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WRITERS? Are you happy with your way of writing? Do you stick to a certain style, format, or outline? Well, today my friend Jay explains how to write better in this special “Writers Spotlight.” He owns and runs Being Author an Author Promotion and Writer Blog and the new Free Book Promo site

9 Ways to Write Better:

We are all writers now. Whether you write books, blog posts, emails, tweets, or text messages, you are a writer. No matter your preferred medium, here are a few tips to help you write more effectively:

Treat text messages like prose. Before hitting the send button, look over your text: check spelling, content, punctuation. Ask yourself: What am I attempting to communicate? What am I attempting to express? Be more deliberate with your most common form of casual writing, and you’ll automatically become more deliberate in other mediums.

Words are tools. Expand your vocabulary to make your writing more precise. There’s no need to use a ten-dollar word when a ten-cent word will suffice, but having more tools in your toolbox will allow you to select the most appropriate tool for the job. Because sometimes you need an ax, sometimes you need a scalpel. So pick one new word each day, and then use it at least 21 times in your conversations with others that day. The most useful words will stick, and your vocabulary will expand over time.

Do it daily. If you want to improve your writing, write every day—make it a daily habit. Writing is a muscle: if you don’t use it, you lose it. For me, the best way to guarantee consistent writing was to start a blog.

Punctuation. Is. Pace. To add variety, velocity, and cadence to your writing, play around with different punctuation: periods, commas, em dashes, colons, semicolons. Short sentences communicate tension. Longer run-on sentences, on the other hand, help establish a frantic, hurried rhythm—a feeling that the pace is picking up as the words tumble onto the page.

Avoid throat-clearing. Blogs, books, and social media posts are littered with unnecessary intros, solipsistic digressions, and avoidable drivel. Ditch the nonsense and state your points. When in doubt, delete your first two paragraphs and see whether the writing improves.

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Don’t waste the reader’s time. Our time and our attention are two of our most precious resources. It is selfish to force a reader to spend fifteen minutes reading something you could’ve and should’ve communicated in 90 seconds. If you want to earn your reader’s trust, don’t waste her time.

30% composition, 70% editing. For every hour you spend writing, spend three hours editing, shaping your work into something more concise, more powerful—more beautiful. Writing truly is rewriting.

Narrative urgency. Every sentence must serve a purpose: Your first sentence must make the reader want to read the second. The second sentence must propel the reader to the third. So forth and so on until the very end. If a sentence doesn’t move the narrative forward—if it doesn’t make the writing more urgent—then it must hit the cutting-room floor, no matter how clever or precious it seems.

Avoid too many adverbs. A sure sign of amateur writing is the overuse of adverbs, especially -ly adverbs. A woman in a story isn’t incredibly pretty—she’s beautiful; the sky isn’t very blue—it’s azure. Find the right words to avoid using adverbs as crutches.

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My Guest Author Feature:

Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Please meet this week’s “Makin’ It Happen” featured Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon, a writer who is passionate about helping people recover from addiction, abuse and her break-out book  Addicted To Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat) Now on Amazon Books & Barnes and Noble both online.

As a childhood trauma and abuse survivor who lives life in recovery with the challenges of mental illness, Catherine doesn’t let her disabilities limit her as an author, writer, blogger, and advocate. 

Catherine has made an impact in the addiction and recovery communities of So. Oregon,  Phoenix Arizona, where she now lives, and across the Internet. And through her book, she shares her message of hope and recovery to others.

Catherine’s goal as an author and recovery speaker is to advocate and raise awareness about gambling addiction and childhood trauma and abuse. She shares her own story of gambling and alcohol addictions so others can see that they too can recover and go on to lead healthy, balanced, and fulfilled lives.

Catherine has been featured as an Expert Blogger for Addicted Gambling on, and she was a past contributor to Recovery Social Network and featured in an article by, Columbia University titled;
“Gambling With America’s Health” by, Elaine Meyer here:
Gambling with America’s Health?
Plus, she has been a guest recovery speaker on many radio & Internet podcast shows. 

Catherine is currently putting the finishing touches on two new books, set to be published in the fall of 2015. She continues to sponsor people in recovery from compulsive addicted gambling, along with those who suffer from mental illness and those who are the victims of childhood trauma and abuse.  And now as a book promoter, she puts the same passion into her business promoting other fine authors books as she does in her recovery! Want her to help you promote your books? Send her an Email here:

**Now how cool is that**?
I am very honored and blessed to be featured on “Make It Happen.” I am always looking for more platforms to share my story, book and share a message of hope to others from gambling addiction the disease. I want to thank Jennifer and Michaela for allowing me to share my “voice” with all her writer & author subscribers and look forward to some amazing things from “Be A Best” this year!
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They some amazing tips and tools to help you promote your books, writing, and  Voice. . .

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Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author & Owner, Lyon Book Promotions