“A Spotlight On O.M. & A Tip For My Author Friends Who Are Bloggers, By My Pal Opinionated Man”

Ok authors, this special spotlight re-share blog post is all yours!

Now one of my pet peeves, and now obviously I’m not the only one who complains, about the topic of using blog post TAGS. My good friend OM also seems to be agitated about this topic as well. So when I read his blog post today, I dropped everything to come share his post here on my book promotions blog.


Because I tell many of my author clients who also blog and by way of me twisting their arms to do so, that we need to make sure you use tags so readers and other bloggers will be able to see your posts.
Now I think that OM has done a fine job in his post about driving this point home, Because we all know he is really good at doing this in his own special, sweet and polite way right?

But? “We Gotta Love Him!” And many do! Her we go!


You all still suck at tagging