Metamorphosis of a Man, and is currently working on, “Within the Chrysalis, It’s an Inside Job”.


Shared by “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den”  ~ ~ Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 

“Lyon Book Promotion Welcomes~New Author Steve Hauptman”


“I know all my readers are already wondering about this book just by the TITLE right?
It is the brand new book release by Author, Steve Hauptman and it is all about CONTROL! And how we need to just stop trying to control everything in and around our lives.”
And I know book bloggers and book reviewers are going to love this book and want to interview Steve as a guest author on their blogs. He has a funky kind of wit and humor about the human condition, as it shows on both his blogs and proves this fun fact right here on Monkeytraps: Were All Monkeys On This Bus . . .

This is a blog about the oldest human addiction: control.”

A Wee Bit More About The Author:

What you may not know about Author, Steve Hauptman, likes politics, psychology, cooking, literature and reading good books. He enjoys living in Rocky Point, New York and this is his first book release. Steve is a Gestalt-trained, Buddhist-flavored therapist who has practiced on Long Island for twenty years.

He graduated from Adelphi University’s School of Social Work, trained at the Gestalt Center of Long Island, and specializes in a unique control-centered approach that integrates elements of psychodynamic, Gestalt, cognitive-behavioral and family systems theory in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, dual disorders, codependency and relationship problems.

A leader of Interactive Therapy groups, he is also a cartoonist and creator of the blogs Monkeytraps: A blog about control, Monkey House (a forum for discussing control issues), and Bert’s Therapy: Adventures of an Inner Monkey . . .  What is this blog about? Steve say’s:


[] bert panel (print for edit)

A Monkeytraps reader once asked me to explain what Bert — this odd gumdrop-shaped gorilla — stands for.

“He’s my inner monkey,” I wrote back.  “He stands for the part of me that tries to control stuff.”

He stands for that part of you, too.  🙂

Steve’s Fav Quote?  “The more control you need, the less control you have.” (by me) …LOL

About The Book:

Product Details
(click book to buy from Amazon)

Something’s missing from your life. This much you know.

But did you know you may be looking for it in the wrong place?

This book is about a problem disguised as a solution, an idea that shapes and drives us all:


It’s about the universal urge to make reality meet our expectations. How this urge becomes an addiction, wrecking lives and relationships. How it leads to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, broken marriages, and dysfunctional parenting.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Why everyone is addicted to control
  • How this addiction causes most — if not all — of our emotional problems
  • How to listen to feelings instead of controlling them

Filled with actionable insights you can start using today, Monkeytraps is a must-read for anyone seeking happiness, healthier relationships, and more peace of mind.

Here are a few book reviews already coming in for Steve’s fantastic book already and what they like about it. His book is available on Amazon online in both paperback and e-book!

Awareness of the issue
Format: Kindle Edition

“Steve / (Bert) really drills down to the one “addiction” we can all associate with (unless you’re in denial). Control.

Speaking for myself; I have always wanted what I want and when I wanted it. But how can we control anything? To a large extent we can’t; we’re really mostly powerless, which leads to so many of societies and individuals social, financial, sexual, etc. ….. problems.
This book will not solve these issues or your own compulsive and controlling behavior. It will, however, make you keenly aware of where humans (not monkeys) are using such behavior. Once you are aware” ………

A Mind Opener
Format: Kindle Edition

“LOVE THIS BOOK! Well written, concise and very insightful. Think anyone would benefit from reading it – and it’s very easy to read. Really glad I found Steve’s blog, and grateful he put all his thoughts together in book form. If I could, would give Monkeytraps more stars than five!!” **********

So where else can you go connect with New Author, Steve Hauptman? On his social media links listed here:

His Book: Monkey Traps Now On Amazon
Goodreads: Connect on Goodreads ~ GR Author
Twitter:  Follow on Twitter with Steve
Facebook: Yes, Steve is on Facebook

Guest Author Spotlight Presented By ~ “Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions of Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon” 


Lyon Book and Social Media Promotions Welcomes Author, Vinnie Sorce and His New Book ‘Jersey Justice.’

Hello and Welcome Readers,



JJ smaller

I am happy to welcome Author, Vinnie Sorce to our promoted authors lineup here on my book promotions blog. This man of mystery, and the prolific writer of his new book release titled; Jersey Justice is now available on Amazon and Smashwords Books online. He is getting some wonderful book buzz already!

Vinnie and I have seen each other on many social media sites, as he caught my attention with his fabulous sense of humor, which is something we have in common. I also found that he lives in the same state I do in Arizona, USA.  However, he lives in an area of our state that is a wee bit cooler than where I live.

So, Vinnie reached out to me about how I could help him promote his new book, and of course I got right to work doing a little research about this mystery man, and here is what I have learned. I’m honored to have him here as part of our “Family of Authors!”

About The Author:

Me typing
Visit his Amazon Author Page

Vinnie Sorce is an *award-winning* author/writer debuting his first book release.
He’s been a writer for over ten years, selling articles and short stories along with blogging.

He lives in Chino Valley, Arizona with one remaining child that hasn’t escaped out of the house yet. Enjoys his kids. He likes to read, watch too much TV, wear his heart on his sleeve, and over-examine situations that haven’t occurred yet.

Oh, and he eventually wants to save the world. No super powers are making that a difficult job, though.

“Now, when I say award-winning, I mean an award I made up and gave to myself. It was a beautiful ceremony. I cried.”

He enjoys writing fiction packed with action & thrills. His book is already receiving 5 Star Amazon book reviews . . .

About The Book:

That night—I still have nightmares. It happened so quickly, so effortlessly. Walking to our cars in the far parking lot one fall night, we were jumped from behind. Eric hit the pavement quickly with a gash on his head. Blood trickled down his ear and he was dazed. I looked up to see the attackers. One was a large Puerto Rican kid, over six feet tall, who had hit Eric on the head with a piece of pipe.

Even in the chilly air, he was wearing only a black muscle t-shirt and jeans. An American flag bandana covered his head and a diamond stud decorated his left ear. A snake tattoo on his right arm completed the picture. His accomplice was an overweight black man of medium height with no distinguishing features. He wore a Yankees cap and a black leather jacket. His pants were riding low, and his boxers showed in the rear. I didn’t know what kind it was, but a gun of some sort was stuck in his waistband.

As they came at me, I just stood there, frozen. I wasn’t terrified like I thought I should be. My breathing was calm and easy, my eyes focused on the six-footer first.

I was angry.

I was sick and tired of the world being this way for me, and for others like me. It had finally become time to fight back. The attacker raised his club, but he was too slow. I kicked him in the knee and heard a loud pop just before he let out an ear-piercing scream and fell hard to the ground.

I grabbed for the club and gave his buddy some unexpected dental work before he could even reach for his piece. He dropped to his knees and then fell face first to the pavement unconscious.

I felt under Tubbo and removed his weapon. I’d never held a gun before. It molded to my hand like it had always belonged there. Suddenly—I felt like I should never be without it again. The feeling was overwhelming and calming at the same time.

Without thinking twice, I stepped behind my unconscious mugger and fired two shots into the back of his head. It was easy, no remorse at all. I couldn’t believe how simple it was. The Puerto Rican kid tried to get up and run on his shattered knee after he saw this, his eyes wild with fear. He didn’t get far. Two shots to the back of his head made it a very short trip.

What had I done?

Product Details


My name is Jimmy Vincent;

I “fix” things.

Some people think I’m in the Mafia; I’m not.
Some people think I’m a hit man; I’m not.
Some people think I’m crazy.

They’re right.

I live in Jersey. I was brought up on a strict diet of sarcasm, bullies, and being a disappointment to my father.

I help people who can’t help themselves. I’ve turned my bullied past into a one-man private army of retribution for the silent majority, too afraid to speak.

A scumbag I helped put away eight years ago has come home to roost and to take me down for revenge. To complicate matters, my baby sister, Carmen, unwittingly got involved by marrying (her fifth time) into the problem and not knowing her new husband was a Miami drug lord who she stole ten million dollars from. Oh, and she shot his brother. Double oh, she brought the money, and the gun, to me. Did I mention she was blonde?

My dearest childhood friend Marci has been by my side since 7th grade. Until now, we’ve always remained just friends, but one small slip (translated: we hit the sheets) during the chaotic events following Carmen’s return changed the rules. Had I fallen in love with her while I wasn’t looking? If that was the case, I’d have to stop almost getting her killed so often.

I have to save my sister, save me and possibly save a new relationship.

What the hell? It’s just another day in Jersey  .  .  .

Jersey Justice, By Vinnie Sorce Available now on Amazon & here on  Smashwords Books

Now my readers know I only ask a few questions of my Author Guests. And of course I’m no ‘James Lipton’ of the Actors Studio, but here is how Vinnie answered my questions . . .

1.) What made you decide to become a writer and published author?

“Well, to be honest, at first it was money. We were moving cross-country from Jersey to AZ and I was going without a job. I was reading Janet Evanovich at the time and I said to myself, “I can do this.” Of course it’s not easy or a money-maker, but I fell in love with my characters. Now I just feel like I have all kinds of things to say that I just want to keep going.”

2.)  What do you enjoy the most about writing?

“The creating, being able, literally, to make anything I want.
The lines that make me laugh or cry. The passages that I share with another writing friend because I know she’ll send back, “I love that!”

3.)  What book are you reading now?

“I am reading Devil’s Gate by Clive Cussler. I tend to not read new books because they’re just so darn expensive. I get my books for a quarter at the library, so I’m always behind.

5 Stars for such descriptive, exciting writing style!

August 5, 2015

I love how Vinnie’s personality seeps through into his writing. I feel as though I “Know” him, and I think that is the mark of a very talented writer. Or maybe it’s not even his personality. He very well may be a shy little gentleman who would never say the f-word. Either way, I Felt like I knew the writer and that’s what ever reader wants from a book. It’s the reason we will buy absolutely anything written by JK Rowling or George RR Martin.

Because we feel like we know them just from reading their completely fictional works. Anyway, I almost docked him a star because of umm…”unsavory language” but I figure it’s not his fault I’m a Christian mom so I won’t punish him for it! Ha! Anyway!!! Absolutely wonderful read!! Action, excitement….it does have “adult themes” & “adult language” just a little warning or heads up.
But I loved it and I Love Vinnie Sorce!!
He’s got a fan for life right here! 🙂 and can’t wait to read more from him! . . . .

Action Soaked Silliness!   5 Stars!

August 11, 2015 By: Matt

With tongue firmly planted in cheek author, Vinnie Sorce welcomes us to the world of “Jersey Justice”. This is a novel for those looking for a mental vacation, a chance to step away from their own lives and immerse themselves in a world where existence is a thin veil between a cartoon and reality.

The lead character, Jimmy Vincent, is a caricature, not to be taken seriously but a compilation of some of man’s worst traits somehow fused with a soul seeking justice for those who have been betrayed by society. Surrounded by a myriad of extreme characters from his slutty sister, moronic mafia sidekick, best friend girlfriend, and other bizarre manifestations of humanity we are guided by his narration through action packed twists and turns and bedroom romps that are a hybrid between classic Raymond Chandler gumshoe novels and today’s Hollywood heroes. However there is no time to ponder anything deep here, and the author clearly has not written the book with that in mind, instead it is a getaway from reality that is being offered here and for those who enjoy action soaked silliness they will find themselves drowning in it! . . .

You can find and connect with Author, Vinnie Sorce all over social media, so come connect with him!

Twitter: vinniesorce
Facebook: Facebook profile
His Blog:

Literature Blogs
blog directory

“Our Guest Author Spotlight By ~ Lyon Book Promotions”

New Book Release Showcase For “Author, Carl Baker” & His New Novel “14 Days In July”

Hello Readers, Friends, And New Visitors,


We are in for a wonderful treat today with a new book release for, Author, Carl Baker.
Novelist Carl Baker has come out of the literary gates with the hottest best-selling novels of our time, maybe even our generation. I feel it will be the next “Classic History Novel” that readers will be talking about for many years to come.

Carl’s Novel, “14 Days In July” has not only satisfied his readers, but they want this novel as series, or trilogy. Carl is a prolific historical writer/novelist, and this new novel has proven it. It’s an action-packed historical novel weaving together the French Revolution, the Fall of the Bastille, the Man in the Iron Mask, and the Three Musketeers.

Now, with the 4th of July, and a long weekend right around the corner, this is my book recommendation for the occasion. The book has only been out for a couple of months, and the ‘5 Star Reviews’ are already coming in on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! And readers know reviews tell a lot about a read.
Here’s what readers are saying about this ‘Fantastic New Historical Novel’…

14 Days in July

“I usually do not read Historical Fiction, but this one stood out, the cover graphs are awesome, and the story line is a real a page turner.” Judith

“This book was hard to put down once I started reading. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense, history or just a good read.” Dave

“5 Stars!  This is a real page turner, with a great ending.” Billy


1 July 1789, Paris – Two weeks before the Revolution
France is undergoing a political upheaval unlike anything it has known before. Louis XVI is using savage mercenary forces and food blockages, to bring the people to heel. The country is a powder keg, and Paris is the fuse. In the midst of what could become bloody chaos, shadowy people including the sinister and brutal chief of the Paris police-discover that a young Parisian laundress, Michèle Duvallier, whose fiancé is imprisoned for his political activities, knows a deadly, ancient secret that could shake France’s monarchy to its core. Michèle finds herself the object of a murderous manhunt. Her imprisoned fiancé’s citizen’s group, now led by his brother, is being chased from one hiding place to another. It is only during the fall of the Bastille that she learns why so many powerful people are hunting for her, but as well the shocking identity of who has been betraying them ….
September 1654, Burgundy – 135 years before the Revolution
A good-natured young man, an orphan, is mysteriously imprisoned with grotesque instructions to conceal his identity in such as way as to ensure he is to be forgotten for all time ….
The man in the iron mask was not a pure invention of Alexandre Dumas. The rumor of the existence of twin boys being switched, one of whom was to become Louis XIV, had been speculated on for well over a hundred years by many high sources including Voltaire, who secretly told friends he had seen the man unmasked, and saw he was the king’s twin. But what Dumas, and no one else, wrote about, was the even more dangerous rumor that there was not only a switch, but as well … another lineage ….


Carl Baker