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I am very honored to welcome UK Author, Diana Mugano to Lyon Book Promotions family of Fine Authors. Now as I always say, my book clients always become friends as in the beginning of working together setting up their social media accounts, working on bio’s and content we add on them, I get the chance to learn more about each author and their “uniqueness” from one writer to another.

And Diana and I have become fast BFF’S and she is got such a great sense of humor! That is the best part of what I get to do for a living. It also enable’s me to bring a more “personal” feel to Author Spotlights to my readers and book lovers. So here is a little more about Diana and her fantastic motivational and self-help books.”


About The Author:


If you go read her Twitter Profile? It seems to sum up what Diana is really all about. It reads: 
Jesus Enthusiast / Author / Dreamer / Encourager / A Friend / Tweets Are My Personal Opinions only / Jesus…. /  Now that is Diana …  LOL.

I can add that she has a big heart, big faith in God, and a beautiful smile. We talk by phone often and it is how I know these ‘special qualities’ about her. And of course, that great sense of humor. But she is very serious when it comes to her writing. She enjoys motivating others and inspires them to be the best of the powers and abilities we all possess within us. And she has done this within her first book titled, Relentless Mode, for which is the Founder as well.


Diana’s Mission and Beliefs of Others?

“She believes you are here now with the power to shape today and your tomorrow.

You never know from where you stand, whether what you are experiencing will turn out to be good or bad, until enough time has passed.

She strongly believes that everyone carries an awesome powerhouse within themselves and people should celebrate their individualities.”

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About Her First Book:

DISCOVER principles on how to live your life to the very best. UNLOCK potentials within. RUB OFF negativity . MOVE from a bad decision to a better decision. LEARN how to cope in times of challenge. FIND golden tips to motivate your life  and LET GO of unreasonable fears.

Her New Book released a few weeks ago, and this one is teaching many how to get ready for their “Golden Years.”  Yes, it is all about retiring wealthy. It is never too soon to start saving for your retirement. The younger you are and start saving now? The more wealth you will have later to live the life you want later on. And Diana’s advice and tips in her new book titled, “ 7 Ways To Retire Wealthy ”  will help you get there. Both books are available on Amazo.com and Amazon.co.uk. Here is a preview of her new release!



Product Details
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Financial life does not function separately; recent economic events have shaken people’s beliefs of financial stability and left many wanting to take control of their own destiny. Most people handle a challenge much better if they are prepared in advance while retirement used to be regarded as a time for slowing down and relaxing that idea went out. This book is designed to assist you in preparation for retirement and as well as transforming your relationship with money. Inside this book, you will find:

How to make sure your pension generates the best pension income.
How to convert your retirement goals into a plan.
How to have an exit strategy for your retirement.
How to put money aside for your retirement.
Golden nuggets on a pleasant retirement.
How to use your acquired skills to generate income when you retire.
Plus a Bonus: Senior citizen jokes.

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You can learn more about my friend and fellow Author, Diana Mugano when you visit her website at RELENTLESSMODE by Diana Mugano  and go connect with her on social media too!

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“This Weeks Featured Author On Lyon Book Promotions ~ Author, Mike Kelley”

“We Welcome Author, Mike Kelley to Lyon Book Promotions.”





Author, Mike Kelley, born in central England has been an engineer and teacher for many years in England, he spent 28 years in Africa and the Middle East as Training Manager for oil and gas fields. Got caught up in three wars; the First Gulf War, Yemen Civil War, and Sudan’s North/South conflict. He has been shot at, bombed and was at a gas plant when it exploded! He is now an author of historical fiction, weaving an exciting read. He is also the Author of “The Fall of Saxon England,” now draws on his considerable personal experience in the Middle East. And now his new book release is now out titled; “The Origins Of Faith” . . .  Now retired, he uses his considerable experience and ability to write gripping yarns.

The Origins of Faith


When Jacques Gendron experiences the brutal force of Radical Islam, he sets out to find the answer to the question, ‘Why?’ Why has there been so much violence in the name of the world’s leading religions? The answers he uncovers are startling, disturbing and dangerous. Jacques takes a roller-coaster ride through many countries, from Canada to Pakistan, with a high price to pay. Find out why Jacques’ search also reveals that “Israel does not have and never did have, a divine right to the land of Palestine”

More Books By Author, Mike Kelley:

My Shadow on the Clouds
My Shadow on the Clouds

This is an amazing account of the author’s life as a British expatriate, when he spent more than twenty-seven years within some of the most radical countries on earth; including, Libya, Yemen and Sudan. A facinating story relating how he got caught up in the First Gulf War, and the civil wars in both Yemen and Sudan. He was at a gas plant when it exploded, held captive by Al Qaeda in Yemen, and evacuated by the French Foreign Legion. He saw beauty and horror, met with radical Islamists as well as an Imam preacher of peace. Here you will find tears and laughter along with a first-hand account of world events.

The Fall of Saxon England
The Fall of Saxon England

England was never to be the same again after this eventful year. Here is a powerful story, where you can feel the tension, live the actions and be amazed at the intrigue. This story covers just one tumultuous year, from Christmas Day 1065 to Christmas Day 1066. You will meet the heroes who stood against overwhelming odds to protect their families, and the traitors who sold their country for a price. What was it like to stand behind an English shield-wall on foot, against charging cavalry? What was it like to see 10,000 Vikings sack Scarborough? What was it like to be at the battles of Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings? What was it like to see the rape of your beloved country? This is a book you will never forget; all based on real events .  .  .  .

Further details of The Origins of Faith can be found here. And the Publishing Push Team or here on lulu:  Author, Mike Kelley on lulu

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