Time To Put “OM” Blogger Jason Cushman In The “Hot Seat!”


Hey, look! “It’s a bird, it’s a Plane! NO, It’s SUPER JASON!!


Yes, this Cape Crusader is one of the most “Popular WordPress bloggers I know. So, I thought it was high time to put Jason Cushman of ‘The Opinionated Man’ ON THE HOT SEAT!



Now I know many bloggers, friends, and visitors may know Jason from his awesome blogs, over at  HarsH ReaLiTy | A Good Blog is Hard to Find ….

Sometimes I get confused, but at age 53 I am told that is due to hovering in “old age.” Jason has loads of happenings going on over on his blog with a gazillion names like OM, HarsH ReaLiTy, Opinionated Man, and, OH, A Good Blog Is Hard To Find? So I ask? Which The Hell is it Jason? LOL. LOL. So, I am hoping you will learn a wee bit more about this interesting man of mystery we all may not know! Let me start with a few “Hot Seat” questions I asked Jason . . . .

*Hot Seat Interview Questions*


Cat – I and many readers know you are a very popular blogger, what is something readers may not know about you?

  “I think new readers may not realize that I am not popular at all. I have simply taken the time to meet and associate with a lot of bloggers. That is how you form online relationships and a community of your own. Popularity is just a word, in reality. you only get back what you give.

 – How did you decide to start book promoting for authors? Do you enjoy reading books?
Jason: “I do enjoy reading books, but specific books and authors. I simply felt it was easy to offer some authors a little help through my platform and I do sometimes feel bad for those caught in the struggle to get noticed.”

 – Have you ever considered writing a book? If so, what genre or type would you write?

 “I’ve considered it. I have a few in mind, but the first book would probably be a memoir in format.”

Cat – Tell readers a little about yourself?


Jason:  “I was born in Pusan, South Korea and was left on a street when I was 3 years old. I was adopted and lived my early childhood in Jackson, Mississippi which was… interesting. I moved to Memphis, TN around the first grade and although similar in some ways, Memphis was very different in others. My adopted parents are white. My mom is a writer and my father is a doctor, I have an adopted sister who is Korean as well, and I have a white adopted brother. I am the middle child.

I grew up playing competitive soccer, golf, and gymnastics. I hate baseball so I guess I will never be “American.” Something about small hard objects being thrown at my face does not appeal to me. I was never tall enough when I was younger and did not get picked often to play basketball. They would say “we will takkkkkkeeee… Cindy!!!” “DAMMIT!!!

Growing up with all white friends and black school mates was a bummer because I was generally in the lower 25% in height and weight. A fact that was readily apparent in physical altercations, but I will say that I gave as good as I got. I grew up white which really is simply the truth. I didn’t even eat Asian food, and yes I say Asian here because I wasn’t Korean at the time.

I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and quickly went from a good student to a below average student. Mainly because for some reason to do well in school you have to attend class, a concept that passed me by. I did not do well in college mostly because of anger at my birth mom, which I discovered in 2000. I still have not met her or talked to her and she has kept me from ever meeting my older sister, whom I didn’t know existed till 2000 as well. It took me 12 years to move past that. I still like soju, though… so at least I have a comforting companion.
I enjoy writing, poetry, history, animal shows, ESPN, a few regular shows, and I also LOVE Anthony Bourdain. (CNN ) If I could meet him I would, he has inspired me in many ways. I would also love to meet Robert Jordan, W.E.B. Griffin, and Raymond E. Feist, my three favorite authors. Unfortunately, I will have to wait a bit to meet Jordan, RIP we will always miss you, Robert. Your light still shines.


Currently, I work in information technology under the yoke of ‘Corporate Rule’ … but maybe one day I will be able to be a real writer. Right now I do not consider myself a writer at all, in fact, I would say I am an amateur pretending to be a writer. I will accept the title of blogger though, that I suppose I have earned. I enjoy scotch, 12 years or even older if I can afford it. Famous Grouse is my favorite brand because it is cheap, but if I could drink Macallen every day I would. Unfortunately, my Crohn’s keeps me from drinking too much of that, probably a good thing.

What else… this is beginning to sound pretty frivolous. I like to debate and I admire conviction and passion in anyone. I dislike people who throw facts around without basis, or that try to validate themselves by throwing up hypothetical statements. That to me is the most annoying thing ever. I guess I am more human than I thought.
I currently live in Colorado with my wife and two daughters. It snows here. I hate snow. Anyways, that is pretty much me.

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HEY NOW! Look what I found! Jason DOES NOT LIKE Snow? Bet he didn’t SEE this one coming, Right Jason?


Jason is such a good sport!. One last thing that is important I did ask Jason.

Cat – Where and how can readers and authors find what you offer with “Book Promotions” and how readers can find the books and author’s you promote?

  “I list my book promotion terms on my personal blog at https://aopinionatedman.com/book-promotion-terms/. I also show my current promoted books on my WordPress blog at https://aopinionatedman.wordpress.com/

YOU can also find Jason on social media too! On Facebook: Opinionated Man – -Opinionated Man Jason C. Cushman … – Facebook  And on Twitter: @SmokeNdust


So I thank Jason Cushman “WordPress Blogger Extraordinaire” for letting me put him on “Lyon Book Promotions Hot Seat” for a little while. I met Jason on WordPress years ago. He was actually a very nice blogger pal to me when I first started visiting his blog three years ago. Has really been that long? Wow. I took to his funny sense of sarcastic humor when some just “didn’t get it!” I love that he never holds back and shares just what he feels, and he shares a lot of his personal life through his blog like this post that touched my heart because I know how Jason felt:  Struggle To Feel “Accepted”  …

He knows I too suffer from a few mental health challenges myself and have also been in that complete “dark hopelessness” as he has. When he writes and shares about that part of his life, that truly is the “human side” of Jason. Not many can do that in an open forum like he and I both do on our blogs. So when I need a pick me up, all I do is go to Jason’s blog and find something there that takes me out of “myself” to me feel better!

So know this Mr. OM,  ….  my best-est “Cape Crusader”? Thanks for being such a great friend. Thanks for doing a ‘Fantabulous Job’ in your new venture of promoting my book and many authors I am sure “Thank You” for giving them a new book promotion platform for their books so readers find them. You really are appreciated in the “Blogging Community!!!”  XOXO

Authors? Don’t hesitate to go get your Book Promotion Package with Jason  ….


“Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions by Author/Columnist, Catherine Lyon”  🙂

“A Spotlight On O.M. & A Tip For My Author Friends Who Are Bloggers, By My Pal Opinionated Man”

Ok authors, this special spotlight re-share blog post is all yours!

Now one of my pet peeves, and now obviously I’m not the only one who complains, about the topic of using blog post TAGS. My good friend OM also seems to be agitated about this topic as well. So when I read his blog post today, I dropped everything to come share his post here on my book promotions blog.


Because I tell many of my author clients who also blog and by way of me twisting their arms to do so, that we need to make sure you use tags so readers and other bloggers will be able to see your posts.
Now I think that OM has done a fine job in his post about driving this point home, Because we all know he is really good at doing this in his own special, sweet and polite way right?

But? “We Gotta Love Him!” And many do! Her we go!


You all still suck at tagging