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Today I have a featured guest article from my friend Tom Corson-Knowles, CEO of TCK Publishing who shares some amazing advice and tips on becoming a more seasoned writer. I enjoy visiting his helpful website as he shares so much it keeps me coming back often and learning more about writing, authoring, selling my books and I can pass it on book marketing tips to all my author friends and clients.

Authors, make sure you check out his upcoming 2019 “TCK Publishing Readers Choice Awards” and enter your book! There are fabulous prizes and it helps get more exposure to your book! So let’s all learn some tips on becoming Better Writers!


40 Tips On Creative Writing by Dan Buri FACEBOOK and TWITTER TEASER


“Writing professionally is a full-time job with part-time hours and never-ending responsibilities.”
Most professional writers don’t actually spend 8 hours writing each day, but that doesn’t mean they’re not working.

If you want to become a more productive writer, you have to learn to manage your work, your life, and your mental and physical wellbeing. You can’t sustain high levels of creativity and productivity as a writer without working on yourself.

Here are the 10 things that helped me become a more productive writer, and I hope these tips help you too.

1.  Schedule Your Work

You have to make time in your schedule for writing, marketing, and business time.

Don’t let a day go by without writing and working on your career. Even if it’s just 15 minutes here and there it adds up. The work habits you build will determine your success or failure.

Every day you skip your writing work, you bring yourself closer and closer to failure, anxiety, stress, and the really bad habit of procrastination that dooms far too many writers’ promising careers.

2. Study

Learn everything you can about writing, publishing, and marketing. Ignorance is not bliss. It will ruin your dreams.

Check out the best books on writing.

Learn how to improve your readability.

Understand how to do market research for writing and learn more about your customers and readers.

Every day, study so you can learn a little bit more about the incredible art of writing.

3. Make Mistakes

You’ll learn more from your mistakes than just about anything else.

Be bold. Get rejected. Publish crappy articles and books (at first).

You learn as you go and you have to be willing to fail or you’ll never learn what you need to learn to succeed.

The only difference between you and the most successful writers in the world is they’ve made more mistakes than you have. Learn from your mistakes and keep going.

4. Get Rid of Bad Habits

To become a successful writer, I had to get rid of my addiction to video games, binge-watching TV series and complaining. I also had to develop new habits like working out, taking walks, meditating, and asking for help. I had to ask hundreds of people for help along the way. I never could have done it alone.

Bad habits and addictions will destroy your creative output. You need every extra hour you can get to take care of yourself and focus on your writing career.

If you waste that time on bad habits, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

5. Build Relationships

Meet other writers and creative people with big ambitions and good work habits. Just being around people who published 1, 2, or more books since you started yours will motivate the heck out of you.

You’ll see that other people are succeeding and you’ll be inspired to work extra hard to make your dreams come true.

6. Ignore the Noise

Don’t waste time with complainers, energy vampires, or depressed people. Their energy will infect you. It’s nearly impossible to create while depressed or stressed.

If you find something or someone in your life is distracting you from being productive, happy, and fulfilled, deal with it now! Putting it off will only make you feel more stressed, anxious, and depressed. And if that’s how you feel day after day after day, chances are you’ll never become a highly productive writer.

7. Manage Your Emotions

Writing is painful as hell. You will feel miserable sometimes. You’ll be scared, angry, hurt, feel emotions you haven’t felt or haven’t wanted to feel for years. It’ll open up parts of yourself you never imagined we’re there. Embrace it. Get help. See a therapist. Talk about your feelings and problems.

8. Take Care of Yourself

You are your biggest obstacle to success. You have to learn to work harder on improving yourself than you do at your writing career.

When you work on improving your life, even if it’s just a little bit, it’ll help you become more creative and productive.

Take that walk around the block. Eat healthier. Meditate. Get rid of bad relationships. Make your relationships better. Reduce your stress.

Small things may not seem that important but they can make all the difference in the world over your lifetime.  Creating is hard enough without adding 10 more problems to your life.

Solve the little problems and becoming a more productive creator will be a lot easier.

9. Add Value Always

Focus on adding value not making money.

Your readers need your help. Your job is to help them, no matter what kind of books you write. Your story and the message could change their life. It’s your job to do the best you can possibly do to help your reader. Nothing else is as important to your career as helping your readers.

When you have a big decision to make about the direction of your work, the title for your book, or any other creative decision, ask yourself:

“What’s best for my reader?”

Whatever the answer is, it’s almost always the right choice. Do what’s best for your reader. Add value to their lives. If you do that well enough, everything else will work out.

10. Experiment

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, it’s up to you to change it. Do something different. Try new things. Experiment. Play like a kid. You are smart enough to figure it out if you really want to become a successful and productive writer.

Believe in yourself, believing in your dreams, and believe in your work.

You can do it if you’re willing to do the right thing day after day after day.

That’s how you build a successful life and a successful writing career.

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Just Some Writer Ramblings, Tips, and Idea’s…..

I spent the day catching up on some finishing touch’s on book number two, catching up on reading and visiting some helpful websites that I wanted to pass on to you.
First the ramblings as it is a New Year, it should be time too for all new passwords on all the important things YOU use a password for to change. Like Your emails, all your Social Media accounts like Twitter, Facebook,, Path, Tumbler, Pinterest, maybe even your vendor accounts through Amazon, Kindle, and GoodReads, Barnes and Noble too!

Some you haven’t heard of you say? These are couple tips on more exposure for wares your promoting! Another great place to give you insight on the “Best Ways” to maximize your FB posts, Twitter posts, YouTube videos and more is my friend Robert at he has all kinds of Marketing videos from his YouTube account that he shares on all the perfect ways to use social media marketing!

For Writers and Authors, it also means some New Year Goals in maybe publishing a new book. Have you considered using a “Fund Raising” site to help cover out-of-pocket expenses and publishing costs? That is what helped me last year get my book published and my e-book out this past May too! Since I had 2 different book covers, one for my paperback, and one for my e-book, I needed help with the costs. We all know the only people making the BIG BUCKS are those who are FAMOUS. Their books sell, but us “Penniless Writers” need some help!…LOL…

There are many to choose from like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and more.
That’s why I did some research, and the best one that fit my needs is “Go Fund Me” This is my link to my “2014 Donor Dream Goal” for Donors to help get my next 2 books out in the world.

My last fundraiser was through “ and I had good success there as I raised enough to get my first book done!  But I wanted a more “Professional” look, and “Goal Levels” of giveaways for my Site this time around, and to be able to get my “New Donors” feel more involved in the Writing and Publishing process! So “Click On” my link above and take a peek at my “GoFundme” site and see how easy it is and creative you can be!

Another website I use, and really helps with marketing my book and both my WordPress Blogs is  This is a new and fast growing network and community of ALL types of people! It’s free, fast, and easy to be creative on making a PAGE for yourself no matter what you do, or kind of business you have! They have “Share Widgets” to use so you can share your “About Me” page on your Blogs or Websites as your Home or About Tabs. I use mine on my Recovery Blog here.
Here is my link: as I use it as my Author Bio!


Now I just came across an awesome website via Twitter! I wanted to share a little of what they do. If you are a poet, writer, published author, article writer, you really need to check out this website! It’s a fantastic concept that I have not seen much around before, an excellent way to make income as well, but in a very different way.
They are called: “NokBok” Read Unlimited Books…..
I have only met TWO of the web team members, Kailee and Joey, and here is a little of what they do as they bring Readers and Writers together!

What is Nokbok?

Nokbok is a subscription based digital library of published and self-published material. Our collection includes books, journalism, articles, academic papers, documents, poems, short stories and more.

Publishers and authors can upload their written material to Nokbok for free and gain royalties whenever their work is read. Nokbok uses a unique royalty model where publishers/authors share in the Total Gross Revenue from the website.

Our vision is to build the world’s largest collection of stories and ideas and place it at everyone’s fingertips for a low monthly cost, while ensuring that the creators of these works receive competitive royalties. Through the Nokbok community, we hope to offer great opportunities for exposure to aspiring, self-published and published authors. Additionally, we desire to encourage people of all ages to spend more time reading and discovering. And finally, our goal is to become a community of action by reaching out beyond ourselves to give to those in need.


The simple answer is. . . pretty much anything, and there is no limit to how much you can upload. We hope to see books, magazines, newspapers, dissertations, lesson plans, poetry, satire, political disputes, cookbooks, short stories, children’s books, works in progress, blogs, citizen journalism, published and unpublished books, journals, research, collaborations, articles, and serial stories. . . oh, and did we mention all of this in multiple languages. We have over 30 languages available. See the following link for a detailed listing of genres and categories: Nokbok Genres and Categories.

Nokbok uses a system of rating works like movies (G, PG, PG-13, R, MA) in order to protect young readers from inappropriate material and to ensure that all readers are aware of what they are about to read. We do not accept promotion of violence or sexual offenses, or pro-terrorism material. See Writer Terms of Service for a complete list of unacceptable material……
So please, go give their website a look at: become a member and read to your heart’s content. They have a great choice of Reads. Visit the “How It Works” tab, if you’re an author or writer, go upload you work and give them a try to gain more readership and earn a little “Cha-Ching” at the same time!

I think Nokbok is going to spread like wildfire once the word gets out! Make sure you tell “Kailee and Joey that “Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon” SENT YOU! That’s it for today folks! Hope what I shared with you today helps in some little way!
“Yes I’m an Author in Recovery, but my Passion is Writing”!
God Bless All!  Xo Xo