I Welcome Philanthropist Author, George B Streetor and His Book: The Akan House of Mystery.

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The Akan House of Mystery: The History and Accomplishments of the Akan People

I’m happy and so pleased to share my good friend and fellow Author, George B Streetor, and his fantastic book titled;
The Akan House Of Mystery: The History and Accomplishments of the Akan People.
Now available on Barnes and Noble Books, and Amazon Books online.

I call George a Philanthropist because in his own words, “The profits from the sales of the book is to establish centers across Africa to heal children who are infected with the HIV virus and the imbecile through Homatherapy at no cost.
Please buy my book to support us care for the needy African child who are suffering from the above through no fault of theirs.” Now how generous that? I think this is a wonderful way to reach and heal lives of the African children who are suffering from this horrible disease of HIV virus. We can all have a call to action to reach far by just the purchase of a fantastic book.

And to prove that this is a worthwhile read? Here is a special Book Review recently media shared by” New London Writers ~ media/news/publishing.

New London Writers

The Akan House Of Mystery:

Don’t be fooled by the title. “The Akan House of Mystery” by George B. Streetor is not a mystery novel, but rather a detailed historical account of the Akan people, who are an important ethnic group of West Africa (mostly Ghana and the Ivory Coast) and comprise over twenty million people.

The Akan House of Mystery

The book is divided into three main parts and also has a preface that highlights the author’s dedication to homatherapy (the process of healing the atmosphere through the agency of fire in a copper pyramid tuned to the rhythm of the sunrise/sunset).

The Introduction serves as a primer to acquaint the reader with the Akan people and their language, culture, society, and traditions. Of particular interest is the fact that the Akan people follow matrilineal rules of ancestry and inheritance, and, therefore, women are highly regarded in Akan culture. Throughout history, they served as powerful rulers (queens), orators, and decision-makers. When a new king was to be chosen, it was the queen mother or the elder woman in the family who nominated a male royal for the kingship.

Part I of the book describes the various Akan tribes in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, and the strife and civil wars that ensued among them.

The story of Nana Abena Pokua (the first Asante warrior queen under the Asante confederacy) is also told in great detail and describes her courageous rebellion, tragic act of sacrifice, and emigration to the Ivory Coast, where she founded the Baoule Kingdom in 1720 and reigned for thirty years. To this day, she is revered for her courage, bravery and selflessness, and a statue in her honour stands in the centre of Abidjan, the economic capital of the Ivory Coast.

Other interesting stories told include that of the first president of the Ivory Coast (Houphouet Boigny), who secured independence for the country in 1960, and the history of the state of New Juaben in the eastern region of Ghana.

Part II of the book is an intriguing tale of family, betrayal, destiny, and mysticism. It revolves around the children of Yaa Akyaa (an Akan woman from Koforidua), particularly her daughter Yaa Daben who was conceived under strange circumstances. Yaa Daben’s story unfolds in typical Akan fashion with a traditional marriage, the birth of two children, and life according to Akan custom. The story then takes a spiritual turn when Yaa Daben’s son Marfo dies mysteriously while in the army. His death is considered suspicious and what unfolds is a tale of intrigue, ghosts, and witchcraft. The story leads into present day and describes some of the descendants of Yaa Akyaa (and Yaa Daben) who are still alive today.

“The Akan House of Mystery” is part history, part fable. It is a noble attempt to highlight the accomplishments of the Akan people through loosely interwoven stories of Akan historical events, significant persons, traditions, fables, and modern-day events. Some social commentary is also sprinkled throughout the book to bring awareness to modern-day issues in Africa.

All in all, the book is a fascinating read even though some of the stories and events are not always presented in chronological order or coherently linked together. However, the impeccable storytelling is spellbinding, especially in Part II of the book, which draws you in wanting more and more.

If you want to learn about the history and customs of the Akan people, then you definitely need to enter “The Akan House of Mystery”!

This book is available on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble books.

About The Author:
The prolific Author, George B. Streetor was born in Koforidua, Ghana, where the main story of his book takes place. He now lives in Accra, Ghana, and is a therapist who heals without chemicals by using Homa Therapy. This form of therapy is based on Ancient Science of Healing coming from the Vedas, and is the Science of Bio-energy.

His education & studies: Koforidua Methodist, Asuansi Technical Institute, Accra Polytechnic, Ohawu Agricultural College.

Visit his Author Website: http://sbprabooks.com/georgebstreetor/
And connect and support him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GeorgeStreetorAuthor/
And on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/georgestreetor/79/b17/aab

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Today I Welcome Author, George B. Streetor and His Book, The Akan House of Mystery ~ Presented By: Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions.

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Today I have the pleasure to welcome my new friend & fellow Author, George B Streetor, as well as his fantastic book titled; The Akan House of Mystery: The History and Accomplishments of The Akan People.
The book is a beautiful look into the nature of the Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

George (Streetor1) Streetor
(Author, George B. Streetor ~ ”The Akan House of Mystery”

I’m very happy to have George here today on my book blog, and to share more about him with all of my friends and readers. We met through the Social Media site LinkedIn, a great place to meet other professionals. I happen to see him in our Writers/Book groups we both are members of, and his book sounded interesting to me. Here is a little about my new friend, and about his book that I can not wait to read. And yes, I will do a review when I’m done and share it here on my book blog for all to come read!

About The Author:

George B. Streetor was born in Koforidua, Ghana, where the main story takes place. He now lives in Accra, Ghana, and is a therapist who heals without chemicals by using Homa Therapy.

What is Homa Therapy?
It is the Ancient Science of Healing coming from the Vedas.  It is based on the practice of bio-energetic fires, tuned to the circadian rhythm of sunrise and sunset. The bio-energetic equilibrium is called HEALTH.

Homa Therapy is the Science of Bio-energy. Is not based on a belief system, same as physics or mathematics. His Education: Koforidua Methodist,  Asuni Technical Institute, Accra Polytechnic, Ohawu Agricultural College … His Homa Therapy website: http://www.homatherapy.org

*Now if that isn’t interesting enough for you? Here now is a little about George’s book, of which I have added it to my Goodreads  ‘Want to Read’ book list*!

About The Book:

The Akan House of Mystery: The History and Accomplishments of the Akan People

The Akan House of Mystery is a book that explains the nature of the Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. The Akan are a very determined people who will not be suppressed and will do what they must to achieve their goals.

Their reasons for matrilineal inheritance are noted, along with the ramifications. This in-depth book shows why there is the need for continuity of rebirth with women as the wheel of the revolving cycle, as well as the power given them, and the need to help them gain the respect due women not only in Akan lands but in all of Africa.

It tells how the warrior queen Abena Pokua, the first Asante queen under the Asante confederacy during the reign of Nana Osei Tutu 1 (1680-1717), rebelled and led her people to the present day Ivory Coast after the death of Nana in war.

History shows how the Baoule kingdom of Ivory Coast came about, and how Abena Pokua occupied a golden stool from the Comoe river in Ivory Coast, with the Asantehene occupying the golden stool commanded from the sky in Ghana.
The book’s mysteries delve into the concepts of death, ghosts, God, Satan, witchcraft, and wizards.

George B. Streetor was born in Koforidua, Ghana, where the main story takes place. He now lives in Accra, Ghana, and a therapist who heals without chemicals by using homa therapy.
Here is one readers thoughts:

~ Five Stars, October 20, 2014 ~

By:  M. Fusco (Wallingford, CT USA)
This review is from: The Akan House of Mystery: The History and Accomplishments of the Akan People (Paperback) “I highly recommend this book”!

Now as an author myself, I feel we all have a story to tell within us. No matter where we come from nor what kind of life we have lived, I find it interesting that when others share their life, history, and heritage past or present, in time, our stories and books will be there for others to read about our generation. It too may become part of history when we are long gone from this earth. What ever journey or path we have walked or come from, either perfect or not, will become part of history in the future. It too will show our struggles of this era. Our society is so very different than the many generations before us. That’s what I find most interesting about George’s book.

His story he shares about his country, heritage, history, and his people will  be part of our future history. I feel we need more writers to share, write, and give an insightful looks at life through Biographies and Memoirs for just these reasons. Especially when the authors are from other parts of the world.  I’m happy George has done this as I have. I hope you will take a journey of words with him by reading his book. Here are a few places you can connect with this wonderful author, and where to purchase his book too!



https://www.facebook.com/gbstreetor   ~ Facebook
http://sbprabooks.com/georgebstreetor/  ~ Author Website
http://www.linkedin.com/pub/george-streetor/27/5b8/803  ~ LinkedIn
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