Special Cover Reveal for Best-Selling Author Barbara Daniels-Dena! Barb Is Celebrating The Coming New Year With a New Book Release Titled “One Soul’s Journey.”

About The Barbara:

Barbara, an Illinois native draws fictional stories from her vivid imagination as she ponders the ‘what if’ scenarios in everyday life. With a bit of embellishment and embroidery of the details, a new story takes shape.

Memories of family experiences also grace the pages of this anthology like the paintings on a wall, to be enjoyed and reflected upon.

Barbara spends her free time reading and playing with her tiny Yorkie, Zoe, who happens to believe she is the writer in the family, Barbara is only the assistant

~Barbara Daniels Dena


“One Soul’s Journey” ~ is an eclectic and extraordinary collection of short stories. The ingredients ~ are imagination, a dash of real life, inspiration, and lots of love. If you’ve read and loved her first collection, “For the Soul,” this book will delight you.

Two short stories excerpts from “One Soul’s Journey

“Stop talking to me. You know owls don’t talk. Do you want someone to hear you? People will think I am nuts, talking to you.”

“Tracy knew a man was there. She felt his eyes on her, watching her. Feeling her fluttering heartbeat return to normal and the adrenaline surge passing, the original lure of the cabin returned to niggle at her curiosity bone.”

Barbara’s First Book “For The Soul”

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“About The “For The Soul”

Memories and fiction fill this collection with humor, heartwarming compassion, and spine-tingling fright from the author’s own experiences and an imagination she can barely control.

Quilts, children, and dogs have always played a large part in the author’s life. Therefore, it is not surprising to find stories of warm quilts wrapped around her tales or tails.

A trait the reader discovers in Barbara’s writing is that much like life, nothing within the covers of this book will be what one expects.


5.0 out of 5 stars  
Delightfully charming short stories

Amazon review in the United States

For the Soul is a delightfully charming collection of short stories about everyday life, some are real, some are fanciful interpretations, and some are Ms. Dena’s creative imagination. Ms. Dena has a knack for bringing to life everyday events with humor, wit, pathos, generosity, and love.

There are many lessons to be learned. Her characterizations are authentic and likable. She finds the extraordinary in what many might find mundane and brings it to life, so the reader sees it in a new light. I found myself relating to so many of the stories. I highly recommend For the Soul, a truly enchanting read.

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Excellent book. A must read

Amazon review in the United States

Reading FOR THE SOUL by Barbara Daniels Dena, I had to keep reminding myself that she and I were not related. Some of her stories could have been my stories. It was as if she reached into my past and pulled out beautiful memories that had been long forgotten. Barbara’s book gave me hours of enjoyment and a lifetime of memories. I highly recommend you fall in love with this book.

Barbara Daniels Dena

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Barb Daniels Dena is a Best-selling American Author of her funny and eclectic book debut, “For the Soul: A Collection of Short Stories,” which was released in August 2021. Almost a memoir, this unique collection of inspiring short stories of ‘good ole fashioned living,’ along with many past and present memories and life experiences that tug on the heart, warming stories wrapped in fictional tall tails and humor delighting readers worldwide. The book is available on Amazon Books, Kindle, and many fine online book sites.

Barbara began writing at an early age as a lover of “Make-Believe.” Today, her writing has developed from memories of family experiences, various compilations of events in her life, and her love of animals. She is willing to admit that her vivid imagination plays a role in her stories.

Barbara is an Illinois native who has lived in many places; as Barb says, like a free-spirited “Gypsy,” she has lived and worked in Illinois, Washington, Idaho, and Georgia, but Ultimately, comes home settling back in the Quad Cities area of Illinois.

She is a proud mother of two grown children. She was a business owner, ran a Temp Agency, transitioned into her passion for floral design, and opened, owned, and ran several floral shops. Her favorite flower is the “Casablanca Lily.” Her favorite color is Red, and when she isn’t writing, Barbara spends her free time oil painting and enjoys quilting, knitting, and reading.

Her favorite book is “Death Be Not Proud” by John J. Gunther. Her first love will always be playing with her fur baby; a little Yorkie named Zoe. She continues to write from her cozy nook as she gazes over a pond full of geese and ducks. On many days it is more gazing than writing. 

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Meet My Dear Friend and Author, Whitney McKendree Moore and Her New Book Cover Reveal and Interview.

A fantastic rerelease and book I read that is an AMAZING read and Whitney is an amazing woman you need to meet…She is an “Angel” sent from Heaven! We have been friends a few years and I so enjoy helping authors and my friends alike when they books released that can help many others. And man does she have many books to choose from here: Whitney McKendree Moore! Purchase her current book on Amazon Books!

I know you will love her as much as I DO!  Catherine XoXo


A few of My FAV’S!


God Can!: Parables and Proofs   Downloads from God  Praise in the Storm


More About My Friend Whitney:



Whitney McKendree Moore says she writes “campfire stories.” Her books are for any Christian discouraged by a loved one’s alcoholism, especially for those who may not realize that help is available. Twelve-Step recovery led Whitney to discover that a relationship with God can be interactive, up close, and personal. She writes to tell of God’s incredible help in her life three ways:

Divine Intervention: “Whit’s End” is her personal testimony of how God revealed denial and delivered her from it into a whole new life.

Direct Connect: “Downloads from God” and “Contemporary Psalms” are companion volumes — excerpts of what it sounds like to be in Quiet Time with the Maker of the Universe.

Divine Connections: “BS-Busters” and “Praise in the Storm” are books of encouragement, urging gatherings where it is safe to “get real” with God, with ourselves, and with each other. Two other titles (“God Can!” and “What the Conductor Said”) offer additional “campfire stories” of God speaking, even through each of us, to one another.

Whitney writes to come alongside other Christians who, like her, have reached the point of saying, “I can’t; God can; I need to let Him.” She has a website called RecoveryintheBible.com and a blog there called The Question Corner.







“Cozy Author Interview With ~ Author, Whitney McKendree Moore”


1. When did realize that you wanted to be a writer and author?
Ever since ever! I remember seeing a TV ad for coffee when I was a girl (in the late 50s) where a woman was typing in front of a roaring fire with a dog at her side. I always thought that was a picture of me.

2. How long does it take for you to write one of your books? It took me a decade to write “Whit’s End.” At one point, the manuscript was 420 pages. Now it’s 112. For me, it was tricky trying to tell my story without doing so at someone else’s expense.

3. How do you balance your work schedule when you’re busy writing?  I am retired now, but when I worked, I spent many nights and weekends and even vacation days writing. I guess it’s true that if you’re a writer you write!

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?  I am very colloquial, and I actually seek to sound as though I am talking. Also, I make up words. A lot.

5. How do you come up with ideas for your books?  I just decided to package up all those pages I’d been writing on nights and weekends!

6. When did you write your first book? 1986. It was called “Where To Next?” and is out of print now.

7. What are your hobbies when you’re not writing? Walking, singing with guitar and others, playing the piano.

8. How do your family and close friends think of your writing? One relative said, “We loved the cover.” And not a peep else!


download (3)



9. What was one of the most interesting things that you learned about yourself when you published your first book?  How reluctant I was to market it myself. I no longer consider “marketing” a swear word. Now I think of it as reaching out to encourage someone with what I have been given to share.

10. How many books have you written? Which one is your favorite?  Twelve books of my own, plus another five helping other people tell their stories.

11. What do you think makes a good story?  The truth, which is so often stranger than fiction. When I wrote for magazines, I would describe my subjects as “extraordinary & ordinary people.”


12. Now lastly, where do you like to kick back and write your books?  My favorite is to take a thick stack of blank white paper to my great big bed with a bunch of sharp pencils and start there. It never goes well for me if I get onto the computer too soon…

I’d like to close by saying “You are amazing, woman. Amazing. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity, interview and ‘CAN DO attitude.” You give me GRATITUDE! Friends and Readers can come connect with me on social media below!  Visit my  Website    GoodReads   Twitter



I want to “Thank” my dear friend Whitney for allowing me to share her books and more about her with all my readers and recovery friends too! Please do yourself a great favor and pick up a few of her books and give them a read. You will enjoy them all!







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