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How Can I Supercharge My Social Media Efforts?

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Now that is a great question author’s ask me all the time. And it is why I have a page here on my blog for author’s to use to know where to be on social media to promote your books effectively. But Marsha is an expert in this area and so I wanted to have her give us all that advice from a more PR perspective. So let’s get right to it!

Why You Should Use Social Media to Build Your Opt-In Email List!

By now, everyone knows that social media is a key component to any marketing campaign. At least if you’ve been reading these newsletters you do. But aside from the obvious benefits of outreach and awareness, there is something else you can be doing with your social networking campaign that can supercharge all of your efforts: build an opt-in email list.

I know from my own experience that social media marketing has enabled me to increase my email list by thousands, with those on the list continuously receiving my newsletters that carry my advice, my tips, and my message.

My newsletter helps my social media contacts remember me and what I do, not because I am actively selling and promoting myself. Like my social media strategy, I use these pieces to add value to the lives of the people on my list. My formula is simple – if some of you like what you read, when you have the need and the resources and are considering using a PR firm, you might consider my company. And that’s it. What’s more, I know it works, because I’ve used this formula to build a thriving 27-year-old business.

Adding value for my clients is the real reward I have enjoyed by combining my email and social media marketing efforts. So how can you do this? Let me share a few actions that we find are successful.

  • Join Targeted Discussions and Post Valuable Content. Within your social networks, stay abreast of trending topics and discussions that your target audience will find relevant. Become part of these discussions using valuable content, making use of trending hashtags when possible to demonstrate your professional expertise and drive people to your website. Take care to make your posts short and interesting. Making the headline a question can encourage responses, or use words that contain phrases like “tips for” or “strategies for.” If your content links back to your website, tease the information that will be available once they click through to encourage better click-through rates.
  • Make Sure Your Website is “Opt-in” Friendly. Make sure your opt-in form is prominent throughout your website, with a message telling visitors that when they sign up for your list, they will receive helpful information as opposed to junk mail. You can also include incentives to help encourage people to opt-in. E-books or whitepapers work nicely.

  • Invite Everyone – But Don’t Pester! On some networks – like Twitter and LinkedIn – you can directly message new followers or connections and invite them to become part of your newsletter. Make these messages short, but friendly and try to maintain a tone that doesn’t seem one-size-fits-all. This can help increase your signup rate significantly. On networks that don’t offer the same level of access, weave signup call-to-actions in your content calendar. Try to limit this activity, and be sure to avoid being overly promotional. Again, ensuring your site is opt-in friendly will allow you to encourage signups just by sending followers to content on your site.
  • Be Consistent in Your Social Networking! The key to making points 1 – 3 above really work is to stay active in your networks. If you are only an occasional visitor, you might as well “stay home.” In order to reap the rewards of these strategies, post often and wisely, and pay attention to your group members.

That’s how it all fits together. Social media is not the next big “thing.” It’s now part of the foundation of a good marketing campaign, as intractable as advertising and public relations.

Hope this helps!

P.S. If you’d like professional help getting interviews with the media, we’ve been arranging interviews for our clients on radio and TV, and obtaining editorial coverage in newspapers and magazines for more than 26 years. We also offer a comprehensive social media marketing program for select clients, where we do it all for you. If you’re interested in our help, please call us at 727-443-7115 Ext. 231 or  (800) 881-7342 or send me an Email: We’d love to hear from you!

Please take a visit to my friends and see how they can supercharge your Public Image at EMSI Public Relations Firm!

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

My Guest Today is PR Expert Marsha Friedman.

I am excited and honored to have my good friend back, PR Expert Marsha Friedman from “The PR Insider.”  Marsha is CEO of, an award-winning, top national public relations agency; EMSI has been delivering highly specialized publicity campaigns for over two decades. “Our specialty is creating angles we know the media will want to cover and will obtain quality media exposure for our clients.”  Marsha is a lot like me, as she enjoys helping others by sharing many Social Media tips and advice through her awesome newsletter which I get each week, and highly suggest all authors do on when you visit her website.

She happened to share a couple of articles this past week that I felt needed to be shared as it stress’ the importance of media and social media as part of your book promoting platform or brand. Since I book promote throughout social media, because as we all know, many authors can not afford to hire a PR Firm. So let’s see what advice Marsha has for us today  …

Marsha Friedman

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* When Media Opportunities Knock, Swing Your Door Wide Open! *

One piece of PR advice that I have shared with clients over the years is that they need to take advantage of every media opportunity they possibly can no matter how big or small.

Why? Because the media follow the media – or in more generic terms, one thing leads to another!

Here’s what I mean: Members of the media routinely check what topics other members of the media are reporting about and who they are using as sources. If they see that some other media outlet has made use of your expertise, they are more likely to view you as credible and someone they might want to turn to as an authority on your subject.

Just within the last week we experienced a terrific example of this phenomenon when one of our EMSI clients wrote an opinion piece we got published in the New York Daily News.

After the piece appeared, our client was sitting down to dinner with his wife when his cell phone rang.

On the line was someone from MSNBC, calling to check on whether he might be available to be interviewed for the network’s “Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” show.



The reason he made their list of potential guests: Someone at MSNBC had seen that New York Daily News article. One thing had led to another!

So with that in mind, what are some steps you can take to improve the chances of getting the media to follow the media that’s following you? Here are a few:

  • Be prepared to say “Yes!” to interview requests. You’re right! I’m back to the advice I opened this piece with, but it’s an important bit of advice. The first step for a good publicity campaign is to get on the playing field. If you aren’t in the game, then nothing is going to happen. In my experience, the people who have some of the best publicity campaigns are those willing to snatch every opportunity that arises, from the local weekly newspaper to major broadcast operations. Momentum can’t build if you don’t get the ball rolling and keep it rolling.
  • Be willing to step outside your core message. Often, much to our frustration, clients turn down media interview requests because they don’t see the reporter’s angle as the right fit for them. These clients have specific messages they want to push, and though they are qualified to discuss the topic the reporter is calling about, they view doing so as getting “off message” or being outside their comfort zone. So they pass. I think that’s a mistake. Not only do they miss out on another opportunity to get their name out there, but with a little skill they can steer the interview toward what it is they really want to say.
  • Link your topic to current events. This one might be the most important of all! At EMSI, we regularly follow what’s happening in the news to see if we can tie a client’s message to something that’s trending. Is there a change in Social Security that a financial planner could discuss? Is there new medical research that a doctor could weigh in on? You can do this too by following Google Trends or other online resources that will keep you abreast of what everyone is talking about. Then you can pitch yourself to the media using a breaking news angle. One major reason our client drew the attention of MSNBC is because his New York Daily News article connected his message about branding to the current presidential election.

Another thing worth keeping in mind is you need to stay persistent in your efforts and not expect quick results. Unless you happen to be incredibly lucky, one article is unlikely to do the trick. The more you take advantage of opportunities, the more your name is out there and the better the odds that the larger media operations will take notice.

Of course, when that happens, you better be ready! Media opportunities don’t knock every day  ….

Now here is the other article I feel is very important to all authors when out promoting your books. Social Media is a great place to be and Marsha tells us WHY.”



* The Key Ingredients To Developing A Social Media Strategy *

It’s hardly a secret that, if you’re promoting a brand like let’s say books, a great tool at your disposal is all the social media sites that have sprung up over the last several years and continue to flourish, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and others.

But, as I hope everyone also knows by now, it’s easy – much too easy – to make brand-damaging mistakes on social media if you’re not careful. Big mistakes!

In fact, if your aim is to promote your brand successfully, you shouldn’t even attempt social media without a carefully planned strategy. The willy-nilly approach won’t do it, and you even could end up in worse shape than before you started.

So how does someone go about developing a social media strategy that works?

Glad you asked!

To answer the question, as I often do in such circumstances, I turned to one of the team members here at EMSI for assistance. In this case, it was Jay York, our senior social media strategist, who understands the nuances of social media and how to make the best use of social media’s advantages while avoiding the disadvantages.

Jay says these four steps are critical as you develop your social media strategy:

  • Identify your target audience. It’s important to decide just who it is you are trying to reach because that will affect the subsequent steps in your strategy. For example, knowing the likes and needs of your target audience will help determine the type of content you share on social media. If you sell a pricey item for teenagers, for instance, your target audience might actually be their parents who have the money and the final say on purchasing decisions.
  • Choose the social media platforms you’ll use. Each social media platform appeals to a difference type of audience, though there definitely is overlap. Each attracts niche audiences that may or may not be useful to your brand. For example, Instagram might not be the right choice for you unless you’re promoting a lifestyle product to Millennials and Generation Xers. If you are in search of Baby Boomers, Facebook would be a good place to look because that’s far and away their favorite social media platform.



  • Solidify your content strategy. Once you know your target audience and the platforms you will use to reach them, it’s time to focus on your content. You want to develop a stream of content that will be relevant and valuable to the right individuals through the right channels. Here’s where it’s important to remember that each social media platform has different ways of handling and displaying content. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Twitter puts a limit on the number of characters you can use, yet there are still ways to get across a timely, interesting and valuable message. Facebook allows room for more detailed messages. Regardless of the platform, variety is important. Don’t just post links, for example. Your content should be a mixture of links, images, videos, and articles.
  • Define how you’ll network. Once your social media strategy is in place, you’ll want to attract and increase your following. Determining how and when you’ll do that is important. Will you follow like-minded people in an effort to get them to follow you back, or will you let your content do the talking to attract new followers? With Facebook, perhaps you would want to consider purchasing social media advertisements to help keep your momentum going.

    Finally, Jay emphasizes that consistency is incredibly important. You can’t post on social media once a week or once every two weeks and expect followers to start multiplying as if by magic.

    It simply won’t happen!

    Your social media platforms need tender, daily care, because once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, you don’t want to lose it. That doesn’t mean cluttering their news feed with an avalanche of posts, but it does mean checking in regularly to remind your followers of what you have to offer and that you’ll be there when they need you.

    Strategically yours!


    You can connect with Marsha on Social Media to stay up to date on more PR Insider Tips and Advice below:

    Website at EMSI:
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Just Sharing Some New Tips For Writer & Bloggers

Hello and Welcome Friends, Peekers, & Visitors,

If you are a writer, author, and blogger like me, and looking for some places to get more traffic and exposure for what ever it is your promoting, then I have a few tips on some websites you may find interesting to go try for Free!

I do use these sites for many different reasons. To start, I moved my writers blog here to WordPress because they are a fantastic blog hosting site, and I set up and designed my blog to be simple and easy to read, all by myself for FREE. Their instructional video and written follow along instructions are the best for even not so competent computer users like me to figure out to easily make a blog. I’m more about “Content” on my blog than the “Looks” of my blog.

So as I come across many helpful sites that can make my writing or blogging easy and save me time with gained exposure, then I enjoy passing it on to help others.
So if your thinking about a new hosting place for your blog, check out WordPress while your here.
My next 2 tips are to help you get more traffic to what ever you do. If it’s a blog, website,  for any purpose, and love “Social Media,” then you really need to check out
Here is what does for you, as I use and added my Page as my “Author Bio” on my blog. They have a link tool to add your page into your Blog or Website!:

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*It’s a fun, fast, and easy to make a page, and you’ll increase your web or blog presence.
Here is my page, *

This company is out of San Fran, that offers a free or cost upgrade page for you to create in little time. Their  community is different and “Powerful,” and you can follow,  your “Page” be followed, or complement other people’s pages, they can compliment yours with share buttons for Twitter and many other sites. You can make collections of friends with different categories. I get shared & complimented a lot on Twitter! So check out how can increase you exposure on the web!
My next site is brand new to me, and it’s also a great way to make a “Social Media Impression” through! You add all your Links on social media, your blogs or websites and they do all the “Mixing and calculating” to make YOU LOOK GOOD!

First, second, even third impressions don’t just happen across conference tables or at cocktail parties anymore. If you use social media regularly, chances are good that your future boss, potential clients, even your next drinking buddy, are getting to know you by going online.
Just what are they getting to know?  It’s easy for them to find out you work at Acme Corp. But do they know you just ran a marathon? That you just finished reading the complete works of Dickens? That you make a mean bowl of chili?

Which version of you do they see? Which version matters?

At Vizify, we believe they all matter. Because you are more than the sum of your parts.   Vizify helps you transform all those interesting impressions you make online into one definitive, multidimensional, graphical biography, without ever asking you to face a blank screen. It’s the easiest, most advanced tool for showing the best of you online, all in one place.
So I urge you to go check out,, and and see if they can help you in any way. They do save me time and increase my web presence all in one!
My next tip is for the “Writer” inside you! One of the reasons I started my Author/Writers blog here was for a few reasons. One is TOO WRITE!…LOl and write I do. I maybe a Published Author with my current book, Addicted To Dimes, (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat)……”Shameless Plug”
But I set this blog up also to become a “Better Writer”…..

Of course a “Good Editor” can make us authors & writers look really good on paper, and inside our book covers, but I want to grow and learn as a writer to. So one place I do this is at:  …. They have several “Weekly & Weekend Writing Challenges.
Even though my passion is writing, I need to practice my craft in order to grow as a real writer.
So what better way then to do writing challenges. It is another reason I chose WordPress to as my blog host site. They also offer their own Weekly & Daily writing challenges as well. Here is a little about “Yeah Write Me”….
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Yeah write is growing quickly and it’s become one of the best groups for writers on the Internet. When it comes to supporting writers who have smaller blogs and writers who are learning to write for an audience, yeah write is the best you’re going to find.

Yeah write is:

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  • a surprisingly fun way to spend Tuesday through Thursday in good company while other, more dramatic, yet somehow less important, shiz is going down on the Internet.
  • experienced writers helping emerging writers helping beginning writers struggle with the decision of writing for a public audience. We do not abandon our beginning writers who speak up and don’t quit.
  • an open community where writers and bloggers can submit when they want and not submit when they don’t want. When you finally get bored with our shenanigans and unsubscribe, we heal our broken feelings with a new design element. True story. Typeface, graphic or WordPress template. Sometimes sushi.

Yeah write is not:

  • for everybody. And that’s okay. We all have personalities and working styles best taken in small doses, and ours come with a really long list of contradictions. Take our managing editor, especially, with food, hard liquor and big chunks of dark, cynical humor.
  • your writing partner. If you don’t have one, find one. Start looking here if you like, search a few writing groups, but beware the hidden agenda. Some people live to discourage the dreams of others. And some don’t know enough about the process, about the art, to be considered your writing equal. You need a writing partner, not an intern.
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Yeah write is supported by a wonderful core of writers. Many of those writers have hung out with us since 2011, the year we got started bringing our own brand of the weekly writing challenge to the Internet. Along with that faithful core, we have a transient community of writers. Those writers may or may not know what it is we do here, and we are happy to explain on various pages published on yeah write for those willing to explore and click around.This “why yeah write works” page is being lifted from our yeah write #109 weekly writing challenge from May 2013. It’s long, it’s nearly 1500 words. It’s here if you need it and even if you don’t, kind of like the drunk uncle who is always good for a pint on your loneliest days.Thanks for reading and learning and for being here with us at yeah write, the best place on the Internet for writers who blog and bloggers who write.
And last but not least….if you are a Blogger, you may want to check out, NetworkedBlogs!
It’s an interesting site that gets “Readers and Bloggers” together. YOU share your great Content to many New People and share News!
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Ninua News

Ninua News is a fun and social way to get bitsize news while   going about your day. A user’s interests are crisscrossed with what’s   popular among friends to serve up a personal, social view of the news.

Available on Android, iOS coming soon.
So take some time to go visit their site, as I have BOTH my Recovery and Writers blogs on the site and saw many NEW Readers to both my blogs! When I began to write my first book, one of the best tips I ever got was just “Write What You Know”…..

That is what I do on my Recovery blog. I share “The Rest Of My Recovery Story”there.
I also write about living with Mental illness & Emotional disorders in which I suffer, and I began to open up recently about being a “Sex Abuse Survivor” as well. It happened to me when I was a little girl, but……it added fuel to my addictions because I used addiction to “Escape & Hide” from the “Old Wounds” that came back knocking on my door in my early 40’s. Those pains and hurt contributed to my gambling and alcohol addiction, and why I went down that path. The drinking I got control over quickly, it was the addicted gambling that became my Major Demon. But I’m happy and PROUD that I just *Celebrated* my 7 year Recovery B-day a few days ago on Jan 29th 2014!!! And WRITING & Journaling was one of my Tools to get there! So,…I write what I know. So back to Yeah Write Me….
*So if you enjoy writing and want to grow as a writer, I suggest checking out and see if they are a good fit for you. They use badges and Inklinkz to post and link your writing challenge submissions, as this to will increase your blog or website traffic as encourages all their writers to go and read all entry submissions and  “Vote” on the “Weekly” ones. I really enjoy their challenges! So these are my “Tips” for
this week. Off to find some news to share Next Week*!!
Thank You for coming by!
Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂