New Release & Now in Paperback “Murder Among The Tombstones”

Lyon Media and Raven South Publishing Announces a New Mystery Suspense Novel Series of Kim Carter…

Murder Among The Tombstones (Book 2 – A Clara and Iris Mystery) by Authoress, Kim Carter

A Clara and Iris Mystery

When Atlanta homicide detectives are called in to investigate the murder of a nineteen-year-old girl found dumped in historic Oakland Cemetery, they immediately begin working the case. But with no leads to follow, and their case log growing larger by the day, the murder quickly grows cold.

Desperate to keep the investigation of her deceased sister going, Ginger Baines hires two novice sleuths to solve the case. Widowed, well into their seventies, and new to the world of private investigating, Clara Samples and Iris Hadley aren’t your average private eyes.
When a second body is found in a neighboring cemetery, the plot thickens. With two bodies wrapped, almost lovingly, in a soft blanket before being discarded in a cemetery, could a serial killer be on the loose?

Joined by their young apprentice Quita, Clara and Iris are determined to stop at nothing to find the killer before they can strike again. But, will their bodies be the next ones discovered among the tombstones? Available on Amazon


“She’s done it again!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jill Lucas

Once again, Kim wove a tale that kept me guessing to the very end. Thought I knew who the murderer was but I wasn’t even close. Loved getting reacquainted with Clara and Iris. Remember Det. Pitts? He’s back, too. Get this book….it’s a great read.


About the Author

Kim Carter, Author and prolific writer of contemporary mystery, suspense and thrillers introduces her new novel series. She is a fan favorite among avid mystery readers and has an array of released titles relaunching soon for; “When Dawn Never Comes,” “Deadly Odds,” and “No Second Chances.” Now, her novel series titled; “The Clara and Iris Mystery” comes “Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle” has re-released as book one of the series June 2017, and now book two is available titled; “Murder Among The TOMBSTONES” here on Amazon and published by Raven South of Atlanta, Georgia.

Kim has been writing mysteries for some time and has a large reader fan base who enjoy all her books, as shown with the many Amazon 5-Star book reviews given by her reader’s and reviewers. Kim enjoys interacting and engaging with them all. One of her favorite things about writing is the traveling and research required to bring her novels to life. Her research has taken her to places such as morgues, death row, and midnight cemetery visits.

Kim and her husband have raised three successful grown children and have vested in and love retired greyhounds. They enjoy attending the many events held annually for them, as well as educating others about their need for great homes and what great pets greyhounds make after they retire from racing.

She is a college graduate of Saint Leo University, has a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Sociology, and now has become a career writer and author. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Between reading and traveling with her beautiful family, she will continue to write mysteries for some time to come for her avid readers.

You can learn more about Kim Carter’s books and connect with her now on GoodReads!

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MURDER Among The TOMBSTONES ~  (Book 2 – A Clara and Iris Mystery) by Authoress, Kim Carter

My Spotlighted Blog Pick ~ Author, Adriana Gavazzoni “Talks S.E.X.” Behind The Door…

With her award-winning novel “Behind The Door” Author, Adriana Gavazzoni does not always think about sex. She is thinking what next to write in her next novel that will grab readers attention. She has a unique ability to incorporate many elements into her books like murder, suspense, thrills, and yes, sex.

I feel she is the new “Harold Robbins” of our reader generation. So when I visited her blog to see what is going on, I found this amazing post I am about to share some with you. Her blog is a must visit as she shares as a woman, a writer and she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. ENJOY Readers!


SEX and Behind The Door…

Everybody loves sex, to talk about it, to read about it…and I’ve been receiving many questions about my novels and their erotic content.

Behind The Door and Lara´s Journal are psychological and erotic thrillers, but mainly, they are thrillers. Sex in Behind The Door is open, nonjudgmental, and the characters explore their fantasies and sexuality.

Most of the sex scenes in my novels involve Simone’s patients, or they are between Lara and her various lovers, and Simone learns about them while reading an attorney client’s memoir or while analyzing Lara’s journal. Simone is a psychiatrist who treats paraphilia—abnormal sexual behavior—and she writes books on the subject.

After reading my novels, many readers have written to ask about the sexual content, and I would like to answer here, on my blog, some of the questions I’ve received so far:

Question: Is all the unusual sex I read about in your novels real? Do people do those things?

Answer: Yes, I must tell you I research a lot about the subject, and everything I’ve included in my novels is based on things some people actually do—they are all based on people’s fantasies or actual practices, as reported on and researched by psychiatrists.

As I said in a previous post, research is very important for we authors—we need to give our readers information that is credible, and I put just as much time into researching the abnormal sexual behavior as I did studying every other element in my books.

Okay, did I embellish the scenes? Of course, I did—I added touches of humor or sadness—but the acts, the behavior…all those scenes are based on real-life activities.

Question: How do you feel when writing about sex?
Answer: Well, the same way you readers feel while reading about it…you can only experience feelings when reading because I had those feelings while writing.

Question: What is your opinion about unusual sex?
Answer: My opinion is and always will be that anything goes between consenting adults. People find pleasure is all sorts of ways, depending on their tastes and beliefs, but there are two factors that must always be present. One, the participants must all be adults. And two, the participants must all give their consent.

Question: Do you think you are a bad influence on people’s sexual behavior?
Answer: Nobody has that kind of power, and it’s not my intent because I didn’t write a sexual manual, and I don’t teach about sex. Sex is a part of the story…nothing more, nothing less.

And finally, the most common question I get…
Question: Have you ever experienced any of the unusual sexual activities you’ve written about?

Answer: The answer is no, I didn’t, and I don’t intend to… I’m a writer; I don’t need to kill someone to write about murder, and I don’t need to be a masochist to imagine how someone who is might think or behave…

As with every element in my novels—the sex, the mystery, and the murder—I first study and read, and then I imagine who I could use these things in my stories…and then I write about them. That’s how a writer’s mind works.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR ~ ~ Adriana Gavazzoni

My name’s Adriana Gavazzoni and I’m a lawyer and professor of law. When I’m not practicing I enjoy spending my time writing novels and legal books and am a voracious reader. I’m a very active person and love to dance, exercise and travel. My favorite countries are France, Italy, and the USA. I speak four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and am currently studying Chinese. I hope to master it someday but it’s been a challenge! I absolutely adore animals and have two dogs of my own. Don’t tell them, but my love for dogs extends to all the rest!

“CAT Lyon’s Reading Den”

Visit her website at Author, A. Gavazzoni …

Come Meet The Men. Fine Authors I Have The Honor of Book Promoting For…

Hello and Welcome Readers & Friends,



Now since I spotlighted the women authors of who I have the honor of promoting a week ago? I thought it was time to make my GUYS shine and spotlight the fine men I have the honor of book promoting for!

My first fantastic writer and author is a prolific crime novelist with a brand new series release, and a 2 book current novel series that has received fabulous reviews! Please meet Novelist, Wayne Andrewartha .. ..

( Author Wayne Andrewartha )

About The Author:
Author, Wayne Andrewartha is an accountant by day, and a fiction crime writer by night, and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Since he was a small boy, he has always wanted to write books. His love of travelling and his vivid imagination are obvious throughout his crime novels. His newest novel is packed full of action as Private detective, Jake Shaw faces impossible odds to rescue the wife of a client. It is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages which readers of crime stories will thoroughly enjoy.

And there is more ….

Wayne has written two other novels, Diamonds of Death and the much praised sequel, Roll of the Dice. For action/thriller fans, they are a must read and highly recommended. In addition, he has written 48 short stories, which will be published later this year.

Wayne enjoys reading good books, gardening, and ten pin bowling. He enjoys watching sports like rugby, motor sports, and football.

( Click to Purchase on Amazon ~ What Goes Around Book 1 Jake Shaw Private Eye )

About The Novel:
Jake Shaw, ex policeman, now private eye, isn’t too fussy about the kind of cases he handles. His cash flow won’t permit him that luxury. Hung over and lucky to be alive after an unsuccessful drive-by shooting, Jake receives an urgent call from an old client asking for his help. His wife has been kidnapped, and the kidnappers have threatened to kill her if he doesn’t do exactly as they say.

They haven’t told the client what they want from him, and Jake presumes it’s the usual ransom demand for money. He undertakes to negotiate based on his assumption – pay the money and get the wife back alive.

But the kidnappers have a unique request, which takes Jake by surprise. What is even more frustrating is that his client has lied to him, placing him in a life and death struggle to survive.

As things start to unravel, Jake wonders if this assignment’s linked to a previous case – one where the horrific end result kept him awake for months on end?
And who is this mystery man who keeps stalking Jake?
How does he fit into the puzzle?  .. .. . Wayne’s crime novels will keep you guessing!
Wayne’s other novel series books 1 & 2.

Product Details  Product Details

(Click to purchase on Amazon)

 –  –  –  –  – –

My next fantastic writer of actions and thrills? And his book is a brand new release. Meet Author, Vinnie Sorce.

Me typing
( Author Vinnie Sorce)

About The Author:
Author, Vinnie Sorce has released his action packed debut book titled, “Jersey Justice”. . .
And he is, The Real Jedi Master …

Vinnie Sorce, the prolific writer and author debuts his first book titled’; Jersey Justice.
It is an action packed thriller receiving rave reviews right here on Amazon.

He’s been writing now for over ten years, selling articles and short stories along with blogging. This man mystery, author and writer calls Chino Valley, Arizona home, but he grew up and raised in Jersey.

He enjoys spending time with his kids, and has one left still in the nest. Vinnie has worn many employment hats in his day, as he has been a Banker, IT Webmaster, and even an EMT.
He has also taken college courses in accounting.


Product Details
(click to purchase on Amazon)

About The Book:
My name is Jimmy Vincent; I “fix” things.
Some people think I’m in the Mafia; I’m not.
Some people think I’m a hit man; I’m not.
Some people think I’m crazy?
They’re right.”

“I live in Jersey. I was brought up on a strict diet of sarcasm, bullies, and being a disappointment to my father. I help people who can’t help themselves. I’ve turned my bullied past into a one-man private army of retribution for the silent majority, too afraid to speak.”

That night-I still have nightmares. It happened so quickly, so effortlessly. Walking to our cars in the far parking lot one fall night, we were jumped from behind. Eric hit the pavement quickly with a gash on his head. Blood trickled down his ear and he was dazed. I looked up to see the attackers. One was a large Puerto Rican kid, over six feet tall, who had hit Eric on the head with a piece of pipe. Even in the chilly air, he was wearing only a black muscle t-shirt and jeans. An American flag bandana covered his head and a diamond stud decorated his left ear.

A snake tattoo on his right arm completed the picture. His accomplice was an overweight black man of medium height with no distinguishing features. He wore a Yankees cap and a black leather jacket. His pants were riding low, and his boxers showed in the rear. I didn’t know what kind it was, but a gun of some sort was stuck in his waistband. As they came at me, I just stood there, frozen. I wasn’t terrified like I thought I should be. My breathing was calm and easy, my eyes focused on the six-footer first. I was angry. I was sick and tired of the world being this way for me, and for others like me.
It had finally become time to fight back .. .. ..  JERSEY JUSTICE.
–  –  –  –  –  –

Now my last new writer and author has shared his true story in ‘Memoir’ form, and what a journey he has been on.
Meet my friend, Author Andrew Branham.

(Amelia, Andrew Branham & DJ)
Now that sweet little one is what Andrew’s book is all about. A personal journey he wrote of the adoption process, including the huge obstacles he and DJ had to overcome to start a family and adopt Amelia. As it got titled, “the most difficult adoption in U.S. history” by adoption experts. Here is more about Andrew.

About The Author:
Andrew C. Branham was born in the culturally rich town of Lorain, Ohio – a few miles West of Cleveland and on the shores of Lake Erie. He is the son of two educators and has an older sister that lives in Michigan.

Andrew attended Lorain High School and then proceeded to get his bachelors degree from Bowling Green State University. He majored in environmental science with a minor in business administration. He graduated at the top of his class and earned a cum laude degree.

Upon graduation, Andrew entered the business world working for a major food company. He quickly climbed the corporate ladder and was soon promoted. As his career continued to flourish, he relocated to different cities 12 times (all over the United States).


Product Details
( click to purchase on Amazon)

About The Book:

“Hit #1 on Amazon’s LGBT Memoirs & Biography section!”

A true story of the challenges endured by two gay men who had the desire to adopt a child.

When Andrew and DJ decided to adopt and bring a child into their lives, little did they know what they were about to endure; yet never did the thought cross their minds to give up. The horrific, pitilessly, and beyond comprehensible hoops one woman would make them jump through demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that little Amelia was going to be much better off in the loving home that Drew and DJ could provide her. Just when you think, how can two people survive such a nightmare and the journey is just about over when little Amelia is born and will be safely in the arms of her loving dads, Sandi decides to pull one more shenanigan that could change their lives forever.

“This Memoir is not just about a gay couple’s desire to adopt. This book is for all couple’s who have the desire to start a family through the adoption system.”

More than 10 million adults have been adopted or fostered in their childhood. Along with spiraling increases in adoptions comes a growing need to disclose the significant flaws in adoption laws that open the doors to fraud, manipulation, and abuse of the system. AMELIA is the first book to explore this dark side of the adoption process through the true story of one couple’s journey through hell. Called “the most difficult adoption in U.S. history” by adoption experts, the book appeals to nearly all families (traditional and non-traditional) interested in adoption, foster parenting, or surrogacy.

An amazing book filled with tips, advice, and eye-opening first-hand accounts, this is one feel-good story that serves an important purpose and fills a critical gap in adoption literature. – D. J. Herda .. ..

A Reader Review by an Anonymous Attorney:
“The best adoption memoir currently on the market. Why is it the best? Because it is 100% transparent and honest. No other book will give you such a candid look at the darker side of adoption. This is a must read for all adoptive or soon to be adoptive families.”
–  –  –  –  – –

Now I had just finished Andrew’s book and I myself gave it an Amazon & Barnes and Noble 5 Star Book Reviews!
So there you go readers. These are just a few of the Fine Men and their books and novels I have the privilege of book promoting for! Please support these wonderful writers and grab a copy of their new releases today!


Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon of  “Lyon Book Promotions”

Current Reader Contest Happening Now For Author, A. R. Tirant ~ Echoes From The Oasis E-book!

Hello Avid Readers and Welcome New Friends to Lyon Book Promotions!



UPDATE: I have extended the contest and e-book read time to Feb 27th!

Were you one of the “Lucky Ones” a few weeks ago who were part of the 1,499 people who downloaded, “Echoes from the Oasis” Free E-book giveaway by: Author, A.R. Tirant (Rosie)?

Well if you were? Have you finished reading this beautiful Historical Novel? Have you gone back to Amazon Kindle and placed a Book Review yet? Well what are you waiting for? Just write a few lines in the review tab and tell her, and other book shoppers how fantastic this read is. Then put your name to the review and come back here to my book blog and enter to win some “Fabulous Prizes”!

All the details are on my “Contest Page for Avid Readers, promos and giveaways.” Place your name in the Comment Section of that page and YOUR ENTERED.  You can also do the same here on this ‘Blog Post Comment Section’ too.
We have 2 Readers who have entered already, so go by my contest page for all the entry details!

Now many readers know that book reviews helps us as writers and authors to know how and if you enjoyed our books, but it also let’s us know WHAT are readers want for future reads. Let’s see what some of the readers have to say in their reviews about this Fabulous Novel! And did I mention it is going to be a novel series? Yes, more volumes are coming!
So keep visiting and will share all the release dates and news about Author, A.R. Tirant! (Rosie). . .

Here is what some readers are saying about: Echoes from the Oasis. . .

Bittersweet Enduring Love”  January 13, 2015  By elaine m. suda

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Even though I spent more time sobbing during my reading about Anna and Louis, I am still happy that their love endured. Anna still has her baby daughter to love and reminds her of the passion she shared with Louis. I look forward to reading more of your work.”

Five Stars”  January 9, 2015  By  Julia Kirk

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book,  September 20, 2014  By Steve Layton (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, US). . .
Rosie, my dear friend, I remember the day you shared your plans about writing a novel. You never lost your enthusiasm, and over the years I witnessed your dream grow, your passion take shape and the birth of “Echoes from the Oasis”.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, you have done a great job and I highly recommend this novel. You transport the reader to your island home, through vivid descriptions, and your depiction of characters is amazing. You have captured the Seychelles Creole culture and painted an amazing picture of life on the islands during colonial times, as your characters from all social background and different ethnicity interact with one another.
Bravo! I can’t wait for the sequel.

Congratulations, your work has its rightful place at the archives of The Seychelles National Library, along with the work of many of your fellow authors from the Seychelles.

5 Stars! November 16, 2014 ~ Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Rosie has done a fine job in promoting her new novel where she had been born and raised, which in opinion, is one of the most beautiful places on earth, The Seychelles Islands.

Not only has Rosie written a beautiful fiction romance, she also shares many of the traditions, ways, and cultures of this beautiful part of the world. And the about a young woman, Anna who blossoms when she finds love. Even one of Rosie’s written characters has my first name, Catherine. Now that made me feel special. But I’m pretty confident that was well planned in her book before we had ever met.

I also have to warn you about this read, when you start reading Rosie’s book, be prepared to have a few late nights as I did. One night I didn’t turn out my reading lamp until almost 2 am. Now that’s a great read! I was so drenched into this storyline, the well written historical sites tells me the author did some research. But then again, when your born and raised where your storyline takes place, it is the past historical background Rosie really shines. She has a wonderful writing style I enjoyed as well.
That’s why I gave this beautiful read a 5 Stars! It truly is worth your time to purchase and read . . .
Author, Catherine Lyon

So many wonderful reviews, if you didn’t get your copy of her novel for free a few weeks ago, now you know by some of the shared reviews that it is worth the read! So grab or download your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble online now, for this is what you should be reading this weekend! And for those who did download your Free E-book?
Go get your Amazon Review done and come enter here to WIN!

Lyon Book Promotions ~ Author, Catherine Lyon