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I Welcome Philanthropist Author, George B Streetor and His Book: The Akan House of Mystery.

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The Akan House of Mystery: The History and Accomplishments of the Akan People

I’m happy and so pleased to share my good friend and fellow Author, George B Streetor, and his fantastic book titled;
The Akan House Of Mystery: The History and Accomplishments of the Akan People.
Now available on Barnes and Noble Books, and Amazon Books online.

I call George a Philanthropist because in his own words, “The profits from the sales of the book is to establish centers across Africa to heal children who are infected with the HIV virus and the imbecile through Homatherapy at no cost.
Please buy my book to support us care for the needy African child who are suffering from the above through no fault of theirs.” Now how generous that? I think this is a wonderful way to reach and heal lives of the African children who are suffering from this horrible disease of HIV virus. We can all have a call to action to reach far by just the purchase of a fantastic book.

And to prove that this is a worthwhile read? Here is a special Book Review recently media shared by” New London Writers ~ media/news/publishing.

New London Writers

The Akan House Of Mystery:

Don’t be fooled by the title. “The Akan House of Mystery” by George B. Streetor is not a mystery novel, but rather a detailed historical account of the Akan people, who are an important ethnic group of West Africa (mostly Ghana and the Ivory Coast) and comprise over twenty million people.

The Akan House of Mystery

The book is divided into three main parts and also has a preface that highlights the author’s dedication to homatherapy (the process of healing the atmosphere through the agency of fire in a copper pyramid tuned to the rhythm of the sunrise/sunset).

The Introduction serves as a primer to acquaint the reader with the Akan people and their language, culture, society, and traditions. Of particular interest is the fact that the Akan people follow matrilineal rules of ancestry and inheritance, and, therefore, women are highly regarded in Akan culture. Throughout history, they served as powerful rulers (queens), orators, and decision-makers. When a new king was to be chosen, it was the queen mother or the elder woman in the family who nominated a male royal for the kingship.

Part I of the book describes the various Akan tribes in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, and the strife and civil wars that ensued among them.

The story of Nana Abena Pokua (the first Asante warrior queen under the Asante confederacy) is also told in great detail and describes her courageous rebellion, tragic act of sacrifice, and emigration to the Ivory Coast, where she founded the Baoule Kingdom in 1720 and reigned for thirty years. To this day, she is revered for her courage, bravery and selflessness, and a statue in her honour stands in the centre of Abidjan, the economic capital of the Ivory Coast.

Other interesting stories told include that of the first president of the Ivory Coast (Houphouet Boigny), who secured independence for the country in 1960, and the history of the state of New Juaben in the eastern region of Ghana.

Part II of the book is an intriguing tale of family, betrayal, destiny, and mysticism. It revolves around the children of Yaa Akyaa (an Akan woman from Koforidua), particularly her daughter Yaa Daben who was conceived under strange circumstances. Yaa Daben’s story unfolds in typical Akan fashion with a traditional marriage, the birth of two children, and life according to Akan custom. The story then takes a spiritual turn when Yaa Daben’s son Marfo dies mysteriously while in the army. His death is considered suspicious and what unfolds is a tale of intrigue, ghosts, and witchcraft. The story leads into present day and describes some of the descendants of Yaa Akyaa (and Yaa Daben) who are still alive today.

“The Akan House of Mystery” is part history, part fable. It is a noble attempt to highlight the accomplishments of the Akan people through loosely interwoven stories of Akan historical events, significant persons, traditions, fables, and modern-day events. Some social commentary is also sprinkled throughout the book to bring awareness to modern-day issues in Africa.

All in all, the book is a fascinating read even though some of the stories and events are not always presented in chronological order or coherently linked together. However, the impeccable storytelling is spellbinding, especially in Part II of the book, which draws you in wanting more and more.

If you want to learn about the history and customs of the Akan people, then you definitely need to enter “The Akan House of Mystery”!

This book is available on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble books.

About The Author:
The prolific Author, George B. Streetor was born in Koforidua, Ghana, where the main story of his book takes place. He now lives in Accra, Ghana, and is a therapist who heals without chemicals by using Homa Therapy. This form of therapy is based on Ancient Science of Healing coming from the Vedas, and is the Science of Bio-energy.

His education & studies: Koforidua Methodist, Asuansi Technical Institute, Accra Polytechnic, Ohawu Agricultural College.

Visit his Author Website: http://sbprabooks.com/georgebstreetor/
And connect and support him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GeorgeStreetorAuthor/
And on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/georgestreetor/79/b17/aab

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Meet My Good Friend, and Now Award winning Author, Jo Ann V. Glim for her Biography: BEGOTTEN With Love.

Hello and Welcome Readers, Friends, and Visitors.

My writer pals seem to be racking in the awards this month! First my friend and Author, Jack Barr wins a “Mom’s Choice Award” for his fabulous book titled, Failing Fatherhood. And now my wonderful friend and Author, Jo Ann V. Glim has also won a new award! Her book won First Place for the Biography category of The Florida Writers Associations, 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award for her book titled; BEGOTTEN With Love, every family has its story.

FIRST PLACE – Biography – Published

Every Family Has Its tory
About This Fantastic Biography:
*** FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Florida Writers Association 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award for Biography ***

Begotten With Love is a sometime turbulent, sometime rollicking story spanning 150 years of American history and five generations of an immigrant’s family. The stories on these pages are tales of courage, triumph, folly and forgiveness. You’ll laugh and cry as the author brings each generation to life and lets you live the experiences as the characters and plots unfold. As one reader put it, “It reads like fiction . . . but it’s not!”

Based on the author’s 30 years of research, the book brings to life each generation and lets the readers live the experiences as the characters and plots unfold.

“My family is a writer’s dream,” Glim said, “filled with remarkable characters but then every family has its share of dreamers and doers, cowards and cads, heroes and heroines. I hope after reading Begotten With Love you will love my family as much as I do . . . warts and all. More than that, I hope you will love your family even more!”

About The Author:
 Award Winning Author, Jo Ann V. Glim
Jo Ann V. Glim‘s professional career (as a disc jockey and copy-writer) began in the late 1960s in Chicago on the all jazz radio station WSDM-FM when she answered a help wanted ad in the Chicago Tribune which  boldly  stated: No experience necessary. The 24-year-old  (whose  personal  life  was  in shambles — a  six-year marriage on the rocks and no marketable job skills) laughingly thought, “For once, I qualify”!

That  was  the “glamorous” side of her career. One she is grateful to have enjoyed but she was also fascinated by the  inner   workings of business management and now, remarried and living in the suburbs, wanted to experience corporate life. Glim began as a file clerk with Kelly Services and throughout the years took advantage of every business class Kelly and local junior colleges offered.  Sixteen years later, Glim retired as an on-site manager at “Baxter Healthcare’s Human Resources (IV Systems) division” . . . still employed through Kelly Services.
The one constant in Glim’s life has been writing. As a forty-year veteran of freelance writing. with credits to her name for “Hallmark Cards” and one-liners for nationally known comedians . .  . And for the rest of Jo Ann’s fabulous life story, you just have to visit her Author Website at: www.BegottenTheBook.com  … You can even read a sample of her book while your there too!
I have known Jo Ann, my “Florida Girl” for a long while now, and I believe we met through Twitter & Facebook. But we do see each other a lot on Social Media. She has always engaged and interacted with me on both sites, and when she sent the direct message of her good news of winning this fabulous award, I told her I just had to “Spotlight” it for her!
Then, …. I got sick with an upper ling infection. So I’m sorry girl this took way to long to share your *Special Honor & Award*!! “But you know Jo Ann I always got your back dear”!! Now I do have her book added to my Goodreads “Want To Read” book list, and when I’m done, I’ll be doing a nice Blog Post Review her for you when I’m done reading!
See, that’s what it’s all about, authors helping and networking together to help all of us be Successful as authors & writers!
So I Thank Jo Ann for letting me share her book and award with all my readers and blog friends. And if you’re a reader on Goodreads? Please connect with my good friend Jo Ann V. Glim on Goodreads and grab a copy of her award-winning biography at:
Also connect with her on Facebook:  LIKE/FOLLOW: https://facebook.com/JVGlim.author
And check out her blog too: http://only1way2write.blogspot.com/

Here is what readers say about her Biography from reviews:

This review is from: Begotten With Love: Every Family Has Its Story (Kindle Edition)
“Such an incredible story of a family! If you like the these types of stories, you will love this of her family. You really get to know the characters and experience what they went through at that time. Just buy it, you will love it.”
“After reading “Begotten With Love”, I am truly amazed at the lives lived by the author’s ancestors as well as the author’s own life. This is definitely a testament to hope, love and forgiveness and a wonderfully crafted tale that will keep your attention from beginning to end.”
This review is from: Begotten With Love: Every Family Has Its Story (Kindle Edition)

“Begotten with Love takes us through five generations of American history. The action never stops as we see how this family came together through rough times and adversity. In the end it is a tale of hope, love and forgiveness. I highly recommend it”!

Happy Holidays Readers,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon of “Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions!